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    I love those ads. The one where they shake up a can of pop, sasquatch sprays it all over himself, then he tips their golf cart over, is comedy gold. Sasquatch and talking baby ads make life worth living.
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    If Jessica Isner thinks we're giving up the title without a fight, she's got another thing coming. Plaxico as public enemy number one? Let's compare his gun crime with Cheech's. Cheech drew down on some dude down in Florida, and the only thing that kept him from shooting the guy was the plainclothes cop who drew his own gun and screamed at Henry to drop it. Gunplay with cops? That s**t's straight up gangster. Plaxico? He's posing at a club, trying to grope his own gun so everyone can see that he's packing, and he shoots himself in the leg. Not very gangster at all. Actually, really un-gangster like. The other rap on Plax is that he's not a good citizen. Late for meetings, doesn't pay his bills on time, etc. Oooohhh, so scary. Cheech picks fights, supplies female minors with liquor and hotel rooms, drives drunk with his suspended teammates in the car, and just generally makes Plax look like a cub scout. And that domestic battery charge against Michael Boley, whoever he is, for pushing his wife? That's nothing. Our supplemental draft retard didn't like the way his neighbor asked him to stop arguing with another neighbor, so he punched her in the face with sufficient force to render her unconscious. That's right, a one punch knockout. Just because she asked him to stop arguing with another neighbor. She didn't get the neighborhood memo that said, "Do not ask Ahmad Brooks to stop arguing with a neighbor, because he doesn't play for the p***y New York Giants, thus he won't just gently push you. He plays for the Bengals, which means he'll blast you in the face with a sucker punch you'll never see coming." Around this time another mentally unstable Bengals linebacker, on his umpteenth suspension, delivered the same sucker punch to some Browns fan at the Kalahari Water Park in Sandusky. Along with all the signs about not running on the wet concrete, no horseplay, etc., that dude apparently didn't read the warning sign that said, "Do not approach any large black men swilling down liquor in the waterpark, because it might not be a New York Giant, it might be a deranged alcholic Cincinnati Bengal who like to punch regular people in the face." Hey Jessica Isner, you know where you can go to be safe from the New York Giants? Just about anywhere, because they're naturally pretty docile and have been domesticated for decades. But Jessica Isner, do you know where you can go to be safe from the Cincinnati Bengals? I know what you're thinking Jessica, you're thinking, "well, if nowhere else, I'll at least be safe sitting on the john taking a giant crap." Guess what? You're wrong. We have a sasquatch who went drunk-driving one night, plowed his car through some guy's wall and blew him right off the can. That's right, Jessica Isner, there's no place to hide from the Cincinnati Bengals. So please rethink your hypothesis that the Giants are the new bad boys of the NFL. Your flimsy examples of the Giants' criminality hold up against rebuttal evidence about as well as law-abiding citizens hold up during an encounter with a free-range Cincinnati Bengal. Not well, with an emergency room in the near future.
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    Only guy I can recall is Bernie Kosar. He graduated from Miami in 2 1/2 years, then sort of played the system to get himself selected by his hometown team, the Browns.
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    I'll quote you on that when the Bengals unveil their 2009 offensive line and the results. You keep smiling though... Steeler's troll. Go to your own team's message board. Steelers fans don't even bother with Bengals fans anymore. You should know that. And who can blame them? It would be one thing if we were rivals to the Steelers. Sorry but that title goes to the Ravens. Who are the Bengals "rivals?" Probably the Browns I guess...fighting over "who sucks less." Calling me a troll is hilarious too. If I was on a Steelers or Ravens or Colts or just about any other NFL Team Forum, then you might have something. Thing is though, with the Bengals, what you call negativity is also called their track record. Orange glasses off, calling them as they happen, and making predictions based NOT on blind faith, but rather with an objective analysis of whether or not the Bengals will compete this season or not. Naturally, objective analysis leads us to 6-10 with Palmer going down again since the Bengals did not take care of business again this past offseason. Objective analysis says the Bengals hand-wringing with Graham will cost them millions. Again. Objective analysis says that Smith will have a VERY lengthy holdout and may not see action until the middle of the season, by which time the Bengals will already be out of the playoff hunt. Its like watching a very predictable storm move in slowly. You can spot the suck a mile away, and with every poor management decision, with every corner cut, with every unused salary cap dollar that goes into soP's pocket, and with every starter that is cut without finding a suitable proven replacement... the suck storm draws steadily nearer. If I was a Steelers fan at least I could gloat. But again, those guys gave up on us a long time ago. Its like picking on the fat kid who always gets picked last. After a while it just isn't funny anymore. Many of them actually feel sorry for us as fans. That's the state of the franchise. But to call me a troll for calling a spade a spade? Whatever... ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.....
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    Think I'll draft Leonard in next year's Bengalszone draft.
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    How do you figure that? He has done just as much (if not more) work in the community here as any other player. What on earth leads you to believe he sucks as a person? Because he said he wants a long term contract? So what? Every player wants that. Why should he be any different?
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    2004- He kicked game winner against Miami with no time left; Bengals 16, Dolphins 13 2004- He kicked game winner against Baltimore withy little or no time left; Bengals 27, Ravens 26 2005- He kicked game winner with no time left against Cleveland; Bengals 23, Browns 20 Those are the game winning kicks I came up with. ......and recently???????????? Dont get me wrong, I like Graham, but for top 5 money? when he's not a top 5 kicker? I'd probably put him in the top 10, but not top 5. Really, who is better out there that's actually available?? There is nothing wrong with Graham. He's been a great kicker for us since he got here. Sure he's missed a couple in the clutch, but he's also made some, too. Most of the time he's money, which is more than can be said for most kickers in the league.
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    2004- He kicked game winner against Miami with no time left; Bengals 16, Dolphins 13 2004- He kicked game winner against Baltimore withy little or no time left; Bengals 27, Ravens 26 2005- He kicked game winner with no time left against Cleveland; Bengals 23, Browns 20 Those are the game winning kicks I came up with. I knew there were some, I just couldn't think of any.
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    I think the more appropriate question is: How many opportunities has he even had to do so?
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    Ok, yeah, he botched the one against the Broncos (wasn't that an extra point?). But the one against the Eagles last year was no gimme. It was about 50 yards and, if I recall correctly, really windy. I didn't expect him to make that one and wasn't really disappointed when he didn't cause it was a tough kick. I'd still rather have him than almost any other kicker in the league.
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    That will probably never get old. Nope, NEVER... Probably because plenty of other guys post on that site, since, again, it is just a subforum of cincinnati.com. But don't let me break up your circle jerk, by all means continue.
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    Understood. When things get slow people start posting anything and everything. For example, who can forget Hoosier posting pictures of Chad's pinkish pants on StripeHype? Regardless, several years ago Shayne was interviewed in Honolulu during Pro Bowl week and I remember Rich Eisen making a couple of jokes about how gorgeous Shayne's girlfriend was....saying she was much too fine to be with a kicker.
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    I'm sure he's giving sound advice to some confused mother right now. We'll just have to be strong and try to endure without him/her. Poor Bearcat. I can only imagine the pain and suffering that comes with being Googled to death.