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    I’m not really sure the bengals are all that great at the end of the day. Sure they have there moments and when they do they look fantastic, but as soon as they taste some success there true colors seem to show. Worst part it’s everyone including the coaches. When the lose it’s super ugly, and when they win it looks amazing. So I still question whether or not they are good.
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    Maybe he’ll find the Bengals in there
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    Oh I would have never suggested they take Parsons over Chase at that point, but Parsons is amazing to watch. I also have no interest in them taking Brandon Smith before the 2nd round, but there are other LB's should they look that way in the first. It's simply too early to have even a small clue how that might shake out. However, if it did shake out with Linderbaum and then Smith, I can tell you now I would be a happy camper, having watched both of them play. Linderbaum will be playing in the Big 10 Championship against a good Michigan front 7 and I will be watching for sure. Steelers living through the dreaded "Dead Cat Bounce" ?? Yes, I will sleep with a smile on my face just thinking about that tonight. Thanks Hoosier !!
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    My son talked me into heading down for the game. 50+ temps for a Cincinnati football game in December ?? Yeah, no one complaining about that...
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    You forgot to end it with...."don't believe me, do your own research, here are 14 URLs from domains you have never heard of..."
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    QAnon Steeler Fan here: You are all so gullible. The “cart” that Cincinnati keeps rolling out there is a false flag. I mean, seriously, “cart?” As if that’s not an acronym for “Chosen AFC Rigged Titleist”. It’s so obvious. The NFL is rigged, 31 teams, the refs, and the league office all versus the Steelers. Have you noticed where the league offices are? New York. The league officials including Goodell are a secret cabal of cannibalistic pedophiles who’s main goal is to ruin the Steelers and America. There are 32 teams in the NFL. The 3rd letter of the alphabet is C. The 2nd letter of the alphabet is B. 32 teams. CB. Cincinnati Bengals. It’s so obvious. The Bengals are a black ops team of deep state assassins who are embedded in America’s heartland to destroy us from within. Think about NFL. N is the 14th letter of the alphabet. F is the 6th letter of the alphabet. L is the 12th letter of the alphabet. 14 plus 6 plus 12 equals 32. 32 teams in the NFL, 32 equals CB, CB equals Cincinnati Bengals, a hit squad of humanatrons cloned in a Wuhan lab for the sole purpose of simultaneously taking down the Steelers and kidnapping preteen children from malls for Hillary Clinton and Dr. Fauci to use for scientific experiments in a secret lair under an H & R Block franchise in Washington DC. Then sadly they eat the kids they kidnapped from the malls. It’s so obvious and finally the Bengals all seem to have J names, like Joe Mixon, Joe Burrow, Ja’marr Chase, Jonah Williams, Jackson Carman, Jordan Evans, Joseph Assai, etc. Coincidence? THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES! Who else has a name that begins with J? Gee I wonder. How about JFK Jr? He’s alive and well. His father John Kennedy was the 35th president. 35? 3rd letter of the alphabet is C, 5th letter of the alphabet is E. CE, who has those initials? Known Hollywood liberal and communist, Clint Eastwood. Who did Bengals coach Zac Taylor have a meeting in a Redondo Beach, California, mall food court with on June 30th, 2012? That’s right, none other than Clint Eastwood, a meeting that has been well-documented. Clint Eastwood is JFK Jr and he’s running the band of autobots created in a Wuhan lab who play football as the Cincinnati Bengals as they systematically destroy the Steelers and our American way of life. Join me and other QAnon Steeler fans as we battle this scourge the only way possible, by staging a 78 hour online telethon on a social media app that you’ve never heard of, doesn’t work, doesn’t exist, never existed, was a CIA counterterrorism false flag, and is available for download on iTunes, which is a data harvesting piece of malware and a phone takeover program created by the Chinese.
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    I’m predicting a loss this week. Expectations are low. I’ll be glad to be surprised with a win. But I don’t see it.
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    As much as I harp on linebackers and how the team addresses that position, it's simply not a group that can afford injuries. I really hope they beat the 49er's this Sunday, but have no idea what to expect from the team one week to the next. If this going to be the team that beat the Ravens and swept the Steelers or the team that has given away winnable games? What motivation is needed to get a fast start out of this team? I was watching the game thinking, "Do they know this isn't a scrimmage and the game really started" ?? Next thing you know, it was 24-0 with 10 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter.
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    Bengals are masters at finding new ways to let us down
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    Yup, the moment this team tastes success and hears good things about them they lay an egg!! They are such a Weird team, and I’m not really sure anymore who to blame, players or coaches!
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    They don’t know how to win yet. They read too many press clippings.
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    Bye Big Ben. May raping women in retirement be as easy as it was while playing for the Steelers. Oh… and fuck you !!!
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    Look, I have been very critical in the past about the decisions this team has made in the draft and in free agency but I think it is high time to start throwing some love towards Duke Tobin and team. It is amazing how much of this team has been acquired in the last two seasons. Looking at the folks that are making this leap possible, almost all of them are in their first or second year with the Bengals (counting Jonah as a second year guy because let's face it, his rookie season was a red shirt) The only guys in the starting lineup that are hold overs from Marvin years (not counting special teams guys) are...Joe Mixon, CJ Uzomah, Trey Hopkins, Tyler Boyd and Sam Hubbard... five players.. that is incredible. In the offseason, experts (and myself if I am being honest) said they had to resign Carl Lawson and William Jackson at a minimum....they signed neither. Lawson played one game for the Jets before injury and WJ3 has been the most disappointing FA acquisition in the NFL this season. Instead they took a fraction of the money they would have had to spend on those two players and turned it into Hendrickson, Chido, Hilton, and Apple....how different would this team be without those guys. Turning Billy Price into BJ Hill was a move of genius. In the draft they didn't listen to the talking heads that were saying...in some cases...that they should be demoted from the NFL if they did not select Penei Sewell...and made the right decisions. And not only that, they are getting good production from guys picked in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th rounds. They pulled the trigger on a kicker in the 5th knowing they would get roasted for it but how many games have we won because of McPherson, what would our record be with fat Randy? Almost every move (should have taken Trey Smith or Creed Humphreys instead of Carman most likely) has been the right move, they have hit on a large % of their moves and are very much responsible for this season and I am not hearing much of that. I have to say that I am very impressed by this front office and they have won me over the last two seasons.
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    I just want them to continue to improve the o-line roster group. If they feel that's best done in the early rounds or they can target a player later, that's fine. This is where I trust Pollack's ability. I think, as we saw with the JaMarr Chase pick, there's more than one way to help Burrow out. Does this mean we draft another WR? HELL NO, but I simply don't think we can say anything with the draft is a lock at this point. I'm still beating the LB drum. LOUDLY If I'm betting, I'll go CB.
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    I thought Carman eventually would be RT since they drafted him based on some of the comments/evals. We’ll see if that materializes. Reiff is a guy you have to get back for at least another year. I’d hate to go unproven at a edge spot. Spain is another to get back. I’d like to see if Pollack could fix the Center spot with 3-5 round pick. He’s got Hill, but maybe another and have a competition.
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    I think we all said that we would be happy with a mediocre offensive line and through 12 weeks that is what we have seen...the thing is, they appear to be improving week after week, will be interesting to see how they rank in 6 more weeks....I think top ten is a possibility.
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    These advance stat services like PFF are worlds better than what fans had prior which was nothing or somebody basing an evaluation off the TV feed which can be very misleading as you don't get depth etc. I do think they make a mistake of trying to rank units or players 1-32. In reality if you got all the league's line coaches and a handful of college line coaches in the room. The majority could probably agree on elite unit play and the elite players. They could probably determine bad unit play and bottom tier players. There's no chance in hell you'd have any agreement in a ranking 1-32. There's probably a few elite units. Some horrible and then a mass population of all others and it depends upon the individual preference on how they would rank them. In terms of the Bengals they are top half yards. Higher in points scored and rushing yards so it makes sense that the line is at least considered average to good as I doubt those numbers are possible with bad o-line play. Reference the "zone blocking" tweet posted on this board. There's no way any outsider is accurately grading every zone run without being involved in system installment. There simply are not black and white assignments very often that's the weakness of the advance stat services.
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    I know. I just hate the fact they got it wrong.
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    Well, that’s not the point. There’s nothing new under the sun. The key here is execution. Do this consistently and the o will roll. And that’s what they did. Now they just have to keep it up.
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    Gonna finally get some leaves done.
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    They’ve resorted to bio-warfare.
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    CBS just noted the Chargers are 32nd in the league against the run. Play Mixon in fantasy next week if you can.
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    Schedule is a bear. Every week is must win. Basically the playoffs started today.
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    Well, there are worse ways to spend a Sunday.....
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    Lol....cannot wait for the excuses to roll in.
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    Well, that turned out better than I thought.
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    Beautiful first half. Maybe my favorite of all time
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    Just keep running, just keep running, I’m telling you this offense will just keep getting better the more you run
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    Just got home from work, anything happened yet?!!
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    Various trash sources are fueling rumors that the locker room is close to turning on Baker Mayfield. Delightful.
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    I’m rooting for the Lions every game they play. I don’t have any bad feelings towards Andy, other than grief at how he played at 10% effectiveness every playoff and prime time game.
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    Also, Andy is physically morphing into Vincent Van Gogh.
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    Dalton beats the Lions. In a related development, god does not exist.
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    When your LB's are bad almost every year by NFL standards, I can see where this would be a constant problem.
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    Consider covering their best player
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    Play calling thus far is absolutely stinking. Slants are wide open to the narrow side of the field with their 3rd down coverage and Taylor is calling plays that need to develop 20 yards downfield
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    The Bengals have been embarrassed for two straight weeks. When are they planning their own "Show your pride" game. I'd like to buy tickets when they decide to do that.
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    Carlos Dunlap chucked an opponent’s shoe downfield. Seahawks were down 3-0 at the time, but with Carlos’ help (15 yard shoe throwing penalty), Green Bay scored their first TD and went up 10 to zilch. Seahawks lose 17-0, and fall to 3-6. Carlos!!
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    Sorry, I meant was t to say - a guy from the stand after about 8 beers LOL
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    0-2-1 for the AFC North when the Bengals are chilling... I'll take that any year. They really control their own destiny though if they just win the division games, particularly at home. Take those tiebreakers and we can rehash 2009 (other than last week's garbage).
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    Serena Wonder Woman ad is the Patriots, I’m the Browns.
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    The record also says that they are a contender for a AFC playoff spot. 7-10 seeds all have same record. Seeds 3-6 are 1 loss better. The differences in bye weeks AND half baked tie breakers is the only thing separating 8 teams for 5 spots. The top 2 seeds are up 2 in the loss column. Bengals have beaten one and have a home game against them. There are 11 teams for 7 spots right now in the AFC. This is the way the league is designed to work. Parity. 5 AFC teams are probably done already.
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    quickly recalling why i had him on mute.