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    "Training camp starts this week ?? Does Wal-Mart's equate brand make a comparable Gatorade ??"
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    That sounds like a fun road trip, especially the leaving bmore part. Have fun at camp.
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    yeah that is what was saying by them, but there is always stuff they arent saying. I dont buy this one at all, not even 1 bit. this would made more sense, if he was release because he was dropping to 3rd string and wont made it to final 53 roster so he is being let go now as a favor to him so he can catch team before cut down day. letting go starter for money when off season pretty much is over doesnt made sense
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    Love the fact that they brought in Chuck Smith to help. My fav video of Chuck Smith, chop, rip, coming under. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkKRLDkjwDU
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    Mem: bring us down a dozen of Faidleys lump crabcakes and 10 boxes of those fudge-y cookies. Oh, and a Pit beef sandwich, medium rare, no sauce. for a friend.
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    I heard it was pretty horrific. Apparently in the middle of a heated debate about lesbian dance theory, he was about to give his perspective on microagressions and BAM he blew out his Fallopian tubes. Could be the end of his career. Sad day...
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    Yes. If you're looking for reasons to be excited, Pollack has to be near the top of your list. Driving from Baltimore. That's some serious dedication!
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    Here’s my question. What about this move makes the defense better ?? They wanted to bring in Coleman as a free agent before he signed elsewhere. They didn’t like the answer Reid gave them in his free agent visit. Then they turn around and draft a safety in the 2nd round. Fast forward to 3 weeks before the season starts and they release one of their starting safeties. NOW they want to claim it’s financial ?? Im rooting that this is a great move and becomes a new approach in getting rid of perceived dead weight, but color me skeptical at this point.
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    this is very unexpected. there must be a reason another than money.
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    They looked great last week and people thought they might be going to the Super Bowl. They looked bad this week and the sky is falling. The 2015 week 2 preseason game was probably the worst we've ever seen them. Go look it up. We all know how their offense turned out that year. I only have three notable takeaways: 1) Ced is just...so bad. I was willing to give the guy another shot with a new coach and scheme, but man. They won't cut him since they need bodies on the right side, but he's got to be a last resort at this point. 2) Those young D-lineman need to be on the field. It's hard not to be excited about Hubbard and Lawson. 3) Jon Brown, man! It kills me that he has zero chance of making the team. Wasn't that effortless 55-yard field goal gorgeous? There were no major injuries last night and they go some good tape to look at. I call that a win.
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    Nice drive, tie game after Carter TD. *edit* Called back, Ross with the snag for TD. Driskel was money.
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    Could you say? Ced’s career has fallen and it can’t get up?
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    O line looked a ton better. Ced got a long look. He started slow, his worst 3 plays were in his first 5 or so. After that he was decent. I think it’s the different coaching. The punch style instead of the hip catch probably serves a long armed guy like Ced. Munoz didn’t try to hide it, he approves of the more aggressive style. Alexander was a little bitch who’s long tenure here hurt this team.
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    Sure. That's my point, I guess. That maybe it's okay to dream on Tate a little bit for down the road. Redzone threat now, but with his size and catch radius, wondering if it's okay to dream on him a little bit for his second and third year in the league. I exchanged some tweets with Joe Goodberry this morning, Goodberry seems to think that precise route running from Tate would unlock a bit more game speed. If so, then that is something he can work toward...
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    Does he remind anyone else of a slightly bigger Anquan Boldin? Boldin's combine numbers (especially 40) were in same range as Tate's I think...
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    Also, Auden Tate has to make the roster if they want to keep him. No chance he sneaks through waivers and onto practice squad.
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    Overall, it was good. Especially for a first pre-season game. Last year, the horror of what was to come at o-line showed up right away in pre-season game 1 and carried forward all pre-season into the regular season. Last night showed that the line has a chance to be simply average. Get average play from the o-line, and the skill players at WR, RB and TE can REALLY make plays. The flash from both the offense and first team defense was a reason to feel pretty good this AM, frankly, if you are a Bengals fan.
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    Honestly, I didn't care about the fake punt attempt or what people thought of it. It might have been the most entertaining preseason game I've watched from the Bengals in years.
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    I don't think you can ask for much more from a preseason game. When you envision the best-case scenario for a Bill Lazor offense it involves moving people around and getting the ball into the hands of playmakers in any way possible (i.e. putting Mixon out wide). Very encouraging. Price held up well. Ross goofed early, but nobody blinked and they kept going back to him. Good times... It's not officially onto the training camp battle for starters on the right side of the o-line. Pollack said the guys they started last night were only ahead of others by a very tiny amount. So, we could see some swapping around there. Not much to say on the defense. I expect it to be good, so I'm not overly concerned either way.
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    1st team D impressed. Offense as well. The 2nd team and 3rd were sloppy but I think we saw some talent and production out there. Watch out Bengals and Browns both 1-0. It’s the year Pittsburgh finally falls into a 25 year playoff drought.
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    Outside of the silly roughing call on Dunlap, the starting defense looked solid.
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    As opposed to "dead action" which could land you in jail...
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    "Did someone mention TJ's gramma? Oooohhh yeeeaaa...." /turns off aspiration pump, turns up voltage on defibrillator, mutes electrocardiograph, takes off pulsoximeter, tries but fails to remove compression hose, wriggles out of spinal decompression machine, throws transdermal GFR monitor on floor, unbuckles truss, unzips sensible low-cost trousers....../
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    I assume we all read cincyjungle. Kirkendall just posted a great read on Pollack. It did everything but say Alexander was a softie and coached his guys to be the same. Pollack is coaching them differently and so far, at least according to the players going up against them in practice, it shows.
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    The Bengals season doesn’t begin until we start discussing which unfortunate Bengal TJ’s dead Grammy could destroy on the field. This season is now official!
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    Lawson was going up against Oogie for some of those snaps My dead gramma could get 3 sacks on 4 plays against Oogie, and the 4th would be a holding penalty against the offense However, word is, on at least 1 of those sacks, he was going up against Cordy. I worry this doesn't speak to the excellence of Lawson as much as it speaks to whether or not Cordy can do the job
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    When was the last time they cut a Veteran who was still impactful on the field ?? The only WR with more receptions, yards, and TD's than LaFell last year was AJ. I expected him to be here in 2018 and seriously would not have even raised much question about it. The fact they released him knowing he could still be one of the top 4 WR's on the team AND his veteran presence speaks volumes in my opinion. It's not like he was Leon Hall making 10 million dollars for the season either. He was more than affordable.
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    I heard he had injuries in college and hs
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    On a side note, i watched the Stealers camp recap videos. We are spoiled to have Hoard and Lapham, there vids and breakdowns are so much better.
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    I overlook Boyd all the time, but he finished last year on fire, even without considering the great play to beat the Ravens.
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    When Burfict returns the Bengals could have an ALL Pro at each level of defense. Offense has a ton of potential at the skill spots. As many have said O-line coming together and improving is a big key to the season.
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    I’m actually really hopeful for Eifert this season and think he can make a huge impact if he remains healthy. Its just too easy to bust his chops.
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    You don't say... Let's just hope all the...uh...substances...were legal.
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    Eifert to the PUP list - sounds like training camp has started.
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    Today's the day. Football is back, baby! https://giphy.com/gifs/party-the-office-hard-l0MYt5jPR6QX5pnqM
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    "I think I stepped in it. Pumpkin, check my loafers".
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    I'm a "feel free to protest on your own time, wearing your own clothes, and not representing my business as you do so" kinda guy.
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    And that twist at the end...never saw it coming!
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    I think the whole thing is a shame. It simply morphed into the "Anthem protest", but was never about the Anthem. Kaeperdick and those who started this were shortsighted in my opinion. They should have seen how that was going to be perceived, regardless of intent. While I can agree/disagree with whatever issue brought to the table is, I don't think the players thought this through. The NFL teams are the employers. How many places of employment has anyone been to, where your time at work can be used to protest whatever your issue is ?? I'm pretty sure if I come to work tomorrow and protest about why there are no more 8-track players, while on company time, it's going to end poorly for me. While I'm not comparing the seriousness of Police Brutality to 8-track players, I am saying there is a time and place to address it and it isn't on your employers time. I have little sympathy for the players in that regard.
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    I am driving over from B-more for Friday Aug. 3 and Saturday Aug. 4 practices with my brother. Really looking forward to it. Will spend two days watching the o-line way more than I would have in the past when I have attended...
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    BTW, if a spot opens, I'll play.
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    I cut back on drugs and alcohol.
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    One is one bit slower and one that is a bit faster.
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    That brings back old memories. Good find, TJ.
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    This reminds me of the time the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (I think? Or some online Pittsburgh publication) posted an article naming Bengalszone members among others who celebrated injuries to Ben Roethelisberger. Good times.