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    Here's a little cheap Burrow porn if you're bored. Speed it to 2x speed for something close to real-time. It shows little and means nothing, but it's still cool to see the gang catching balls from the new QB.
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    He did that last year, sort of.
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    GO TAILS !!! Wait, is that offensive to women ??
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    Washington Wilsons. With a volleyball for their logo.
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    I liked the idea of the Redtails, in reference the Tuskegee Airmen from World War II. It sounds close to Redskins, it woudn't take much to change it. They could keep the colors. It checks off both something Military and hits from a social change perspective. There are already some really good helmet and logo ideas on Google to check out. Or they could go in another direction. I don't have a dog in the fight, so it's whatever honestly.
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    Not to be funny, but ANYTIME would have been an excellent time for Price to step up. How nice would it be to see both him and Ross actually earn their first round draft positions this season ?? It pains me to look back at the 2017 and 2018 drafts and the players that went after them. However, I will readily admit to liking the picks at the time they were made. Especially Price...
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    So people are thinking things are going to change enough in 6 weeks that we go from ZERO, to allowing some number of fans ?? Something tells me, without a huge "contribution" from the NFL, the Ohio Department of Health won't be changing course any time soon.
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    My son and I are in !!
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    Ahhh yes. Jeremy Hill... Thanks for that playoff fumble buddy !!! ”Lets get it” would have been helpful at that point.
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    Really it will make it very hard to have games not just in baseball but all over the sports spectrum.
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    Considering that I started campaigning for this back in late October of 2019, this is really glorious to finally see:
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    Agree about the Bengals being stingy in how that 24+ mil gets spent, IF it gets spent at all. Good luck to Dennard.
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    I’m glad Bobby Hart sucks so badly, makes it easy to cut him. Not sure what they’re waiting for.
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    That’s every rookie, correct? Nothing left to do but start working.
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    I saw the "General Training Camp Thread" and was hoping to see the new camp slogan t-shirt for 2020. "2020 Bengals: We are coming to Burrow into your ass"
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    The equivalent news to Bobby Hart's hopeful opt-op is an actual opt-out by former Bengal Andre Smith. Who cares ??
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    Yeah, but if it's official, the o-line stands a chance at actually.... you know... improving !!
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    And it drags on. Tuesday AM, still no Burrow and Higgins...
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    If Ross can pull a miracle from his ass and stay healthy for the season, he should be a big help to Burrow. Something tells me not to hold my breath on that one.
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    Dr. Spock voice - "it's worse than that Jim, there's two of them"
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    Brandon Thorn, respected o-line analyst, puts all the starting right tackles in the league in tiers from elite level (Schwartz and Johnson), on down. And by “on down,” I mean all the way down to tier 6, occupied by only one lonely player. Behold!
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    Not gonna happen, IMO. The Leah Steinberg vs. Mike Brown pissing matches at the expense of client/New Franchise QB are long gone, I hope.
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    Probably. I really don’t want this to drag at all to avoid shit like that from the usual sources...
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    I appreciate the support. Drinks on me !!!
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    Interestingly enough, I’m working on the fatass part though. Lost 8 pounds this week alone. If it continues to trend in this direction, I’ll just be known as a drunk... Good ???
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    Williams has been the best tackle in his age group this country can offer since he was a freshman in high school. They desperately need him to be an All Pro
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    “Yeah I will pick up some food, then I get to pinch your butt”. That doesn’t turn women on ?? Who knew ?? Oh yeah, everyone.
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    I use both. The traditional face mask and my military gator-neck. Same as you Hoosier, just pull it up and go. Funny, you and I have similar superhero names. With me though, you just drop the "Amazing"... I think my wife could confirm that to be fairly accurate !!!
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    DeWine said no mask order necessary right now. But then he said we are on the precipice of total disaster if we don’t wear masks, so he asked all Ohioans, please wear masks if you go out in public.
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    Re Hart, setting aside any politics, how do you let a guy who has questioned the value of masks, social distancing and vaccines anywhere near the locker room? He may as well be wearing a t-shirt saying “I’M A VECTOR FOR DISEASE”.
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    Every time I hear his name, I get sick. That's the best we can do at RT...... Bobby Hart. God help us !!
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    So ready to see Bobby Hart get cut. Dude’s social media presence alone is enough to warrant saying goodbye.
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    Yep, it’s be a great name with a great backstory behind it. Go Redtails!
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    Crumpled, deflated, soiled volleyball. Then the logo can be just like the owner.
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    FedEx strong armed Snyder, they pay a ton of cash to him for stadium naming rights or whatever. Tom Hanks played a FedEx employee in that stranded on an island movie. Thus they should be called the Washington Castaways.
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    https://youtu.be/Gmoylpyth_E LMAO !!!
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    Mike should definitely stay social distanced, he’s pretty vulnerable to stuff at his age. Also, I’m looking for a medical professional in the Cincinnati area who will confirm and amplify my long-held belief that the only true way for a very elderly person to revitalize their immune system is to divest themselves of any professional sports franchise they may own.
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    AJ’s chances of one last big multi-year deal will take a hit if they cancel this season. Puts another year on him, a year of inactivity, just lessens the appeal of giving him a 4 or 5 year deal. What a screw job, and to happen to AJ Green, one of the best dudes around. No justice.
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    Ohio State suspended all voluntary workouts yesterday. BTW the workouts aren’t actually voluntary, they’re just called that. Must have been too many positive tests.
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    Again, hoping and praying for the football season to go off, even with little to no fans. However, the amount of contact and closeness of the players is vastly different than the other sports and their participants. Looking at the current outbreaks among college programs like Ohio State and North Carolina are more of what I would expect at the pro level. I just don't see how they stop the spread of the virus in those close quarters and I fear the impact would be massive for a team that is forced to quarantine players that test positive. Could you imagine a miracle season where we make it to the Super Bowl and Burrow is leading the charge, only to test positive the night before the game ?? Finley would then be the starter and there goes most any chance of winning that game. Worst case scenario ?? Sure, but completely feasible.
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    I had forgotten that it kept track of those things. Early on in this board's history, we use to make a pretty big deal of those milestones. Fast forward 16 years and I had completely forgotten about it. Had I been thinking, I would have had something more positive to say. Makes me feel old thinking about being in my 30's and single when I started posting here. Now 50, married, 2 kids and retired from the Army, while working on another career. I love this board !!! Thanks Hoosier...
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    Speaking of losing weight, my primary care recently pointed out my weight gain over the past handful of years. I told her after a career in the Army, I stopped exercising and bought a house at the corner of "Fat and Happy". She laughed for a minute and plainly told me she thinks I need to move. WTF ?!?!
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    She’s good. Her political statement consisted of ten sentences that all began with “I”, then she rang a bell and destroyed “God Bless America.” Game, set, match.
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    Based on the proud American in the previous post, I can easily see the NFL season ending up cancelled, and we get screwed out of the most exciting and anticipated season since we drafted Palmer.
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    I don't often go down the Twitter rabbit hole however, the information provided is interesting. I think I clicked on a response and it took me into a conversation about all the "wrong" going on in this country. It was depressing as I only read about 5-6 comments to see how completely uneducated some people are. I don't mean, I have a degree educated, but rather common sense type issues that the average person should be aware of. I don't want to get into any specifics, but I am saddened with people arguing about things they clearly have no knowledge about whatsoever. THIS is exactly why I have no social media presence. The closest I come to it is posting here. After reading those comments, i'm pretty sure my life is better for that decision.