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    "When the time comes, I'll be in the best shape to play my best ball this year no matter what happens. The best shape of my life." I like how he emphasized, "The best shape of my life". I'm really looking forward to watching this team play this season unlike any season I can remember is a God awful amount of time. I wish Billy was here to enjoy this with us !!!
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    All through my time in the Army and no matter where I went in the world, someone would always pop off with: "You're killing me smalls". Now I hear it from my kids and their buddies who have see the movie. That saying will live forever. COVID makes doing something like that a bit more cumbersome that it would have been previously, but they could limit the number of people. Bring them into PBS with a huge TV in the endzone and show a football movie of their liking. "Remember the Titans" "Rudy" "Waterboy" I could just see Mike Brown ruining that as well and selecting: "Knute Rockne, All American" from 1940. An instant classic featuring former President Ronald Reagan as "The Gipper". Give the first 100 kids a hoop and stick to play with on the field...
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    “You can only look at your hot water heater for so long.” - Jim Turner What he meant to say was “you can only look at your hot water heater for so long (until you realize itwould give Bobby Hart a pretty good run for his money at the right tackle spot).”
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    No, this isn't my mock draft for next year, well.... not yet. Rather, they announced the NFL draft will be in Cleveland next year. I tried to make reservations, but the rates for the rooms aren't loaded up yet. ArmyBengal Jr. and myself are definitely going for at least the first round festivities !!!
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    I am starting to really like the Mitchell Wilcox TE USF UDFA pickup. He looks like an athletic, multiple use TE. He can line up inside/outside and is an average/willing blocker. Many talking heads had him going mid rounds and comparisions to Travis Kelce coming out. I'm thinking he sticks on the team this season. In 2 years he may be our #1 TE. Much better college career than Moss had.
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    Don't get me wrong, I love seeing them move towards starting the season, but i'm still not buying at this point. While I like seeing the amount of deaths not doubling anymore (10000 more this past week) there are reasons for that. When things start to relax and people go back to how things use to be (gyms, restaurants, movies, church, etc) my concern remains the same. What's to keep it from spreading further in the future? The hope is that people remain distanced properly, wear masks, and continue hand washing. Another concern are the people that simply don't believe any of it and still think it's all horseshit. (See my next door neighbor) Look, I could be and HOPE that i'm 100% wrong and have nothing to be concerned about at all. That being said, color me a continued skeptic.
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    Complain about it on Bengalszone :)
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    Not surprising. Can I go ahead and call Tretter a buzzkill ??
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    I never heard Skip Bayless singing the praises of Andy Dalton as a Bengal....I guess everyone gets better when they trade Stripes for a Star.
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    If this stupid ass virus robs us of our first season of Greg Cook 2.0 I’m going to buy some beakers and tubes and crap online, build a lab in our guest bathroom, and develop a vaccine myself.
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    This is from Great Blue North draft report: As a whole they weren't impressed very much regarding O-line:
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    The fall out from COVID would be felt in the Salary Cap. IF COVID shuts down attendance or the league. The salary cap is determined by Defined Gross Revenues. So in theory the salary cap could go backwards OR growth slowed. This happened back when Steinbach was a FA. The owners made a bad extension that jumped up the percentage and cap growth for a couple seasons then when a new long term agreement was reached the cap slowed (can't remember if it ever went backwards) some teams were caught for a couple years with tough cap situations. Now the league could step in and adjust the formula for the salary cap. As for individual contracts; a lot of contracts have guarantees like roster, signing bonuses. However, they don't receive salary checks until the regular season games start. I think they get minor amounts during preseason. It would be interesting to hear if there is anything that would disrupt those payments. Earned roster, signing bonus would not be effected is my guess. No relief from guaranteed payments without revenue could bankrupt some newer ownership groups. Therefore as a minimum you can guess they'll do everything they can to at least get the games on TV to fulfill contract requirements there and get that revenue. I'm not sure how much revenue is wrapped up in fans attending games but they can also shed some costs. Loss of TV revenue probably goes straight to the bottom line.
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    We all knew it was coming at this point. Seems it's [about to be] official. Happy trails to a top three all-time Bengals quarterback. His was one of our finest decades ever.
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    If I'm Tua I hold out as long as necessary to get that 30,275,439th dollar.
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    AJ is such a good dude.
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    Little do you realize that the future still rests on the shoulders of Jake Dolegala.
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    A nationally televised season opener at home ?? Heart be still. I have no words. Oh wait, yes I do..... Thanks Joe Burrow !!!
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    Sounds like the plan right now they're developing, is to have time-coordinated, planned/limited entrances and exits from the stadium for fans, in-seat vendor service, etc.., in addition to reduced capacities. Honestly it sounds like a bunch of waiting around and limited movement, which could turn into a couple extra hours of sitting and waiting to leave or enter the stadiums. You'll have to be really hard-core to go to a game this year, unless something changes. With the ability to test players in intervals, I don't know that they'll be at much risk, plus they're in the ultimate physical condition, in addition to what I assume will be an effective treatment of some sort by then, but throwing thousands of people into any building indoors or out, still seems pretty crazy. In any case, I'm so f'ing ready for this to be over with, there's got to be a better way, but maybe not.
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    The Steelers simply didn't want the news to get out that "Andy Dalton spurns the Steelers offer". Fuck them !
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    Don't why I was surprised to hear he was 90. Sad day yesterday however.
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    “Pumpkin, get in here” ”I had Troy check in over at that Bengalszone place to see what those idiots are spouting off about”. ”He reported back that the TJ Jackhole fella kept piping in with GIMME A LINEMAN”. ”3 linebackers, count’em 1-2-3. BWAAAAHAAAAHAAAAA !!!”
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    Holy shit, I just read that the Steelers offered Dalton more cash than the Cowboys. Andy turned them down. So righteous. Thanks for everything Andy Dalton!
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    The oline is a big question mark just like the whole season is. Can Oline protect Joe? Then is Joe going to be able to play QB at the NFL level? The defense are the new additions plus the young LB’s going to be able to stop the opposing team offense? So to me the whole team including the coaching staff are huge question marks. Time will tell? Hell is there even going to be a season this year? Who knows at this point.
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    From the article Hoosier referenced above: (and yes very interesting analysis/fun read):
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    His intangibles are so good, they’re almost tangible.
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    Cool article. It's nice to put numbers to the more abstract strengths most of us see in Burrow -- decision making, reads progressions, etc.
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    If his salary was reasonable, we could have traded him. But with one year left at that price, no way. The best thing they could do for him, they did. They released him now so he can have as many interested teams as possible, take his pick of those, and be on his new team with plenty of time to learn the offense, and either compete to be the starter or be installed as the de facto, pre-determined, starter.
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    Why in the world would you think Burrow equates to 3 games of Ryan Finley? Or the shell of what Dalton was last year? And the three of Dalton's best games came late - Jets, Dophins, Browns. Fact - the line improved last 8 games. Fact - it is a YOUNG line - there is room for the youth to get better (surprise! sometimes young players get better with experience) Fact - Joe Burrow is supposed to be a transcendant player - if he is - he will make players including line look better around him. There is plenty to be worried about, but this board in particular fetishizes worrying like the world's saddest circle jerk. I would like to not see Bobby Hart at RT. I would like to see a vet cut late come in and take that position. Failing that, I would like to see Fred Johnso win it. But even if we end up with the Williams/Jordan/Hopkins/SuaFila/Hart - I am betting with a healthy AJ, along with Boyd, Ross, Higgins and Tate to go with Mixon and Gio and Uzomah and Sample this is a top 15 offense under Burrow. Burrow in November at LSU last year was a fuckton better than Finley and Dalton.
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    He never became the next Kenny Anderson but was close in 2015. I always liked his accuracy. There were sometimes his teams dominated
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    As much as everyone hates Hue I think he was the best thing to happen to Dalton and that offense. He might not have been a great HC but he sure was a hell of a coach wherever he was with the Bengals. Dalton was never the same after he left, what could have been if he stayed as the OC of this team. I miss Hue and what Andy was under him.
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    My hope is that he plays for a team that comes to play in Cincinnati this season and the fans give him a nice welcome and recognize his time with the team. I would attend that game just for that reason. Love him or hate him, he's been nothing but classy and him and his wife are good people who have done a lot in the community. Again, nothing but best wishes !!!
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    I hope he gets a chance to start somewhere, he deserves it. Great person, above average QB, that provided some great memories. Good Luck Andy!
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    Look at other teams rosters. Make a trade. Do something. Just don't sit back after you know how bad they sucked last year and think last year's #1 pick, who missed the season injured, is the best approach for your shiny new #1 overall QB. Jonah Williams better be the second coming of Christ, capable of divine intervention which impacts the other sloths currently employed on the o-line. I hate having to hope some RT gets cut and that he represents an upgrade to our players. Oh and that it's not so late there isn't time to bring them up to speed on the scheme.
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    Good luck Andy. I think Belichick wants to sign him.
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    That was a gut punch. Totally understandable, but, still, selfishly, a real loss to not have his voice covering the team.
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    Good player that I never think got the credit he deserved and an even better person. Wishing him and his family nothing but the best moving forward in their lives !!
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    Basically you don't want Joe Burrow having to face what Joe Mixon has faced. Anyone can see the potential greatness of Mixon. But team success hasn't happened. His success has been limited because of blocking. So far a great attitude. How long does that last if the line regresses from the 2nd half of last season and he's once again looking a historically bad rushing numbers that simply aren't his fault? We can't have Burrow running around for his life making a couple awesome plays with a handful of sacks, ints, and stalled offensive drives. Not making playoffs. By year 3 he could already be making plans of not staying. Every Bengal fan knows that's the narrative waiting to be pushed by the media.
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    Dalton one of favorite Bengals. Class act. I always viewed him as a limited QB and sad his best season and team got cut short so he could have opportunity to put those horrid playoff games behind him. I hope he lands in the NFC so I can cheer for him.
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    Injury is a concern. Accumulation of hits is a concern. The biggest concern for me is if Burrow balls out. The line never gets any better. The overall team success is limited because of it. You waste the Mixon prime and final years of AJ. Burrow decides to go the route of Palmer and Luck. The organization this year has basically doubled down on it's o-line transactions. Not going to play real well if Burrow gets killed and eventually it will cause a riff IF it never improves. My guess a year from now we are begging for a tackle like we have since 2017. We'll be reminded how old this is watching Hart trying to block Watt.
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    I can't help but keep going back to look at Wilson play. I just never connected him to the Bengals. I watch a ton of college football and while I was aware of Wilson, I didn't truly pay attention to his size and speed. He's 6'2, 240lbs and runs a 4.63 Going back and looking at his stats, it's quite impressive. Including he was a 3 year captain of the defense is pretty impressive in and of itself. 409 tackles 34.5 tackles for loss 7 sacks 10 INT's 5 forced fumbles 3 defensive TD's I hate to make a comparison like this, go back and watch some of the highlights for both him and then Luke Kuechly while at Boston College. Acknowledging Kuechly played one less season at BC, I find many similarities between the two. Aggressive, quick (Kuechly ran a 4.58), able to cover, and able to get to the QB. Now if we could get even 75% of what Kuechly brought to the Panthers, we are in business. Absolutely LOVE this pick. He's a day one starter I can't wait to see play ball for this defense !!!
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    Are any of them long snappers?
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    We were briefed the other day that COVID is unlike other viruses in that it is not likely to be impacted by the heat, like the flu and therefore will not be seasonal. It's not going anywhere until we can kill it. Take that for what it's worth...
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    Of course. And no, I don’t get it either Shula, but what can you do?
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    The Ravens signed Fluker. I guess I don't really understand the confidence the Bengals' have in their 0-line. Fluker is better than any OG on the roster, including Sua.
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    So what are we ?? 30 ??
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    Just for awareness regarding that comment, Dalton was one of the 10 best rookie seasons for a QB. But Cincinnati is a bad place for QB’s right ??
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    The camera starts with only the back of my head in frame. Then it recedes, showing me sitting in my evil genius laboratory, I’m monitoring 7 computer screens, all running proprietary algorithms analyzing all things Bengals, from Burrow’s 4th quarter velocity to the transmission fluid temperature in Katie’s Lexus. Around the computers, high voltage arcs from Tesla Coils, crackling and spitting, jump 20 feet across the room. I turn in my chair, the camera re-zooms, my embittered, thousand-yard stare face fills the frame. In a voice heavy with the gravitas and pain that comes from living the life of a Bengals fan, I say, “It all comes down to Fred Johnson.”
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    Joe Burrow was pressured on 29% of his dropbacks last year. Andy Dalton was pressured on 29% of his dropbacks last year. Burrow also did a ton to avoid hits and sacks. Oh, and he had a passer rating while doing so that would make Dalton blush. Burrow is better than Dalton. From day 1. He's used to dealing with pressure. So, I am gonna skip the wailing and gnashing of teeth on that front.
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    so you're betting on our johnson being big enough, eh mem? still, we can get an athletic project OL in 6 and/or 7 that might be starting in 2022 or so ie right now