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    Bates coming into the second half of 2021 said he had been pressing a bit in thinking about his contract. He knew then THAT was his biggest concern and had to find the "Old Jessie" because he wasn't playing well. Is more money going to help him find that dude during the regular season ?? Is being paid all that money going to now have him pressing to prove he deserved his contract ?? Who knows, but I'm not pleased with him in this instance. Have some balls, bet on yourself for the year which makes you the 10th highest paid safety in the league, and then cash in on the open market in 2023 because you know the Bengals aren't bringing you back at that asking price. Stop asking the Bengals to pay you top 3 money when they aren't going to do it. More importantly, and I think the Bengals know this, they SHOULDN'T do it. Yes, there are TV contracts. Yes, the cap will continue to go up. However, it's not going to go up so much to allow a top end contract for a safety when Burrow and Chase are looming in the near future. I had a conversation in the bar the other day and was chatting with a guy bitching about the Bengals and Mike Brown being cheap. I asked him how much he liked Burrow and Chase and he blew their contracts off like it was nothing to worry about. Here's a question... How close are Burrow and Chase going to get to Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams respectively ?? Rodgers gets 50 million per year and Adams gets 28 million per year. So that's 78 million total for those two, and yes I know they aren't on the same team. This when teams are capped at 208 million for everyone or nearly 38% of the total cap allowed. Pay Bates that 18 million per year and now 3 players take up nearly half of the teams cap space. Thinking longer term, and knowing how the Bengals planned for this, I say goodbye to Bates and work a trade for 2023 picks. I will wish him the best of luck and thank him for his time here. Now get the fuck out, I have other things to attend to.
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    Giants took fuggin Cordale Flott. Will be glad to never see that name again.
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    Thanks for quoting this one RBB, I had missed it. Agree that putting the Browns at #1 projection wise is just silly. At this point, I think it's just as reasonable to say Kenny Pickett balls out for the Stealers, when considering Watson is going to miss "some" games. As much as I was rooting for Watson to shun the Browns, the only thing that would make me happier would be for him to get suspended many games. Let me give this a try... Bengals: 99.7% Ravens: 00.2% Browns: 00.05% Steelers: 00.05%
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    4 of the top 10 all time Bengal sackers were drafted under Marvin. Atkins, Dunlap, Geathers, MJ. Hubbard, Peko and Lawson are in the top 20. So 7 of the franchise's top 20 sack leaders were added under Marvin. Marvin's fault was big game performance. He was the most successful regular season coach and a lot of that success were Zimmer defenses that were among the franchise's best units. Taylor is too early. But Wyche and Gregg were shooting stars that burnt out quickly.
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    I’ve noticed the Bengals drafted players very high on the RAS (raw athletic score) this year. Even Volson was very high percentile. Players in the past like Jordan and other OL didn’t grade high. Also, the thing with Volson is that his athletic skills are good for a guard. Not a tackle. Overall the Bengals has the 5th highest draft in terms of RAS.
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    I believe the young girl in that story and will assume Carman is a dirtbag from here out. He will never have a day in court and neither will that young girl. People can think what they like one way or the other.
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    A League Source must be exhausted at this point.
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    I guess they are not worried about WR or DL. Still hoping a bearcat like Curtis brooks or Darren Beavers ends up with the bengals but looks like that’s not happening. No WRs this draft. My only big complaint is not adding to that room, specifically return skills guy
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    All posts exist in a void of chaos and entropy. They may as well not even exist. The only real post is the current post. All posts before the current post were made by someone else, someone much dumber, someone not even of this world.
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    You were doing so well. Back to your support group!
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    Wayne Newton in the house. Finally.
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    Basically, she waited too long to report it or tell anyone. That’s a tough hurdle to overcome, though his texts, actions, etc, fit with her story. What they don’t have is an admission from him. Once she waited so long to report it, the evidence is reduced to her word against his. And with the standard of proof being beyond a reasonable doubt, it’s a very difficult case to contemplate prosecuting.
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    I know, shocker here: I love the pick *GASP TJ actually loves a first round pick. that NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER happens* Great value.....arguably a top15 pick in terms of ability Like Mem says, we use 3 safeties quite a bit.....so he will get a lot of snaps as a backup immediately Also (sadly) a position of need due to Bates pretty much saying he wants out without actually saying "I want out". Or at least thats my guess. Love Bates, but he (every player) needs to understand that to have a great team we have to be able to pay multiple great players, not just one. ah well. and.....a defensive back with speed - thank you, football gods! speed, productivity, football IQ, intangibles......GIMME Would I have rather had a 3TDT? Yes Would I have rather had a speedy outside corner? Also yes But this is still a great, great pick But no, I didnt stay up to watch. too damn late. https://twitter.com/MathBomb/status/1504882828424613888
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    Holy shit, I didn’t think there was really a chance of him being there. So fucking pumped up and keeps us from having to pay Bates a fuckload of cash. Really happy with this pick. WHODEY !!!
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    And...Baltimore was set on Jordan Davis. Eagles hosed them by trading ahead of the Ravens. That pleases me.
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    On Dan Hoard's latest pod - he interviewed Ossai. Ossai said his knee is 100%, that it is a small wrist thing that has him on rehab field and he will be good to go for camp.
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    I'm certainly understanding of that aspect Stripes and get that some fans really did love Corey Dillion and that he WAS the lone bright spot. I'm just not one of those fans, obviously... I'm that way with Palmer as well, but for different reasons. Palmer, from day 1, was my favorite player on the team and I just knew we were going to the Super Bowl with him. Then all the bullshit happened, which again, the owners played a part in when they got rid of Kitna despite Palmer wanting him to stay with the team. He got disgruntled with other things as well and basically said he has to be happy playing football and that he would just retire. While I got that he was disgruntled as well, I'm not an advocate of those that want to take their ball and go home. Others i'm sure will disagree. I'm cool with that as well.
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    Willie and Boomer would be my choices. Willie Anderson gets HOF consideration and it is an injustice that he is not in the actual HOF. Boomer is your only other MVP at this time and IMO would be fitting to have both MVPs, and the QBs of now 2 of 3 AFC Champions. I have always been in favor of a more exclusive Ring of Honor so once you get your no brainers in like Willie, Boomer, Chad, and Dillon. Maybe hit pause for a couple years. Of course everyone won't agree who are the no brainers.
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    Can anyone think of the last time there was a player who held out and then went on to progress in their playing performance? I can’t think of one. Neither someone who was traded or eventually played with their team. Hold outs are a reflection of scarcity mentality. I got to get mine. I don’t oppose getting your worth. But your play and attitude will get you that. It may not be exactly when you want it. But you will get it. Bates is rushing to the finish line and it will be his downfall.
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    when I boil it down to the basics, it is for me a grown man who is already a multi millionaire having a hissy fit over getting 12M rather than 14M I cant tolerate that, despite how great he has been for us prior to this offseason
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    This is worth a watch: https://twitter.com/MarkVSlaughter/status/1525133148828356608?s=20&t=fW4C4UeACI8k_-W1yFkE6Q
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    And supposedly per a Dolphins full schedule leak we play them on Monday night Oct. 3.
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    It’s a good point. My traveling team was loaded with first basemen and outfielders so I had to learn to catch and warmup pitchers as the younger player. Would have never learned to catch if not. Imagine being told to warm up pitchers who throw as hard as any else their age without even a practice round. Just get the gear on and go.
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    Reds 2022 Motto: THIS BASEMENT WE WILL DEFEND !!!
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    The above projects the pass protection rankings for all 32 NFL teams after the draft. It obviously makes some assumptions regarding starters, undoubtedly includes free agent signings and trade acquisitions. We’re looking good, the Steelers are looking horrible.
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    Just to follow up on Stripes’ observations: I wonder how much is philosophy and how much is inertia. Both the Bengals and Steelers have had good QBs for ages (and yes, Andy was a good QB) and so all their team building efforts have been centered on the passing game. Baltimore has had better QBs than Cleveland, but there’s a reason “Joe Flacco is ELITE” is a punchline and while Jackson is a great player I’m less sure he’s a great QB. And Cleveland…let’s not go there. So all their efforts were forced toward the run and now that’s how the team is built. Changing either scenario would require a lot of tear down and rebuild work.
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    I absolutely CANNOT wait to see this o-line work together this season. I know the talk is (and should be) about protecting Burrow, but I think an equal benefactor to that improvement will be for Mixon. If all things work out, this could be an absolute BEAST of a year for him. For all the talk regarding the possibility of them taking a defensive end in the draft, that is yet another thing I'm looking forward to. What exactly do we have in Joseph Ossai ?? Since they didn't really address it, my guess is they are hopeful of what he's going to bring. Not only those two things, but there are still cutdowns to come, players that will become available and who knows what that will bring. I'm so excited for this upcoming football season it's not even funny. Don't remember THIS much excitement for quite some time. Local high school teams, my Buckeyes, and the Bengals ?? HOLY SHIT, EVERYDAY IS GOING TO BE A FOOTBALL DAY !!! Fuck being angry or upset, there's a Super Bowl to win !!!
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    I was thinking about the drafts and free agency within the division today, and it occurred to me that the AFC North is becoming a sort of war of philosophies on offense. I don't know if it's deliberate, but we seem to have two primary schools of thought emerging, each reflected by two teams: Everything we do is about running the ball. Both Cleveland and Baltimore have experienced almost irrefutable downgrades this offseason in terms of pass-receiving talent. The Browns replaced Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry with solely Amari Cooper, and the Ravens traded away Marquise Brown. Neither team addressed their holes at receiver meaningfully in the draft. The Ravens did add tight end depth, but that doesn't figure to move the needle much when Mark Andrews is already their biggest remaining target barring a Rashod Bateman breakout. Moreover, both teams drafted running backs this year despite already boasting deep running back groups. The Browns added Jerome Ford (5th round) to what might have already been the deepest group in the league with Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, and D'Ernest Johnson. They also obviously brought in Deshaun Watson, a quarterback that adds a strong running dimension. The Ravens added Tyler Badie (6th round) despite already having a high-ceiling duo in J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards (and Lamar Jackson can put up 1,000 yards himself). Mobile quarterbacks, deep offensive lines, endless stables of running backs, and weak receiving groups -- Baltimore and Cleveland are both taking that approach to its limit. We're here to throw the ball over your heads. We already know what the Bengals are and what they can be. They're an admirably balanced outfit with Mixon, but still -- their most lethal offensive potential comes by way of Joe Burrow and one of the league's best group of starting wide receivers. I figure that "let Joe cook" philosophy will be even more pronounced in 2022 with the knee injury further in the past and an MVP-caliber season already in his resume, especially while Chase makes his case as the best receiver in the NFL. The Bengals are going to throw the ball, and they're going to expect to dominate opponents by doing so. The Steelers look to me like they're trying to build something similar. Najee Harris may become a bigger share of their offense than Mixon is of the Bengals', but the common ground is that they're irrefutably feature backs. The Steelers drafted two receivers this year (George Pickens in the 2nd round and Calvin Austin in the 4th round), which should complement what was already at least a decent group with Dionte Johnson and Chase Claypool. Then, of course, they took Kenny Pickett in the first round -- a guy that has already said that he tries to emulate Joe Burrow as a quarterback. There's some skillset and habitual overlap between the two, primarily in that they are mobile within the pocket and throw accurate balls. Pickett's small hands even recall Joe's two years ago (albeit Pickett's are half an inch smaller). I don't think Pickett is going to be Joe Burrow or even close, but that could be described as his best-case scenario. Cerebral quarterbacks who are mobile as passers with team-building emphasis on the outside at receiver before the inside on the line and high-emphasis feature backs -- Cincinnati and Pittsburgh both fit this description. In this way, right now I kind of see Cleveland as a poor-man's Baltimore and Pittsburgh as a poor-man's Cincinnati.
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    Jesus I simply said I didn’t like it. Also hope that I’m wrong and shortsighted. However, arguing how awesome it was us just as silly. Neither can be proven at this point. Yes the Bengals did what they did and worked their plan. Would it be better if I said I didn’t like their plan, or are you guys just in desperate need of people agreeing with you? I didn’t call anyone a dumbass for their opinion and encourage people to think what they like. Maybe my initial thoughts are wrong. I’m rooting to be WRONG because if I’m not it means we fucked up. If I’m right, which I don’t care about, is anyone bookmarking to say my thoughts were right in a few years ?? Fine, it was the bestest gosh darn draft the Bengals ever had and these guys are all going to be stars… Better ?? Sleep well…
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    I’m actually trying to be optimistic. Love the Daxton Hill pick. Hated the Taylor pick but warming. Zach Carter ?? Hate Volston ?? Hate Anderson ?? Hate Gunter ?? Hate more I’m not arguing others opinions, only giving mine. Love the draft all you like. I just don’t like how it shook out especially when considering they moved UP twice. Again, I will be rooting for all these kids and hope they prove me wrong. Until then I’ll go ahead and give a pointless right after the draft grade of D+. Hoping they produce like they are all A’s though !! Congrats to all of them and WHODEY !!!
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    Snark all you like, but until you provide a satisfactory alternative I don’t give a crap. The Chase story wasn’t remotely as credible as this one. Given that it’s almost impossible to verify guilt at this point, we are left to make our own judgments with the available information. The Bengals probably won’t cut Carman, but I want them to do it.
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    Why do you guys keep pulling TJ into all these discussions?
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    Cool beans. He’s tall. 20 pounds heavier than D’Ante Smith. Maybe a project to move to guard.
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    He was taken right around the area he was projected.
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    For what it’s worth Hoosier, the closer we get the more your soul is pricing upward. Up to half a million. Well done !! A shout out to TJ’s dead gramma !!
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    They could re-sign Hopkins Im not kidding His play at the end of the year was more indicative of his true ability, and his PFFs were in the high 60s low 70s for those games It may be too knee-jerky to just assume Carman wont be around and get to the business of replacing him, but I'd rather have insurance right away I really dont want to see Adeniji as the starting OLG
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    WOW. No sarcasm, love seeing this from you.
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    A solid B pick for me, I still would have liked them to get aggressive when some of the top guys started to slide. Hill will be a very good player for us but for a minimal investment they could have had Devonte Wyatt, George Karloftis, or Tyler Linderbaum. Seeing Linderbaum go to Baltimore hurts that is going to be a problem for us.
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    Alright Hoosier, get your soul ready for the 2nd round. Marcus Jones will be there and the current bid for your soul on eBay has now surpassed 250k. We will split 80/20. Since I did all the work and advertisement, unfortunately you get the 20.
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    Hill it is, he'll contribute right away and provide good depth, good pick.
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    Hill was one of my wants, so...I am really pleased.
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    That’s a terrible deal. For Arby’s… we are talking double meat. No deal…
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    I so want Jones. Like “sell my soul” want Jones. But he’s a slot corner, and a good one, but that’s not where their need at CB is. Can’t take him at 31 and he’ll be gone before the next pick. If they can at least get one of the top 3-5 guys I’ll take it.