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    In a related article, the Bengals fans were asked some questions recently. Has it been a difficult transition from Marvin Lewis to Zac Taylor ?? "No, it has not." Do you miss him ?? "No we don't." Do you hope he returns at some point ?? "F*CK HIM" Why did the Bengals fail in the postseason on Marvin's watch ?? "Because Marvin obviously never really gave a shit and couldn't resist being a snarky prick at every opportunity." Sounds like Bengals fans won't be paying much attention to what Marvin does in 2019...
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    Mixon and Ross are blabbing about how good the energy is, how positive and different things are, and how confident the whole team is that they’ll outshine expectations. Glad Arizona State brought Marvin in so they don’t suffer from enthusiasm and confidence.
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    “I’ll just type-message TJ’s granny on my tv phone thing. There, just asked her to cam him down. Well, she answered with a photo, I’ll just open that up... GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY!” Begins laborious process of unbuckling complex series of trusses.
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    "Where are the world wide web people and why haven't we done something about this TJ Jackhole guy at Bengalszone?" "I swear to all things holy if he doesn't stop talking trash about our o-line, I'm going to buy that site just to ban him myself."
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    "Alright Pumpkin, I decided to get into social media to help us in scouting the future men of this organization". "I'm not quite sure I'm doing this right however". "I told the app thingy I wanted men who were big, strong, and real take charge kind of guys". "Next thing you know I was flooded with responses from these young men wanting me to send wrinkled raisin pics". "Not only that, I think they thought I was talking about baseball because they asked if I liked to pitch or catch?" "I know there are hand and arm measurements, but we must measure penises nowadays for all the photos I received."
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    Well so far so good on the coaches. Bringing youth and no nonsense. New era as well.
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    As part of his ongoing quest to get paid for working in football without actually working, Marvin somehow blackmailed Herm Edwards into signing him to his staff at Arizona State. But he cant have contact with the players. He won’t be coaching. He’ll be a “sounding board” for the staff and will be sort of an unofficial spokesman. In other words, he’ll fill the same role he filled in Cincinnati. He’ll be a smug douche who chortles at the uninformed questions of non-insiders, and that’s all he’ll fucking be. As time passes it becomes more and more apparent that Marvin just plain didn’t work very hard these last 6 or 7 years. And he sure as hell doesn’t want to start now.
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    so he can false start and hold more even more often in 2019?
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    Someone needs to ask coach Turner to define the word "Phenomenal", because it must mean something completely different to him. I think the word he was searching for is "Abysmal".
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    Hart’s cleaning out my gutters right now.
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    Yeah great plan. Because nothing solves giving up 10 sacks on the season like putting a rookie next to you. Fuck Hart. He’s a bag of suck !!
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    Still don't know why people are saying anything about the Steelers stealing one from the Bengals. People do realize he played in a 3-4 at Michigan that would translate well to the Steelers drafting him right ?? People do realize we don't run a 3-4 here in Cincinnati right ?? Who gives a fuck about Devin Bush ??