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    There is a very good reason for that. Dalton’s performance in games other fans might have seen, like nationally televised games and playoff games, was absolutely, almost unbelievably, horrible. It was hard to believe the same guy we’d watch carve up Baltimore in a regular season game, could play as badly as he did in nationally televised games. Again, and again, and again.
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    I logged back in today to make this comment and will step back away... I believe in the philosophy that "If you don't have a franchise QB, you try to get one". Well.... That is exactly where we find ourselves and sitting at the #1 spot allows us to take the best shot. Take it. Don't be a pussy. Make the selection and move forward. The rookie wage scale makes it possible to swing and miss without it crushing the franchise for the next 7 years. A true franchise QB can make everything else around them better, so if they swing and hit, the payoff is massive. Someone can argue all they want about whether Joe Burrow is the best QB in the draft, but i'm not that guy. I believe him to be the clear #1 QB in the class and fully deserving of being the Bengals pick at #1. Just take Burrow and move on to addressing how the organization can actually use free agency to help build around him. Also cannot forget having the top pick in the other rounds as well. USE THEM WISELY. That being said, much like the last Bengals related post I made, I still do not believe they care enough. For that reason I have not given much thought to anything they have done and won't until closer to the draft. Will it to happen Mem. I'm with you. WILL THAT SHIT !!! Later...
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    Can’t draft Burrow. Character issues:
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    I wonder if Mike fears a fan insurrection should he lose his senses and trade the Burrow pick. He should. Stripes is right, Not Burrow could actually lower attendance. I would not only participate in the “you traded the Burrow pick so fuck you” rebellion, I would gladly lead it.
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    Burrow is the only one who'd put any butts in the seats. Not Burrow could very well remove MORE butts from the seats. Winning would bring them back eventually, but can this franchise really afford to wait around for the planets to align? Even with three first round picks I have zero confidence in their ability to put together something capable. I'm glad they seem to agree with the most obvious approach here.
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    Glad to see the Bengals have coaches on staff who have eyes. Still, glad to start seeing those kinds of notes and confirmations.
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    Refuse any and all offers. Doesn’t even matter what gets offered. Take Burreaux and build out from there. If he develops into the player he looks like he could develop into, we’re top 5 QB for 10-15 years.
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    It seems so simple. They've taken lumps drafting Joe Mixon. They invested in Jonah Williams. You couldn't trade AJ and still want him around. It appears they'll draft Burrow. Get an O-linemen in FA. Then draft another in 2nd or 3rd. Get the pieces in place so all these parts have the best possible foundation to put up points. Do that and everything becomes fun again.
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    I get all that. But regardless of who is QB they have the same problem. Building and maintaining the roster. Sure they can hit the lotto in the draft like they did 2009-2013. But they need to enter the 21st century and embrace FA. Drafting Joe Burrow alone makes them a much better team in an addition by himself.
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    If Mike Brown passes me his beer it WILL be poured over his head.
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    Thanks for the find, Hoosier. I love LOVE these paragraphs: ... ...
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    Mike's craigslist ad for linebacking help (accidentally posted on the Dubuque, Iowa, Craigslist when Mike just typed in "TriState Area") - "Family owned and operated business looking for help at linebacker. You should be pretty big for to do this job. Must know how to tackle and shed blocks. Must enjoy working in a small, bottom line-oriented business. Medical and dental included, pension possibility after 3 years. Must be willing to sign non-disclosure agreement. Hopefully you like lifting weights."
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    I’ve always admired Sam. His innovative approaches helped advance the game. I hope he can now rest east.
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    Sad news indeed.
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    Wish him the best. Class act and one of my favorite Bengals. It’s a shame his best season and his best team ended for him with a broken thumb. Bad o-line picks doomed the remainder of his Bengal time.
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    Sometimes players read these forums, so who knows. This is definitely not a bad thread though. Andy Dalton was the QB I wanted in 2011, and I was thrilled when it came to pass. His tenure here more than justified the faith the franchise placed in him. With a couple luckier breaks here or there, even those postseason experiences could have been different. Either way, it was the longest stretch of sustained success the franchise has ever had. He ran the show through all of it, and when things got worse he never made a peep. He showed up, played his game, and represented Cincinnati as well as anyone could. If the Bengals did one of those rings of honor, I'd want him on it someday.
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    I owe you about thirty ruined snacks after years and years of your dead gramma
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    dear lord, you didnt just drink the koolaid, you chugged the entire pitcher dude
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    In that case, the Bengals will fail everyone. Everytime. So the point is moot. And I'm not saying that isn't a real possibility no matter who they pick. But if there's one position that can have the most influential impact, it's QB right? Then ask yourself what kind of QB are you looking for and how will you get him? I have no idea if Joe Burrow is the answer but from everything I've seen so far, he's about as perfect for this organization as any player I've seen. And at this point, what do we have to lose?
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    Exactly. When you look at Drew Brees you see his stats. But you also see where he turned around an entire franchise. Stats don’t show the impact of his leadership and character and what it’s meant to that organization and city. I think the Bengals organization is a dumpster fire. It’s not likely that changes. But...if there’s a way it does, it might be by bringing in players like Joe Burrow. And since he’s a QB he has that much more impact. You take the risk here. You have to. You simply cannot see the state of this organization and then think they have the brain power to construct a top roster and THEN get your QB. Makes no sense whatsoever. Zero.
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    The single way to most likely overcome bad management is a franchise qb. If you are in position to try and get one, you make the try.
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    Mike buys his son those jackets a little large on purpose. You just know these youngsters will grow into them! Plus, if they’re a tad large they wear a little better. Important when you plan on having a sports coat for 45 years or so.
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    Two Carry Perry, what a great memory - not :-)
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    I'm with you. I had my eye on him. After the Alabama game I was sold.
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    I seriously wonder, and this is no shot to anyone here, but I wonder if there is a misunderstanding about how organizations turn it around. 1. Coaching? 2. The draft? 3. The front office? 4. A star QB? Of those 4, the only one guarantee is that they can TAKE the star QB. Will he turn out to be Joe Montana? We don't know. But you HAVE to take the shot. I honestly don't even know why there is any question at all here. I'll save the intangibles. BUT the guy has IT. Not Tua, not Herbert, non of the rest of those guys have what I think it would take to turn this organization around.
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    I think Raiders would over pay because the draft is in Vegas and they’ll want to make a splash
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    It's really that simple.
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    Best downfield timing thrower I’ve ever seen. He launches it up there and it consistently drops right on the hands of some guy who has barely beaten his man on a go route. I can’t remember anyone making so many of those throws. Go get the best FA tackle and at least one good FA linebacker. Here’s your chance dumbass Mike Brown. Don’t be an idiot like you were last year with your “roll with the guys we drafted” mentality. That got us the worst set of linebackers in the league, and what was arguably the worst o-line and worst defense in the league. WAKE UP!
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    What looked like one of our playoff games for sure was the Ravens last night. Wow. Dropped passes, dumb penalties, bad game plan ( they kept throwing the ball to Seth Roberts in the first quarter???), generally playing tight - bad coaching , they did a full bengals under marvin. That’s what they get for signing Andre Smith last week (and peko mid year) - they cursed themselves.
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    Ugh rest easy Sam, you did so many great things with your time here on earth, Thank you! RIP
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    No way. The Colts went 2-14 in 2011. Tanked the season. Drafted Luck. 2012 - Playoffs 2013 - Divisional Round 2014 - Conference Championship 2015-2017 - Luck plays 22 games out of 48 possible. 0 winning records 2018 Luck returns for a full 16. Divisional round playoffs 2019 - Luck retires. Back to losing. Luck was as advertised and IF you grade Burrow that high then you should want the Bengals to draft Burrow. IF the Bengals draft Burrow after going 2-14 and his first 3 seasons are Wild Card Round, Divisional Round, and Conference Championship. Come on that's crazy good.
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    Joe Burrow is the best QB Prospect I have scouted since Andrew Luck (I am a hardcore draft nerd and have scouting profiles for drafts going back to the 90's). He seems to have the "it" factor that all highly successful QBs seem to have (Competitive Fire, Passion for the Game, intense competitive nature etc.). He checks off all the boxes: Arm Strength: check (I don't care what the scouting reports say from the start of the season, watching his tape I see no issue with arm strength what so ever, his balls go deep downfield with almost no fluttering), Mobility: check, Leadership: check plus, Football IQ: Check Plus, Accuracy: check plus, etc.. For the Bengals, specifically, he is an even better prospect; local kid (relatively), ties back to the community, etc. This all being said, the question that keeps rattling around in my brain is around Andrew Luck.... Andrew Luck was a perfect QB Prospect. Body Shape, Athleticism, Football IQ, long time Power 5 starter with a great book of film, son of an NFL QB, I could go on...he was perfect and yet he did not propel a mediocre Colts organization to Elite status. Now, some of that is due to injuries that derailed and eventually ended his career, but that facts are that, while not a bust Andrew Luck did not fix the Colts. With Burrow, we have one year of mediocre tape and one year of tape that is superb (probably the best ever coming from an SEC QB). Was it the system? Is Joe Brady just that good? Particularly about injuries, while there are no red flags (there weren't for Luck either), his body has taken a lot fewer hits than a normal senior college QB so, can he stand up to the rigors of an NFL season? These things NO ONE can answer. Do I think Burrow will be a good/great NFL QB...Yes I do. Will I be thrilled if he is their pick at #1...yes I will be. If someone is willing to back the Brinks truck with picks up to the Bengals door and the deal is right, you take it... Let's face it the Bengals scouting department needs all the help it can get. Again, I don't think that will happen...the only team with the draft capital capable of making the blockbuster trade that would be required it Miami and the reason they traded all the trade-able assets on the team was to build draft capital for this draft....I think Burrow will be the pick and I think that is awesome. Onto #33....OLine or Linebackers. The third round for skill position (WR or TE) I think Murray from Oklahoma will end up dropping and either Alex Leatherwood, Josh Jones, Jedrick Wills, Sam Cosmi, or Austin Jackson will be there for the Bengals at #33. My preference is in the order I stated previously with Leatherwood and Jones the top two prospects (it is a given at this point that Thomas and Wirfs are going to be long gone by #33). I would like us to spend the second pick on OLine but if a top Linebacker prospect were to drop they might go that direction and that would be ok given the state of our Linebacker corps. If they go LB at #33 then Mekhi Becton from Louisville or Lucas Niang from TCU would be strong 3rd Rd. prospects to go after.
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    Every time Amphar talks about Fromm like he is a serious option for this team and the future, a puppy dies.
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    Redskins fired team President. Rumored to hire Ron Rivera. Does Callahan shake loose? Bengals have his son as OC and their first play for line coach was him. Would be a massive addition.
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    There's an easy immediate band-aid for that problem, Brown family. Joe Burrow.
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    He led a TD drive to start the third quarter which he finished off with a TD run for his 8th score. They left him in for another series but took their foot off the gas a bit. They missed a FG on his last drive before he got pulled at the end of the 3rd quarter. he finished 29 for 39 for 493 yards and seven passing TDs and another 26 yards running on four carries for a TD.
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    Joe Burrow is giving me multiple orgasms
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    As a long suffering Bengals fan, I am far less concerned about Burrow failing the organization than I am about the organization failing him.
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    Hey everyone. I have no Bengals comments as I have not paid one minute of attention to this organization since I last posted here. i came to congratulate Hoosier on his big fantasy win and his Hellmutts team. Nicely done my friend. Couple that with wanting to wish everyone here and your families nothing but a very Merry Christmas. You all take care...
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    A boy receives a gift from a Boomer A helmet of stripes and a rumor That he'd be a Bengal not a year sooner With a frown he looked down At least, he mused, it's not Brown Sunny Miami, a new day arrives The Red Rifle powers multiple drives With his teammates he enjoys his high fives But the fans look on through tears For this victory confirmed all of their fears And the boy bought his Florida home He was going to have a practice dome! His girlfriend rests outside in the warm midnight gloam The stripes were memories and jokes Bless the Bengals for ensuring this hoax
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    Remember when another Dolphins line coach bullied a player into retirement?
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    Remember when the Dolphins line coach filmed himself snorting coke and sent it to a stripper because he missed her?
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