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    That's their second fumble recovery since 1999 I think.
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    I'm so done with Marvin ball that it's just hard to be positive about anything regarding the Bengals. From the (lack of) sound of it at the stadium on TV today, I suspect we're not alone.
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    Happy thanksgiving to my Bengal brothers and sister from the UK to wherever you may be. Enjoy the day, the food, the football, and whatever else you'e doing :)
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    Happy turkey day BZ'ers! Hard to believe it's been 13 years since joining.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all Bengalszoners.
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    You could put a cardboard cut-out of Lewis on the sideline through the game and no-one would notice any difference ;)
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    actually, by failing to score, DreK has indeed made history - as the owner of the record of longest non-scoring int return in the NFL E V A H
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    Anyone else had a big downturn in interest in the Bengals, and the NFL? I'm sick of this team and it's middling existence. I'm bored with a league that thinks treading water is a business model. Anyone else feel like me?
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    That's some 2 min drill right there. It looks their route tree doesn't include anything over the middle at all. Bizarre
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    Rooting for a loss every week at this point. Whatever brings changes.
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    Bengals win. Why? because it would be so Bengal to win in Denver during a year when it means nothing vs the various times they needed a win for playoff positioning.
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    Hope the country enjoyed watching Pittsburgh roll in prime time tonight. And that's after watching New England roll in prime time earlier this week. Yawn. Same thing we've all been seeing for ten years. The owners squabble over minutiae and culture war bullshit because that's all they think they have to do. The product is mature, they wouldn't think of trying to change or improve it. The one thing they actually spend time and effort on is determining how they'll split up the billions of dollars in profit every year from their "non-profit" enterprise, the NFL.
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    I can't even in wild fevered fantasy concieve of the Brown family signing one franchise veteran OT, much less two. They have always built via the draft. 2018 will be another rebuilding year. Who knows, the occasional rookie OT (paging Mr Munoz to the white courtesy phone) is pretty good - certainly we have the enough karma points built up after enduring Ooogie, Jeffro, etc the last 2 years that we deserve to get one of those. Trivia question of the day: who is Kevin Minter, and have you seen him lately? Bonus question: have they moved Burfict back to his outside spot where he is much, much, MUCH more effective?
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    The draft? We don't have 2 years to develop tackles. They need 2 top level free agent tackles. They need to sign them in the offseason to give Dalton, Mixon, Green, et al, a fair chance to succeed. Preferably, they hire the new O line coach before the free agent signing period, and give him significant input on who they should sign. No one else down on the river has any idea what the fuck they're looking at regarding linemen. Adam Keift.
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    I liked that dude, did a great job telling classes full of 2nd graders to follow their dreams. Having said that, the poor guy bailed out of here, but now Denver is 3-6 and they've lost 5 in a row. Kind of sucks. The other side of the coin - Rex Burkhead is everything we thought he was. In New England he's getting snaps, being thrown the ball, and generally being used the way we wanted him to be used here when he was stuck way down on the depth chart due to Jeremy Hill's DPS (Draft Position Snaps).
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    His issues are being covered-up by the o-line this year, which benefits him. I can see them keeping him around for another year (even a 2.4 mil hit or whatever it is if they let him go, is a lot of dough for MB to give-up). I believe they're off the hook after next year for him completely, which is when I think it's more likely at this point - I suspect this team isn't going to "turn it around" any time soon, at least not in terms of being a real playoff team. But Dalton brings at least some sense of stability and competitive play with him, and MB is all about that when it comes to selling tickets.
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    Got the leaves done right before the rain came so that was good. Nothing of value found in the multiple piles of crap, but I did find something rather odd. A broken fragmented turd spelled the name Eifert. Coincidence ?? I think not...
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    This vendetta against Burfict isn't gonna stop unless SoaG himself steps in and gets nasty with the league Yeah, I know, not gonna happen
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    Never seen this halftime adjustments thing, being a bengals fan all these years
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    Yep, a coach who doesn't mind not-winning enough.
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    Lol, so far we have a missed PAT and Cedric getting beat once again to force a turnover. So you have, arguably, the worst Center in the NFL AND the worst LT in the NFL on the same line, and quite possibly the worst RT, and a a bottom-tier RG. Genius.
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    Bengals bring up Brandon Wilson in a corresponding move. I really liked the Wilson signing because he’s another speed guy that plays both sides of the ball. Thst being said, he probably won’t see the field.
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    NAILED IT. What kills the Bengals and the FO the most is they are inflexible. It's not that they don't want to win, they just really want to win their way. And it's been killing them since 1990.
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    I don't disagree, but don't think their approach to free agency (which is bad) is the biggest problem, it's the positions they spend money on in FA and the draft that is the problem. Their "de-valuing" of the C, S and LB positions is ridiculous, when those are positions that teams like the Steelers and Ravens have made huge runs with, when they get the right QB, for instance. Each position directs their position group typically, and have huge responsibilities. The Bengals' ignore all 3 of them every single year, depending on unsigned players, late round picks, players that are "high value" (Thurman) who drop, and vets for cheap on their last legs. (Vincent Rey and Shawn Williams would struggle to start for just about any other team, Bodine woud be on a PS somewhere at-best - they are all perennial starters here). Can't have multiple drop-offs in talent like that and expect to win playoff games.
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    Marvin should have been told to stay in Jacksonville.
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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again - GIMME A LINEMAN If this team had merely average OL play, we'd have won at least one more game, perhaps 2 But we are struggling to reach the vaunted heights of well below average
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    Jeez, this offence stinks to high heaven
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    I feel bad for Andy, this o-line will ruin him. He is out there seeing ghosts running at him, thinking he is going to get smashed on every play. When Andy was given time he was a good QB. Has he ever had a real run game here, they sure promised him one, but I have never seen it. I like Dalton a lot he did a lot for this team and espically for the town of Cincinnati. To see him struggle the way he is because he has no time to throw, no time to look, it really pisses me off. The bengals front office knew what shitty o-line they had, and didn't even attempt to make it better. The bengals are clueless and I feel are ruining the career of a good guy who deserved better around him. Fix the o-line and the running game and watch Dalton have fun again.
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    The Bengals lack the savvy to pull off a tag and trade scenario. Sure, I have no idea if that is true, but this is the same front office that pointed to the sky asking is that Superman when asked about the o-line during the off-season.
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    The Browns are owned by the heir to the Pilot Truckstop fortune. His daddy set him up for everything he has in life, same thing for his brother who is the Governor of Tennessee. He's so far out of his depth that you could throw him a thousand life preservers and he'd still drown in his own stupidity. Browns fans deserve better, and that is saying a lot, because they don't deserve jack shit. But this dude essentially kicks Browns fans in the nuts every day. If you were unfortunate enough to be born in The Mistake, then through bad decisions and even worse luck you end up actually living there, and this egotistical blowhard shows up and turns your beloved shit show of an NFL team into a laughing stock, well, that would just be too much to bear.
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    why worry? Browns will ruin him like another hundred qbs play for them lol
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    Well the way I feel about it is we didn't trade a good QB to a division rival.
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    Yea it's time, his time should have been up a long time ago. They let there best coach in Mike Zimmer leave. Imagine what he could do with this team, a hell of a lot more then Marvin can. Look at everyone here, they just don't care anymore. The bengals and Marvin are making people turn away from football, because he has made it boring, he has the guys doing the same shit for 7 years, I think other teams have figured you out now. We need some kind of excitement around here anymore, hopefully that will come at the end of the season, and I can't wait!
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    And another bunch that should NEVER play another NFL snap. (The players that get it (Geno, AJ etc.) deserve better than having to play along side Larry, Curly and Moe. There is absolutely no accountability. No ramifications of not being prepared, not producing from the owner to the HC to the team.
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    There are a bunch of players on this team that are great and deserve a new coaching staff, and deserve more then what they have now.
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    This team is just so awful please blow this team up
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    What a dumpster fire. Struggling at home against the stinking Colts...
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    Whatever gets Marvin gone. The sooner the better. He is a huge steaming pile of mediocre shit.
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    And allow them to extend Marvin and keep Dalton, instead of drafting one with a top 5 pick and hiring a new coaching staff like they need to do.
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    Even if they create a pocket, our quarterback is suffering from so much post traumatic stress disorder that he bails out of a perfectly good pocket and runs right into trouble.
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    Having a hard time digesting the latest PFF word on our two tackles https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-refocused-pittsburgh-steelers-29-cincinnati-bengals-14?utm_source=cj&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=cjaff they, uhm, led the team? seriously? we're talking Oogie and Fisher, right?
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    you can run on our gas as long as you leave town
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    Listening to ML on the Monday press conference right now. Just get the f**k out of here, Marvin. Tired of your s**t. Lame and f**king stale. Seriously, how many more times can a human be subjected to the same s**t over and over. For the sake of your health and the sanity of the city, GTFO Marvin. Just GTFO.
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    I get that the personnel folks picked those OLs, and that the OL coach continues to praise terrible OL (especially Jeffro) despite shortcomings that are obvious to the rest of the world. Yes, they too are to blame. That said, we need better linemen. Several of them. I dont think Boling is very good either, tho he appears to be the best of the Gawdawful 5. My point is - the 5 they have now are not working out, so go find new guys to take over. The new guys picked (even by this FO) simply cant be any worse that this rock bottom bunch we have now. I said at the beginning of this season that this team could be good if the OL improved to merely average. They are nowhere close to average. A really good defense is being wasted while this team faceplants week after week because of the inability of the OL to block even below average DLs
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    I will be kneeling when our offense takes the field To pray, that is - prayer for the life and well being of our QB, "protected" as he is by 5 guys who cant block my dead gramma
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    The being a dirty franchise part was spot on truth!