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    Are you ready? The Bengals have moved up to #11 in the draft order. The Raiders beat the Steelers possibly sending the Steelers out of the playoffs (Patriots, at Saints, Bengals) 8-7-1. The Raiders are on a roll and should beat the Bengals next week almost guaranteeing a 5-11 season and a top 10 draft pick. YES
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    “I’m a 431 year-old immortal being. I smothered Chester Arthur with a pillow. I absolutely love running the Bengals and I plan on doing so for another couple hundred years!”
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    Driskel is 6'4 and is very mobile. Those are two things Dalton cannot make claim to. Am I claiming this is the next Bledsoe -> Brady situation ?? Of course not. I am interested to see him get the start though. By interested, I mean watching highlights on YouTube the next day...
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    Splack! (dentures fly into the endzone)
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    Jesus. I thought I had time on my hands.
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    There were about a million people who thought Marvin should be replaced after last season. There was one person who thought it would be a good idea to bring him back. This game had Marvin all over it. He got out coached, couldn’t figure out how to deal with the clock, and ran his pet rhino out there with a 55 jersey on to get swallowed whole by o-linemen. I’ve seen this movie before. Mike doesn’t understand how stale his product has become. Hopefully the fans will stay away in droves and send him a message.
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    Marvin could leave the sideline of the last game early, which resulted in their 8th straight loss, bang Katie, then shit on Mike's desk, and he's still coming back. They just won't get rid of him. Dealing with a losing, rapist, desk defecators is easier than firing employees these days apparently. Marvin's old enough that "Getting Pumped" might be part of the above scenario.
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    Get pumped! Bengals dead cat bounce in full effect, Marvin comes back, Mike has a whole-body blood transfusion from an Amazonian tribe untouched by modern society. Marvin wins 2 games next year, Mike due to Amazonian virgin blood looks like he’s 40 years old and benches 300 at a team workout. Get fucking pumped!
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    Yea it really is just sad anymore, which is why not many people care anymore. We all know at the end of the day who runs this team, and how the outcome will be. Nobody can tell Mike what he does right or wrong, nothing matters but the way he and his family run it. I to couldn't tell you the last time I bought bengals gear or even wanted to. He will give Marvin his 2 weeks to decide his future, then either Marvin will be back coaching or sitting upstairs, while Hue gets to coach the team. We see the writing on the wall, the bengals are afraid to make changes they are afraid to have a winning team or do things the right way, so they will just keep doing it the Mike Brown way!
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    They've made just a myriad of mistakes over the past few years. Letting Whit walk. Whiffing on Ougbuehi and Fisher. Spending a mid round pick on Jake Elliot, then cutting him, then watching him develop into a good kicker and become a Super Bowl champ. Refusing to ever instill any discipline into the team, resulting in frustration penalties that gave a playoff game to our rival, a game we had in hand. Letting Zimmer, and to a lesser degree Gruden, walk out of here to head coaching jobs just because they wanted Marvin to get some sort of legacy-cementing playoff win/run. Fail. Could have had Zimmer! Watching free agency ascend in the league as a way to obtain top players, and refusing to ratchet up their own involvement. Keeping Paul Alexander for about ten years after his expiration date. Falling so in love with rookie contracts that Mike's probably fucking them in the PBS file room. This love for rookie deals has lead to, among other things, Eric Ghuiacek and Russell Bodine being handed starting jobs for multiple years at center when their play was very obviously complete crap. There is only one explanation - Mike loves those CBA-price controlled rookie deals. This is just a list of the most obvious mistakes. The Broncos game this last Sunday had a halftime show that featured frisbee catching collies. I could write ten pages on that.
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    A story concerning Whitworth has hit the wire. Bengals low balled him! What a surprise! They had offered a 1 year deal at around 12 mil. Rams won with a multi year deal and have been rewarded. But it’s not the difference of 1 year vs 3 years that make them cheap. There was real risk giving Whit 3 years. Cheap is the 1 year at 12. That says you want him for a year. Just franchise his ass for 2 mil more and call it a day. That’s the cheap part. Nobody in their right mind can argue they care about winning when you are balking at an extra 2 mil for an All-Pro at franchise position. Dumbasses.
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    I am pretty much broken until Marvin and Hue are shot into the sun. And Lazor too.
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    The Bengals may not win another game this season. And that is the best possible outcome for all involved.
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    "Damn it T-Roy, however much tanning cream you are using, cut it in half. You look like a fucking oompa loompa." "Speaking of that, I just love that Willy Wonka movie. I should have named Katie, "Veruca".
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    Bengals fans: Despair Employees at the Golden Corral Buffet on Montgomery Road: Gird for Battle
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    Andre "sweet tits" Smith is baaaaaaack!
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    Our promise to Cincinnati: Attendance will never be less than 4. Seize the Dey!
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    The Browns game gets like 6 exclamation points. Lol.
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    Isn't this the last year of Ooglie-Booglie's contract ?? That's a positive thing
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    "50 years of football excellence"
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    The energy and enthusiasm engendered by the prospect of a a Bengals squad in 2019 that is coached by Marvin Lewis is too powerful. This force of nature must be harnessed and used for good. First, the supernatural power of Marvin ‘19 must be used to keep the GM plant in Lordstown open.
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    Next year’s training camp T-shirt slogan? ”Marvin ‘19 - Get Pumped!!”
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    I hope Dalton moves on from this franchise and gets a shot somewhere else. I think he can be very good in the right place.
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    It's whatever anymore! I kind of feel bad for this guy, he is a good QB but that's it nothing more nothing less. However have the bengals really given him a chance to win here. The offense line has been trash for years now, everybody always gets hurt, they sign Eifert knowing he is going to get hurt, they haven't been able to run the ball, since Gruden was here, even though they say they will every year. This team is trash, the coaches are trash, who knows maybe under different circumstances Dalton might have been different.
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    Don’t go to the games Bengals fans. Only one way to show your true displeasure. STAY AWAY !!!
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    My problem is why you bring someone with that losing stench still on him here so quickly? Like you said - at least wait til the off-season. No other winning team in the league would've hired him the way Marvin did, they wouldn't want any part of his stench, especially if they're winning and want to stay that way. It doesn't matter how good he is at something, he was a historical disaster in Cleveland and they've already gone 2-1 since he was fired. Mayfield is a competitor - doesn't like to be around losing and shows it. Here? Losing is welcomed with open arms as usual. The idiot fans in this town will still buy tickets.
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    The window has now closed on the likes of Dalton, Green, Dunlap and Atkins. The only way that these guys retire with a ring, is if they somehow end up on another team, with a chance of winning. A shame that we have messed up these guys’ careers. Oh wait, it was positive vibes that that you were after? There are none. Even when Mike shuffles off this mortal coil, Katy and Troy will ensure that it’s more of the same. Short of being bought over by someone with half a brain, there is no hope for this franchise
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    Last year’s dead cat bounce seemed to help Marvin get a couple extra years instead of getting ushered out the door. Current positives - surely the abject failure of the Mike/Marvin unholy alliance will demonstrate to all right-thinking individuals within the Bengals’ organization that substantive changes need to be made in both the coaching staff and the overall method of operation. We’ve got some really good players, including but not limited to Green, Boyd, Mixon, the new safety who’s name I can’t recall, Dunlap, Hubbard, and Atkins. It’s not like the cupboard is bare. A new coach could help this group. They’re under-achieving. I just like the Bengals. I like the uniforms, the colors, everything that comes with the team, I like. Marvin excluded from that previous statement.
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    This really was a new low. I didn’t think anything could match giving a playoff game away to our hated rival due to lack of discipline. Which is really a product of coaching. But today was really a grotesque parade of Lewis’ incompetence. Doesn’t matter, Hue and Marvin are still going to the prom together this spring. Nothing can break those two up.
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    Only the 2nd time this year the Bengals' didn't give up points in the last 2 minutes of the 1st half. That's progress people.
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    Jackson + Driskel = championship
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    Jeff Driskel is the key to the Super Bowl.
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    If ownership had any pride and cared about winning then yeah there might be a hot seat for coaches. But then again they’ve lost so many at home to the Steelers it’s evident the Bengals ownership has no pride. They’ll sleep this one off like so many times before.
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    Randall handing Hue the ball after he intercepted Dalton reminded me of the old sideline "cap tug" of David Shula by Gary Reasons referenced in my avatar, no respect!
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    The only good thing is that Lewis and Co cannot possibility survive this. They have to be fired tomorrow, right?
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    Oh my God you can’t make up shit this funny !! Go Browns !!!
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    You know what would make me feel better right now? An encouraging sideline clap.
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    Gotta admit, kinda rootin' for the Browns and Mayfield here - 21-0 after that ridiculous touchdown. The Bengals' defense looks defeated and like they don't even want to be out there. Anything that speeds-up the demise of the Marvin era is fine with me at this point. This team isn't going anywhere any ways.
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    They aren’t even trying on defence. Seriously They’d be better off with me in that secondary. I’m 48 years old and 180 pounds
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    Yep, just saw something on Cincy jungle, Hue could take over as early as next year. In a related development, local central Ohio man is furiously googling what the fatal dosage is of various household chemicals I found under our kitchen sink.
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    Should be called The Who Gives a Crap about this team till they start making changes thread lol. Seriously it's like we are stuck on the same shit from years ago, without any changes who cares anymore. Wake me up when Marvin and company are gone and they are serious about putting a winning team on the field! Win or lose it doesn't change a thing about who this team is, it needs a change regardless of any outcome!
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    In the words of my oldest (now 12) he said Thanksgiving is all about the 3 F’s. Food, Family, and Football Smart kid... Wishing all of you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving !!!
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    Ha! I agree except that it’s so bad for me that I’m quite sure I was the genocidal Emperor Chin of the First Kingdom of China and Mike Brown and Pete Brown (god rest his soul) were my 11 year old concubine love slaves. My punishment is a morbid addiction to Bengals football while the Brown family keeps getting richer and richer.
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    Good - because if Lazor was scheming to throw anyone under the bus it would be a blown play. Either A) the bus wouldn't be there at the time of the throw, B) he'd put in a thrower that wasn't capable of throwing in the direction of the bus or C) the archangels would read his scheme and swoop down to pluck the person from under the wheels before he got squished. Either way Lazor sucks goat balls
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    I imagine this is what they'll do with him.
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    Have not seen this team play inspiring football in awhile, good to see guys smiling
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    Agreed. No one feels good about this team right now. This defense has faced some historically great offenses the last few weeks. Now they face a pedestrian offense dealing with injury. They better show up. Marvin let Austin deal with some mismatches, then inserted himself as DC at what is clearly an opportune time. The Brown family deserves some results from this guy. They’ve indulged him beyond reason. This little maneuver wherein he let Austin coach through the bye week (which would have been the logical time to release him and let Marvin take over), then let him take the pounding from the Saints, just before jumping in to deal with the Ravens, the Browns twice, the Raiders, and the Broncos, speaks volumes about Marvin. Pretty calculating, conniving, and self serving actions by Marvin. Oh, and hey let me hire my best friend to come in and soak up some credit while I take a victory lap over some of the dregs of the league.
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    Agree with listening to Lap on the radio. It can be more enjoying than the game at times. "YEAH, GET EM, PICK IT, BALLS OUT, WHOOOOOOOO" !!!! An announcer who is also a fan. Perfect.