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    My mock to start the week, this will work and would make me delighted: 1. Joe Burrow QB, 33. Jalen Reagor WR, 65. Isaiah Wilson OT, 107. Logan Stenberg IOL, 147. Davion Taylor LB, 180. Logan Wilson LB, 215.Isaiah Coulter. WR,
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    Yes please: (my regular evening mock on TDN) 1 Joe Burrow, QB 33 Patrick Queen, LB 65 Lucas Niang, OT 107 Damien Lewis, IOL 147 Devin Duvernay, WR 180 Antonio Gandy-Golden WR 215 Davion Taylor, LB
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    Video narrator says... "Never pick your quarterback based on how well he stays on script"... shows video of Dalton.
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    BREAKING NEWS: CINCINNATI, OHIO- No one has been able to make light of the Cincinnati Bengals offseason to this point. Improving the roster, shelling out money, and signing young impact players. "It's been one huge mystery to this point and everyone involved in the world of football is wondering if this might indicate the passing of Mike Brown" an unnamed source queried. Then the truth revolving around this unprecedented event in Cincinnati, finally came to light and revealed it's ugly self. Rookie Pool has tested positive for CoronaVirus. In a recently released video, Rookie Pool stated: "I had developed symptoms and started self-isolation almost immediately," he said. "I fully intend on crushing Bengals fans dreams upon my return from this virus.", #RookiePoolOwnsYou For many decades, despite the cap space the Cincinnati Bengals accrued, Rookie Pool would appear from the shadows and deplete not only the team funds, but Bengals fans dreams along with it. Now with the current situation surrounding the medical misfortunes of Rookie Pool identified, the Bengals offseason now makes perfect sense. However, Bengals fans are now concerned with what will happen in 2021, with a fully healthy Rookie Pool seeking his revenge for the missed offseason ??
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    Look, I am going to respect you all and not get into this in detail on a football forum where we all have common cause as bengals fans. so “lol, no” will be my response to any veiled attempts to defend the indefensible with the White House.
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    I'm not saying what people are or are not arguing and I don't care. I can only tell you what I see / am aware of by first hand experience or what the CDC is face to face briefing us about (not the internet). If multiple hospitals in a major metropolitan area state that tripling critical care beds (see ICU's) fell so short that those hospitals have to literally shut their doors to patients, that's a problem.
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    I got a pretty bad splinter two days ago.
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    I'll be real: every time Zac Taylor said something like "I think that anyone who sees what we're doing here and what we're about would want to be a part of it" after 2-14, I snorted. But, here we are. The Bengals are having the loudest free agency period in the league.
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    So after Dalton goes and if they cut Dre, they have 80 million to play with ?? Typically the would really intrigue me, but I think I know how this story ends already.
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    As a result of COVID-19 canceling every sports related distraction..... Burrow really doesn't want to be in Cincinnati and neither does anyone pick at #33, lol. Get ready for some stupid ass draft/free agent hot takes. It was already going to be bonkers with all the QBs etc. Now there's absolutely nothing to cover for a couple weeks.
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    I’m with you in regards to what’s being done to minimize the spread. I’m just not going to freak out about it. I love how people are all of a sudden like, holy shit I need to wash my hands more. Really ?? Were you not doing that already ?? Did it really take an worldwide epidemic to motivate your dumbass to wash your hands ?? I go to the grocery store at night to avoid crowds and check out the milfs in yoga pants. However, I go in there tonight at 10pm and it’s like fucking Thanksgiving with lines down the aisles. What the hell ?? No ass wipe, no fucking Froot Loops, no half the shit I went in there for. Signs hung saying they have to ration cleaning supplies due to the virus. People just need to chill.
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    Also, fuck the Utah Jazz, one of my least favorite teams. Story from like 16 years ago. I was in SLC on business. Went to a jazz game with business associates. Other than players, coaches, and other personnel associated with the teams and the broadcast, we counted 8 black people in the whole arena. Not that it matters, but damn.
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    Going through LAX next month on my way to Hawaii. I was thinking about cancelling things out. Then I realized I really don’t give a shit. Fuck you corona virus. Come at me !!!
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    Just cancel everything forever. I mean seriously, what outcome are we looking for here? Btw, find some videos of people who had it. For the vast majority it’s a moderate/bad cold that lasts 3 days. People are losing their minds and the MSM is fueling it.
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    Heh. That’s not far off. What a breakdown.
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    Yeah I saw that as well. Joey Bravo
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    Holy shit indeed. I guess I just forgot the guy was still out there. Nice job !!
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    Love how it looks like he's in his mom's house and the Heisman is just sitting on his shoulder like a pirate's parrot. Captain Hairgel… ARRRRRRG !!!
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    I think at this point most free agents are going to sign a 1 year deal.
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    Bynes is a fucking great signing - he will really help.
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    He must be hitting up many hospitals, because he was seen here today stealing hand sanitizer and toilet paper !!!
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    Glad they got Alexander, likely upgrade (and more reliable) than Dennard. Yet the o-line and LB's are still hot garbage with little-to-no depth (Sua isn't going to be any sort of game-changer). Guess we'll wait and see what else transpires and happens in the draft, with Dalton etc..., Burrow is going to struggle behind that o-line as-is, they need to do something at RT, LG, and find OT depth.
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    Only dB to play 500 snaps and not miss a tackle? That’s an amazing stat. We grabbed two of Zimmer’s corners from Minny. He’s going to have to restock a little bit. I’ll be very interested to see if he attempts to get Dre Kirkpatrick.
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    "Elite", I remember that whole conversation. When it was all said and done, it really was the defense. See ya Bert...
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    Whoa. They got Alexander, the slot CB from the Vikings? He's REALLY good. That's an upgrade. This is strange days.
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    I would agree with the cooling down. Still hard to say how it will shake out. People can say what they want but 17 million for a starting QB is cheap. The fact they could have him for a year at that price before dedicating anything more has to be attractive.
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    I will readily admit I initially did not give this much thought. Now understanding the impact of new viruses which no vaccine exists and has a large mortality rate is fucking terrifying. Not that i'm stressing, but if you read and believe what the experts are saying, the death toll could be astronomical. Albeit, there are many variables, but this isn't something to be taken lightly. I go to work every day, because Veterans depend on my doing so and I won't stop. However, I am concerned about how this moves forward.
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    Hugely impressed myself. And then there’s this - by actually addressing needs in FA with legit talent - it helps focus the draft. I did another mock on TDN - their predictive board gets interesting now that players are landing on teams and it shifts the "team needs" around a bit. Doing the picking for the Bengals I landed (after Burrow) - OT Josh Jones at 33 and Malik Harrison at 65. I then ran another one and got LB Murray at 33 and OT Isaiah Wilson at 65.At the moment, the overall board is falling fairly flush for addressing line and LB at 33 and 65. I skipped looking at CB and DL based on the signings, figuring the high round picks won't be aimed that way now.
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    If Nick Vigil is the best that is out there at this point, the cupboard is already as bare as the toilet paper aisle at Krogers
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    Funny, how life varies from person to person. That is the dance of 18.5 million being deposited into your bank account. Oddly, I've done that same dance when the tax return comes in for a FAR lesser amount.
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    That seems off in favor of the Cardinals. I don't get it.
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    I have missed these so much.
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    As it turns out, there are actually comments on Bengalszone dating back to 2008 referencing "Zombie Mike Brown". It's the truth... That being said, the fact of the matter is all those comments foretold this coming. "Zombie Mike Brown" is really a result of COVID-19. THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END !!!! **grabs Cherry Pop Tarts and whiskey** BRING IT
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    Playing Yahtzee is probably one of the most reliable indicators of an impending suicide. Even if you’re not suicidal, if you play it for a few hours you end up wanting to kill yourself.
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    If Forrest Gump dies from this shit I’m going off. Won’t take that shit.
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    Why can't it happen? China is polluted as all hell and 50% of the people smoke there. Their cases of the virus have leveled off significantly. When the sun comes out and the weather heats up, shit's going to turn in the right way, quick. Though I know the powers that be love a good scare. What's the saying? "Never let a good crisis go to waste."
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    Good for him.
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    I think he might be :-) Chris Crocker is on his couch waiting for a callup as well
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    Anyone interested in 35 year old Jjoe for NFL minimum + performance incentives + all the gatorade he can carry out of the locker room? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/11/texans-announce-johnathan-joseph-will-hit-free-agency/
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    Rodney Harrison is, and always has been, a complete douchebag !!!
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    Here's a TDN mock from this AM where I went heavy defense - predictive board for the other team picks and me doing the picking for the Bengals:1. Burrow, QB, LSU2. Queen, LB, LSU3. Chinn, S, Southern Illinois4. Hall, CB, VA5. Pittman Jr., WR, USC6. Duvernay, WR, TX7. Lynch, IDL, Baylor
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    So in TDN I mocked picking as both the Bengals and Colts after making the proposed Dalton trade for the #13 overall. 1. Joe Burrow, QB, LSU 1b. Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa 3. Jordyn Brooks, LB, Texas Tech 4. Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame 5. Ben Bredeson, RG, Michigan 6. Colby Parkinson, TE, Stanford 7. Trey Adams, OT, Washington That about covers it for me, but there was a lack of CB’s available when we went on the clock. Hopefully they addressed that in FA. Hey TJ, heavy enough for you on O-line ??
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    And you almost have to trade down in front of the Vikes to get a sniff at Josh Jones who is the last tackle IMHO with day one starting talent
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    Burrow doesn’t need any grooming. There were a few tweets on this this morning.
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    TDN has shuffled their board and the predictive mock is a bit different this morning - here was my most recent pass at it (me doing the picking for the Bengals):1. Burrow, QB, LSU2. Queen, LB, LSU3. Wilson, OT, Georgia4. Amik Robertson, CB, La Tech5. Pittman Jr., WR, USC6. Duvernay, WR, TX7. Stone, S, IowaI could more than live with that.
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    PFT is lame. They are spinning it like Burrow demanded the Bengals retain AJ. As a response, the Bengals are now franchising. LAME. They've been saying since the trade deadline and before....AJ Green going no where.
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    Again from the category of "What do you expect him to say" ?? No shit ?? He'd rather throw to AJ Green ?? Who saw that coming ??
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    I have no idea what PFT is on about. Burrow was literally asked when he was at the podium if he would like to throw to AJ Green, and he said "sure!". Because he is not an idiot.