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    I think Billy would next have posted a pic of Ms Cates with her, uhm, upper half uncovered We're still thinking about you Billy
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    Cris Crocker, who on November 20th, 2008, knocked Santonio Holmes into the shadow realm, then stared down the Steelers' sideline? All in retaliation for the cheap shot 5 weeks earlier that Hines Ward laid on Rivers, breaking his jaw? That Cris Crocker? The guy who finally stood up to the Steelers bullying and said "enough"? Yea, I've heard of him.
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    Err.. Mixon ran a 4.46 / 40 at his combine, he is both fast and agile and far from being one of the slowest in the league, I will say it again the Bengals have not had an outside deep threat since Marvin Jones left and that allows defenses to key on the LOS. Mixon has been fighting 8 men boxes since he got here. He may not have Gio's shiftiness but I believe you are going to see marked improvement with Joe this season provided we can bring in a deep threat. Not that Chase is a panacea but you will be surprised at how much that will transform this offense IMHO.
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    I just heard back from Sewell. He got the gas mask bong, but his arms are too short to even get it over his head to put it on. We’re screwed.
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    Yeah, with this workout any hope of Marshall falling to us at #38 have been dashed. I feel much better about Chase/Leatherwood than I do about Sewell/Moore (Elijah or Rondale). I would love the following guys to the Bengals at #38... Leatherwood, Cosmi, Jenkins, Davis, Vera-Tucker (unlikely), Darrisaw (also unlikely), Radunz, Little, Eichenberg, or Dickerson. There is no chance that one or more of those guys are not available to us at #38 and any of them would start immediately at RG. Sure Sewell is a great prospect, probably the best left tackle prospect I have ever seen but Chase is likely also the best WR prospect I have seen since Calvin Johnson and the instant rapport with Burrow is too good to pass up. BTW I believe the best non-QB prospect in this draft is actually Kyle Pitts but I also believe he will go at #4 to Atlanta barring someone trading up for a QB. There are 10 first round graded OLinemen in this draft AFTER Sewell and Slater go....that is incredible and unheard of. On top of that, I also think Meinerz, Hudson, Carmen, Mayfield, and Humphery are also starting grade players. You end up with Chase, Leatherwood, and Meinerz or Humphrey in the first three rounds it almost doesn't matter what the rest of the draft looks like, you have won. BTW Jenkins is my favorite of the #38 pool but I believe he will be long gone by #38, Leatherwood or Radunz would make a fine consolation prize.
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    Much more than a swap, that’s for sure. Gio’s 771 combined yards were his most since 2017 and his 6 TDS were the most since 2014, his second year. And he caught a career-high 79.7% of balls thrown his way. I’m in no rush to see him leave.
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    Here's what is SUPER annoying. They've got the money - they were outbid by just a bit on Rankins on Sunday at DT. Which means I go back to them getting outbid for what was a reasonable contract that Zeitler took in Baltimore. If they've got Zeitler at RG to go with Reiff at RT - that was what the doctor ordered. They keep missing on shit like this. So close, so far.
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    So that leaves, Wyatt Davis, Alex Leatherwood, Walker Little, Sam Cosmi, Landon Dickerson, Dillon Radunz, Jalen Mayfield, and Jackson Carmen as folks available to us at the top of round two that carry a starting caliber grade at oline. I like my chances of one of them slipping to us at #38.
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    It's from his shoulder injury last year. Allows him to recoup $2 million if he can't play again I believe.
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    Josh Dubow on Twitter just noted that Gio leaving completes the Palmer trade. We got 8 years out of Gio and 8 years out of Kirkpatrick. Really strong move by Mike Brown there. Took a player who wasn’t going to play for us anyway, and instead of cutting him, he really made an amazing move. I bash Mike but have to give him credit on this one.
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    There is lots of work to do. The interior line is very weak. In spite of a great FA period with options. They aren’t going to do the work.
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    Why you want to cut the best pass protecting , most versatile running back you have, I do not know. Hot draft prospect got their hearts? Going to make a move to spend more money on another group?
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    This is stupid, he’s been there best RB and best leader on the team. I hate to see this
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    BTW. Looking over the RAS Scores of our current WR and TE group, this is what we look like right now prior to the draft Tyler Boyd RAS: 4.27 Tee Higgins RAS: 4.16 Auden Tate RAS: 1.80 Drew Sample RAS: 9.08 CJ Uzomah RAS: 8.61 Mason Schrek RAS: 7.87 Keep in mind that the TE bar is alot lower than the WR bar. Do you see why we need an infusion of athleticism? Chase's 9.81 would not only be the highest in our current group by a country mile but would also be the highest in Bengal's history for a WR drafted by us (current highest score is Andre Caldwell at 9.54). https://relativeathleticscores.com/2020/12/31/cincinnati-bengals-ras-history/
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    Two can play at this game. Bobby Hart had 33" inch arms. You are welcome.
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    I’m sending a gas mask bong to Sewell with instructions. Dude will be there for us at 38. You’re welcome.
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    REIF. Please don't summon the ghost of Adam Keift...
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    I think at this time we are beating a dead horse. I think everyone on this site gets this and fortunately I think the Bengals do as well. Per Cincy Jungle, Steven Radicevic was on a Podcast recently called Locked On Bengals where he acknowledged that this is a very deep oline class and you can pick up players to help you at all levels of the draft. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2021/3/31/22360495/nfl-draft-rumors-bengals-scouting-director-notes-deep-offensive-line-class-in-upcoming-nfl-draft
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    And the city’s heart collectively breaks
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    I just saw a tweet by Derek Shank - what was his handle here on BZ? He used to be a regular here.
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    Man the Bengals just won’t quit this FA period. Kerrigan would be nice and an OG or C for insurance would be good also they have freed up their options heading into the draft better than I have ever seen
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    Ricardo Allen adds some solid depth. Perhaps the recent downtrend is the cause for his availability, but he has never been anything other than a starter before. This is a clear upgrade over anything else we had behind Bates and Bell. Hopefully he can contribute effectively on STs.
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    Also his lack of productivity I believe has more to do with a limited role in Wash. than a true decline. The state of their dline dictates that he is a situational/role type player. I see a guy who has 2-3 more good years in the tank and can be a good mentor to Hendrickson and Hubbard.
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    Quinton Spain is back. Prob our LG (his natural spot).
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    WTF, dude, we all love Burrow. No shame.
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    Thought this season was about protecting Joe and building around him. What a terrible job so far lol.
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    Unbelievable to me that they have not addressed their gigantic need at O-line considering our QB circumstance. Yes, the defense was historically bad and needed a talent infusion. Glad they did something. Their refusal to address the o-line last off-season absolutely wrecked their season last fall. They’re getting ready to do it again. Mike’s a know-it-all, condescending, dickhead.
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    Bummer. Best of luck AJ.
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    AJ has left the building https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/cincinnati-bengals-wide-receiver-aj-green-to-sign-with-the-arizona-cardinals 1Y 8.5M 6 is guaranteed. wow. good for him Apparently Larry Fitzgerald was one of his mentors...I had no idea, but yeah, Larry is another great nondiva WR...a rare breed. I will always be a AJ Green fan. Even when we play him, I want him to do well. Just an absolute classy guy and a Bengal legend
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    The scene: Early morning in PBS, an elderly man picks up a ringing desk phone. "Mike Brown here. What?" /Splack! Dentures fly across the desk/ "Pumpkin, No! Better come down here and talk to me about it." Katie Blackburn and Duke Tobin enter office. "Dad, look, we've got Trent Williams' agent on the phone. He's getting kind of lowballed, and we've got a great offer worked up that they'll take. It'll push the majority of the cap hit into the years after he'll retire, hardly any dead money, we just need your go ahead!" "Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold your horses there pumpkin. There's no rush on this, let's talk about this for 6 hours." "Dad, no. He's got Atlanta on hold while he's talking to us and the Raiders have already made an offer. We need to act now." 'Now, now, you two just have a seat. Sit, now go ahead, sit." Audible sighs as Katie and Tobin sit down. "I know you're in a hurry to rush forward with all these 'capaologist' (tries to do air quotes, pokes self in eye) accounting tricks. But we're not in business here to trick anybody, are we? Duke, when you married Katie remember the story I told you about Montgomery Wards?" "We're not married sir, you're thinking of Troy." "Well, I was just a kid. Montgomery Wards in Cleveland had the nicest Chevy Lumina in their window. I wanted that thing so badly." "Dad, it was an erector set. The story is about an erector set." "So anyway my dad took me down there to the store and we put it on layaway. I paid one dollar and sixteen cents a week for two years to pay for that Chevy Lumina. It came in husky sizes, lucky for me, I was a big kid you know." "Sir, the agent is on the phone, we need to get back and..." "Just hold on there Derek, we've got time to learn about finance. So anyway I mowed lawns and shoveled snow to earn that money. And the pride I felt, having earned that thing over time, made me enjoy it all that much more. When we picked it up, it was a little large for me, but I grew into it. I wore that coat for years, still had it when I went off to Dartmouth!" "Sir, this player is a difference maker. Katie agrees. We need to act quickly and we're not trying to trick anyone. Just using standard terms to finesse our way around a big salary cap hit." "Katie, you need to explain to this young man that in our family it doesn't matter what the 'cool kids'" /tries do do air quotes again, pokes self in eye again/ " are doing. We adhere to sound, tried and true principles of finance and business." Long awkward pause. Tobin stares into the abyss. "Well all right then, Mike, I'm just going to go ask his agent if we can put Trent Williams on layaway." "Duke, come on, my dad is an old man, there's no need for..." "No, no! It's ok Katie! This young man has a head for business. Go right ahead with your plans you two! But I want to warn you, mother and I will be waiting up! I know it's the big homecoming dance, but 10:30 pm is still your bedtime." /Audible sighs and profane muttering as Katie and Duke exit/
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    For 80M, I'd expect Williams to personally handle all the maintenance and repairs on the Lumina out of pocket and to clone himself 3 times (with the clones making nfl min) to play all OT and OG spots. Cloning costs would also be out of pocket to him
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    Every time I come here and don't see an offensive lineman signed I kick a puppy.
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    “How can you not know about this, don’t you have a beeper or something to notify you of our big free agency moves? I’m only answering this out of respect for your granny. What a woman. Yes, Tom Henderson, the end we signed away from the Saints, also known as the big splash free agency of the season. I can’t wait to see Tom Benson’s face at the next owners meeting. Benson! You magnificent bastard. I read your book!” /Adjusts binoculars hanging around neck. Puts WW II helmet on head. Triumphantly pilots Rascal Freedom Power Wheelchair ($1,498.20 at Sam’s Club) to the creamed corn station at Sizzler all you can eat buffet /
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    I do have to hand it to the bengals for one thing: every year I think they can’t possibly let me down more than they have, yet every year they find a way to do it.
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    Just a brutal day. Bleeding orange over here.
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    Yea what’s the point anymore where is the excitement with this team anymore. Sure they have Burrow and that’s about it, but if they don’t even want to pay money to protect him then what’s the point anymore.
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    looks like 7M-ish a year just was too high a price to pay to protect Joe Burrow despite the Bengals having enormous cap money to spend https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2021/03/15/bengals-tried-reunite-kevin-zeitler-free-agency/ Mind you, it was fine by them to pay Bobby Fucking Worthless Ass Hart almost as much money as that dont for a moment think New Guy won't be noticing this........he's too well mannered a guy to go the Deshaun Watson or even the Russel Wilson route just yet, but thats where this complete inability to do the right thing by New Guy is leading. I know I won't blame him if he sits out from here on out.......though he is a high class guy who probably will just suffer through the remainder of his contract in silence and then leave no matter what the Bengals offer
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    “The negotiating window,” known to Bengals fans simply as the Abyss.
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    They are just so tone deaf to the die hard fans. The offseason champs don’t always win in the regular season, but the offseason champs do see increased ticket sales
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    so here we are, on the eve of free agency the Bengals have not even managed to re-sign their punter or kick returner, much less a starter several quality veteran OLs on the open market that they didnt need to wait til FA to sign, and not even a single visit was had, with none scheduled either Oh, but word is that they've got a visit coming from a washed up corner who didnt even play in half the games last season, who was released a month ago. Said another way, a visit could have been set up a month ago, well before the flurry of activity that is sure to commence (well, for other teams, at least) starting this week ah yes, and that franchise tag they didn't apply, allegedly because they were close with Lawson? Yeah, not a peep about any Lawson negotiations. Lawson even said earlier this past week that negotiations hadnt even started yes folks, this is our fine FO hard at work as always god bless'em I do want to watch Burrow.....but I dont want to watch a man running for his freakin life and getting body parts shredded again there are times when I hate being a Bengals fan....this is one of them
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    It's as if he's instructed to prepare the public for disappointment every season.
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    He was wrong last year. Hope he's wrong this year. Also, fuck Geoff Hobson.
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    I mean seriously....why? This is going to be three shitty weeks because every news feed is going to be desperate for watches and clicks and we are going to be subjected to even more ridiculous bs. What purpose does it solve to have the draft at the end of the month rather than the middle, do teams honestly need three weeks to compile their information and build a draft board? Well, maybe the Bengals but everyone else could get that done in a weekend. Just ranting because I am not sure I can wait until April 29th.
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    Landon Dickerson is hilarious, in addition to being an outstanding IOL...
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    Well, if it seems like you’re in crazy town, it might be because you are. And the town has a population of one. I don’t have any special love for Gio, but I’m not dumping the one proven, reliable vet RB on the roster when our alleged bell cow can’t stay healthy and is coming off a serious injury. If that strikes you as crazy talk, I don’t know what to tell you.