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    With Elliot making the practice squad, this is kind of the best of both worlds. I'm happy. In the end, though, it doesn't really matter. All we're really deciding is which kicker is going to miss the game-winning field goal in the round 1 of the playoffs.
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    Well yea I still watch as well lol, guess what I'm saying is I don't let it effect my day anymore. If there are other things going on football is now second, where as before nothing could happen on my Sundays lol.
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    It's a Cincinnati sacrifice. Blood has to be laid at the altar while the agenda does not change. Keep your job and let your underlings pay the price.
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    Time for a new QB as well time to start looking. I have been a Dalton supporter, but we got all we could get out of him a few years back. Its over guys. Whatever hope you had its gone! They had there shot a few years ago, but let there egos get in the way, and now we're back living the 90's
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    Bend don't break is the defense of the future for the NFL. You can't do anything without risking a penalty, it seems. The best defense today is make them snap the ball as many times as possible and then capitalize on a mistake. With the Burfict suspension, IF that's really going to be the standard of defenseless receiver or unnecessary roughness shallow drag routes will dominate the league. I've said it for a while but D-line in pass rush resemble Volleyball blocking schemes more and more each year. The risk/reward for contacting a QB is now slanted to the Offense. Now if potential pass catchers are able to cross through a defense in zone coverage around 5 yards with no contact (only hand checks), forget it. Your best defense is to try to bat the pass down instead of trying to get a hit on the QB. You'll never get there in time and QB/Receiver timing will be impossible to disrupt. 70% completion percentage will become the low water mark of Qbing eventually. They need to evaluate 1st and 10 then and make 13 yards or something. IF that's the standard, which I doubt it will seemed like a Burfict witch hunt.
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    And there we have Mike Brown's Modus Operandi
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    No, no, no Andy isn't next Paul is next Paul as in Paul Alexander There is no one anywhere other than this abject moron who is defending Jeffro and Oogie. NO ONE
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    I get the impression Alexander is "considered one of the best" because he has been around so long, which in turn promotes his being kept around so long for being "considered one of the best" -- it's an unending paradox from which there is no likely escape.
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    I've also heard the WR coach is considered among the best, too. However, your rep whatever it is doesn't matter toady. Ced, Fish, and Bodine are struggling it's beyond time for them to start moving forward. If they don't it's time for a new view on the offensive line. If it doesn't turn around every offensive coach's job should be on the line.
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    If they release hill miss out on that 7th rnd comp pick
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    This guys sums it up pretty well: Bengals' front-office decisions have jeopardized their present, future ...doesn't really include the loss of quality assistants while keeping Marvin and Alexander around as coaches enough though. Marvin largely wins because of excellent assistants who are now head coaches elsewhere (2 of whom are doing fairly well). Not doing so well now.
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    My son and I were at the game. Had a great time. Just totally pretended there wasn't a football game being played. Amazing !!!
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    All part of his master plan to become Head Coach because in His own eyes and Mike browns he's still a genius for the offensive line we had in 2006
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    No kidding! My son's high school team has a better O-line than the Bengals !
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    I was just joking last year when I Suggested to not score TDs to help Nugent with his extra point problems. Sorry, I take it back.
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    I gave them 3 wins, but maybe they will get 4
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    At least the punting game is on...
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    JK. I heard some analyst who used to play O-line for the Giants. He said the number of hurries and sacks this weekend was double a normal NFL weekend. He singled out the Texans and the Giants as sucking to infinity. Texans gave up 10 sacks. But he said there are reasons - 1. The very limited hitting during preseason. He went into great detail as to why lines need to play actual contact football to gel and play well, as opposed to someone who's position just requires them to run down the field fast. 2. Too much passing equals defenders teeing off on offensive linemen, they don't respect the run or dumbass coordinators are using a no back set on 3rd and 3. 3. He said traditionally the offensive lines always struggle during the early part of the season, then assert themselves as the year goes on and they start to figure things out. 4. GMs who stand pat, like the Giants. He said their line sucked last year, then they brought back the same guys, expecting them to just get better. He said GMs need to upgrade line personnel when needed. He didn't mention the Bengals very bold strategy of taking a completely shitty O-line, and downgrading the personnel the next year. All in all, his comments made me feel somewhat better.
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    Watched the all-22 Houston vs. Jax and last year Bengals vs. Houston 1. Houston is not disciplined in the run game. Always trying for the Tackle for Loss and they take themselves out of the play. They often stand up Clowney on the edge and he doesn't look comfortable. 2. Must trap the ends. 3. Shotgun Read/Option Play Action looks 4. Gio should be your main back running and throwing - Burkhead had some nice gains last year. Need a back to be decisive and hit the hole. 5. Need to target Gio and Eifert off quick releases into the flat because their backers aren't fast to the sidelines 6. Wheel routes with RBs will be big too.
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    What magic does AJ McCarron possess to be able to turn Oggieboogie into a real starting NFL tackle? Maybe he can improve my bedroom performance too (lengthen it out a bit more)
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    Watching the browns game Shazier should get a suspension after his blatent dirty play but he won't because his names not burfict and he doesn't play for Cincinnati plus goodell has his nose up dan rooney's cold dead ass.
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    I'm all for cleaning up the game for player safety. 1. Levy your rules fairly as possible across all franchises 2. Do not sway the balance of competition between offense and defense 3. Do not destroy the flow of the game NFL has failed on all 3 of these things, IMO. Judging by the videos posted by Burfict. It would be questionable if Shazier isn't required to meet with Goodell and get placed on the watch list like Burfict.
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    We have been saying this for awhile now, it's not working anymore! We have seen the same shit year after year it didn't work then, and it's not working now! Its whatever anymore just tired of thinking about it anymore
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    Sometimes I feel bad that the best DT in the league, a HOF-caliber player, is stuck in Cincinnati.
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    Dalton has a way of making a pleasant Sunday evening into a rather shitty one!
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    This all feels very familiar.......
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    Amen. What a nightmare. On the plus side, I can enjoy this weekend's games without having to worry about fantasy outcomes. Might as well call it now.
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    I just laugh at the tone of the PFT article. The Bengals just fronted loaded the contract as they've done exclusively in just about every home grown player extension since 2010. The reduced risk of Burfict in the future is no different than Andy Dalton. Anyway it will be long forgotten by the time March rolls around but this is a major Free Agent victory in September, again.
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    No way will that be the standard. It was definitely a league hit job on Burfict.
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    Without Burfit, I expect it's time for Terrance West to smoke us for 150 and 2 TDs. Hopefully we score 30 and it doesn't matter.
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    Wouldn't be a Bengalszone draft without some drunk Hoosier picks! I recommend Colin Kaepernick. I really think he's due for a breakout year.
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    You just don't know how hard it is to run an NFL franchise.
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    None. Cut both, cut Huber, no kicking, go for it on all 4th downs.
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    Ross begins his new career of competing with Eifert for the best seat in the trainers office
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    Better get him off the field. I mean we wouldn't want to evaluate and get him game time snaps until his rookie contract is up. What the hell are they thinking ?!?!
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    He's going to have to play teams as well
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    It is just laziness from a journalism perspective. The Bengals have one of the smallest and densest fanbases (meaning Cincy fans are largely in and around Cincy). They are easy pickings because you are going to upset the fewest number of people. They do not take the time to research the situation (case in point: Smith saying why does he (Burfict) continue to step outside the rules...when that hit was legal and within the rules).
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    watched it again, read the definition, and.....this is not an illegal hit. Period. Burfict once again being targeted by the league. NFLPA should be sending lawyers guns and money bigtime on this one, so I am very surprised at the silence from their camp.
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    This suspension is the latest and best example of the NFL in the back pocket of the Steelers organization. Burfict threatens the Steelers and stands up to them. He has become public enemy #1 in Pittsburgh because he is the Bengals X factor. Last night was a great example...with Burfict 1 yard against for the quarter, without him they can't stop the offense. I am not normally a conspiracy theorist but do we think for a second if Burfict played for the Steelers he would get that treatment? Nope, he would be lauded as a great throwback player upholding the Steelers tradition. Burfict plays for the Bengals and as such must be stopped because the Rooneys say so.
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    Well I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 this weekend. Great cast, excellent storyline and superb soundtrack with Fleetwood Mac and Cat Stevens. This franchise is going to be around for a long time.
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    it is stupid meaningless game to fans but it is not for player, they need this to get body ready and used to hits and whatever, soon they start to play full 4 quarters, if keep bench them at 1st or 2nd quarter, how can they get used and prepare for season??? that is what 3rd week is for. next week starters play maybe 1 or 2 drive so teams can test the rest before cut day. 3rd week is the most important week of preseason for starters.
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    Burfict off to locker room - hopefully not another concussion. I know it's only preseason but they've got to trust their player and throw that challenge flag there. This coaching crew are sooooo slow on stuff like that
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    They're as bad a penalties as we are.
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    When is the draft? If im available for the draft, I'll do it.
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    Plus a gazillion. Our quarterback is just one of those guys who needs a clean pocket. He's not Roethlisberger, he's not Steve McNair. Lots of guys need a clean pocket, including Brady. Andy does not create, he doesn't escape and make plays. He executes an offense. He needs time and if this line can't do it, Alexander needs to go.
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    You can have the best pass catchers in the league, wide outs, slot, tight ends, whatever. But if your offensive line cannot control the line of scrimmage, it won't mean a damn thing. I'm not expecting much this year.