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    Splack! (Dentures fly across the breakfast table) "The AAF is folding up? Great googly moogly, Marvin's announcing job is kaput! We'll fit him back in, let's see, 'Special Assistant to the Director of Personnel'? 'Football Operations Quality Control Auditor'? 'League Liaison for Veteran Players Affairs'? Wait, I've got it! 'Director of College Scouting and Consultant to the GM If We Had One." Perfect. Welcome back Marvin!
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    Hope they get married in the offseason, he may break a hip getting that ass on his wedding night.
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    There are a ton of names on that list that interest me. I know there has been a lot of back and forth but I honestly think the Bengals are going to be sitting pretty with who will be on the board when they pick. For the record, I’m a huge fan of Jace Sternberger the TE from A&M.
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    Let's recall also that despite the talent of the Bengals defensive line on paper, last season the whole unit played like trash for the most part. There was severe underachievement. Maybe they aren't that damn good.
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    And why exactly would we do that ?? Seems like a luxury pick when we have so many players there. I’d rather roll with what we have there and build another position that is far more needy.
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    @ SEA - Lvs SF - W@ BUF - W@ PIT - Lvs ARI - W@ BAL - Lvs JAX - Wvs LAR - Lvs BAL - W@ OAK - Wvs PIT - Wvs NYJ - W@ CLE - Lvs NE - L@ MIA - Wvs CLE - W 10-6 if healthy
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    That one caught my eye as well. For as many strengths and weaknesses as I have read through over the years, that was a new one to me. I do question the use of "Zombie" however. Are we talking "World War Z" zombies or those lame ass walking slowly zombies ?? These types of questions need answers. It's draft time and you can't go into the war room with questions of this nature.
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    “Tackle zombie with 94 solo stops as a senior.” Made my day to read this kid described as a tackle zombie, though imho it’s a proper noun thus should be, “Tackle Zombie” in all contexts.
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    I think it's really hard to gauge because we just don't know what the new coaches think of the players they inherited. Maybe they love some of these guys, maybe they hate them. That could easily shift the direction they go in. What if they hate a guy like Billings and since Taylor came from the Rams, knows what two dominant DT's can do and takes DT early ?? Maybe they love Webb and Dennard more than we know and don't bother taking CB at all. I tend to agree with you though TJ for the most part. I think there will be two OT's taken sooner rather than later to account for our losses and the suck still on the roster. Linebacker is a must position to address and TE needs beefing up with Kroft leaving as well. Agree with RB with Walton being a complete dumbass.
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    I am solidly in the camp of going up to get 1 of the top two LB. If not drop back in the first and build more picks, to move back up into the third round, to get 4 solid players. This really seems to be a top heavy draft for LB's.
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    When people use the word “think” in this way it has a bit of a double meaning. First, it is meant to convey belief. “Who believes they’re going to beat them Bengals,” would be an accurate interpretation. Second, when “think” is used in this way there is implied a sort of taunt, a doubting challenge. For instance if two people are in conflict over money, one may say to the other, “You think you’re going to walk in here and take my money?!” What that speaker is meaning to imply is that there is no way in hell the other guy is going to take that money. In fact, if said during a conflict or under duress, that speaker is probably meaning to convey that a physical struggle, a fight, will commence if there is an attempt to take that money. That is the why “think” is used in the chant. Until I read your question about “think”, it never had dawned on me that certain words, for the deaf community, may not hold the same nuance and undertone they hold for the speaking/hearing community.
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    Josh Allen has played linebacker his entire college career and would instantly be massive for us at that position. Of course the Bengals are visiting with him and thinking he would be a DE for us. That’s just the kind of thing this stupid ass team does.
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    I heard Brett Favre is available, lets see if he will come in and try out for LB
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    Maybe she’s an orthopedic surgeon. Would make a lot of sense.
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    I honestly see the first round shaking out for the Bengals to take the highest rated o-linemen. I expect Devin White and Josh Allen to both be gone and that leaves Devin Bush. I don't know what it is about him, but I don't like his game. Mack Wilson out of Alabama is another line backer I like to watch play. He's a guy we could hope to get in the 2nd round should we go OT in the first.
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    Looking forward to the draft but not the season this year. If you don’t take an LB at 11, you gotta get a OT. Bengals probably happier paying OT money at the 11 spot... This could be the year of a blockbuster picks / player trade leading up to or on draft day for the Bengals. They’ve got low end roster talent and bodies already but they lack game changers at LB and OT. Use the high number of picks and decent talent on the roster to make big splash by landing AJ Green-esque playmakers. Beat the odds and get 2 in one draft.
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    "That Adam Jones, i'll tell you what. Now THAT'S an outstanding young man. I'd have a whole team of him if I could manage." "What's that ?? He did what ?? Can't be. Why I'm sure he was home with his pretty wife cutting the lawn or trimming the boxwoods." "He always was had meticulous attention to detail. Well, see if we can get him back in our outfit, things haven't been the same since he left."
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    Splack! (Dentures fly across the room) “Great googly moogly! March 25th is here already! Every year I sign a 9th rounder on this exact day, then have him clean out the gutters! Deirdre! Bring me all my 3 ring binders!”
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    With Gronk retiring, I went back to look at some of the posts from the 2010 draft when we took Gresham. My takeaway from all of that is how much I really use to get into the draft and how much time I would spend here getting into the details. Then there was the draft itself with the all day, every day coverage. Pre-pick threads, actual pick threads, etc... Those were really good times here with you clowns !!! Well, some of you old clowns...
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    Devin White has been the guy I've wanted the most since I started looking. I'm still of the line of thought that says he won't be there. Not unless teams trade ahead of us and start taking QB's. I would have no problems with Williams as the selection either, as he could be the starting right or left tackle from day one. Plug him in at RT and if something happens with Glenn, you have your guy to plug right in on the left. Like I said though, someone always falls that you don't expect to be there. Just don't be stupid and take the best TE prospect at #11.
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    Add RB to the needs because Mark Walton just got arrested for the 3rd time this off-season. What kind of fucking idiot is this dude ?? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/04/04/bengals-rb-mark-walton-arrested-for-third-time-this-offseason/ I'll take Bryce Love, RB, Stanford in the 5th please.