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    STATEMENT FROM ROGER GOODELL, GOD-KING OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE “Earlier this week, the League was made aware of allegations of illegal sideline filming by the New England Patriots. Normally, such a repeat violation of the rules would be met with harsh punishment. However, since the offense was made against the Cincinnati Bengals, who are only an NFL team by a strict reading of League bylaws, we are going to let this one slide. We will be fining Bengals head coach Zac Taylor $10,000 for disclosing the existence of the investigation and linebacker Vontaze Burfict $15,000 just because. In conclusion, all hail Me, Roger Goodell, God-King of the National Football League.”
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    Better to hold him back, make sure he gets totally healthy. For that matter, hold the whole starting defense out, let them heal.
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    What a fucking clown show.
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    Mea Culpa,. I am high functioning autistic so detecting sarcasm for me is very nearly impossible under normal circumstances....on a forum post, no chance.
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    You guys are full of crap! Things happen! Players get injured. Half the league loses every week! Someone HAS to lose. Learn math!
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    The whole Steelers team could be concussed and we’d still lose this game.
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    Noo, gotta keep the dream alive. 0-16 or bust.
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    This is why not trading AJ for another first round selection was such a disaster. This issue could be solved with more picks in this draft. Of course I have zero faith in the Bengals front office to do something with those picks, so....we are screwed until Brown hires a general manager from outside the organization and ponies up for a professional scouting Dept. Until that happens this is all moot.
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    I forgive all if the league takes their first round pick and gives it to the Bengals.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and you 'Zoners. Enjoy your holiday :)
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    Bengals Plan for 2020 1. Bengals legal department to research and file warranty claim regarding the rechargeable battery for the Mega Motion Rascal Elite IV Senior Mobility Scooter. 7 year old battery not holding charge as long as it used to. Litigation very possible. 2. Appeal decision again from Dartmouth refusal in the media guide to refer to the quarterback on the 1955 team as “The Swallower of Planets.” 3. Ask the league if they’ll do something about all this rough stuff around the time of the whistle. Not very sporting. 4. Send NFL offices in New York our most recent bid received from the Pacific Rim for the production of official uniforms. Some real savings to be had there, just need to stop all this Nike nonsense and finally get a good deal on uniforms. 5. See above, North Korean factory shoulder pad prototypes were good enough, real savings available. 6. For God’s sake, I went to Harvard Law. 7. Send a nice fruit basket to Andy’s house. Put a note in there for Jordan, see how she’s holding up. 8. Submit to the league, again, meticulously researched 245 page manifesto detailing the tax implications of unfair burden of paying players’ per diem costs on the road. 9. Have Zac Taylor’s grandad over to the house for dinner again. What a great guy!! 10. Read up on next year’s draft class. Can probably find a copy of Lindy’s Pro Football Draft Preview at the CVS on Montgomery Road.
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    This is the ultimate Mike Brown move. Could have played Andy yesterday and probably beaten the Steelers. But in keeping with the tradition of making sure he does every last little thing wrong, Mike lets us lose with Finley, then brings Andy back for some garbage time wins no one cares about. PLEASE LOSE!
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    True, but it’s completely in character for them to finally care about winning right at the point when winning would be stupid and counterproductive. Even when they do the right thing, it’s the wrong thing.
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    Someone on twitter came up with a much better nickname than mine.
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    Just remember, without the Washington Generals, there are no Harlem Globetrotters.
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    We must strike the QB in the head with his own helmet!
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    Dead Cat Bounce Express is firing up the bus. Catch the fever!
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    Looks like Myles Garrett out indefinitely. Pouncy out 3 games. Each organization fined $250K. I can't remember what the fine were after the 2015 Bengals/Steelers show down. If you play rough with the Steelers they are going to cry bully while kicking you underneath the table.
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    It's a bummer we are this terrible in 2019 instead of 2020. Trevor Lawrence looks like the best QB prospect since Luck. There's still time to suck again!
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    That used to be the case. These days, with the rookie salary system, it isn’t. If you miss on a top QB, you can just try again. It doesn’t cripple the organization the way it used to.
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    They are out of their fucking minds if they hope a 2nd round QB is the answer.
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    I’m reading this thread while sipping a cup of Mock Turtle Soup. Foul stuff but one must get in the mood. Now, can anyone tell me how to bypass the Mel Kiper paywall on ESPN? I wouldn’t want to have to just throw darts for draft picks. Oh wait, really I would. So much more fun that way.
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    Question is can he play LB?? :)
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    Just because they have a ton of holes to fill doesn't mean they should look anywhere other than QB if they are picking 1st or 2nd overall. That is the prime spot to take a swing at a position that can change a franchise's direction. Hardest thing to find in this league is a difference maker at QB. Best odds at finding that person are taking one as early as possible. Spin that wheel. No guarantees, of course, but I would rather take the chance than be timid and sit out the spin.
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    True. But visual has a different impact. Right now some are saying all of this is hearsay. Plus, they have on video the guy stating "I can delete this and it can all go away". Sure would be interesting to see his tone and body language.
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    The investigation around Spygate 1.0 discovered the Patriots had a directive that if the taper was caught, lie to the authorities and say you were filming for a Patriots show or web content. Just shows the level of contempt they have for the league. They didn’t even change their M.O., just started up taping signals again with the same bullshit excuses. Can you blame them? A fine and one draft pick, very small price to pay for a competitive advantage. That penalty had no effect on them, and the wrist slap about to be administered won’t matter either.
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    belicheat. nuff said. but yeah, they could all be on the flu and still beat us
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    We needed this from Dalton. Let’s get this season over and draft Burrow. Then Dalton can begin his career as Ryan Fitzpatrick 2.0. Flashes enough ability to inspire hope, then breaks your heart every time.
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    Quarterback gets hurt, becomes a vegan, your ass is getting fired.
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    I anticipate 3-13 right now. Split with Cleveland and beat Miami. It's not ideal. One saving grace may be that our [current] top competition in the draft order is the Giants. They're the Chase Young team if anyone is assuming they like the trajectory of Daniel Jones. That leaves the QB trio to Cincinnati, Miami, and Washington.
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    His start to 2018 wasn't great, but he closed 2018 with a vengeance. Then they changed to a new OC this past off-season and he absolutely went nuclear this year. Also, in that offense, he's making his own calls at times - rare for a college QB: https://www.si.com/college/2019/11/26/joe-burrow-lsu-tigers-nfl Also from that article: His accuracy has been historic. Not just in completions but in completions that maximizes the chances for his receivers to get yards after catch. On the locked on podcast, Jake had a PFF guy on who said they have him 10 points better than anyone has ever been in their grading system on that score.
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    They will never come out announce serious changes even after Mike is dead and gone. Their MO is combative with the pundits. Never wanting to admit the obvious. I like the fact our coaches participate in scouting but they need a counter balance. They also need to spend the cap competitively in each season. It simply takes them too long to add all the pieces.
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    I went to Walmart last night and there were a few vagrants drinking by the cart corral in the parking lot. I kind of made eye contact with one, and he started yelling at me. I said wait a minute, no harm done. And he tore his shirt off and was coming at me, fists at the ready, yelling, “it can be like this if you want it, come on!” Yep, it was the Rookie Pool all hopped up on booze or whatever. Luckily he got distracted by some crows who were tearing through a Macdonalds bag on the pavement, he started talking to them and I was able to drive away.
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    They aren’t going to figure out what they’re doing. They are morons. We all know this. but a QB who is legit good can mask some of the moron. They are in position to try and get a potential moron mask. They should at least try.
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    I think first and foremost the bengals need to figure out what in the heck they are even doing. There needs to be a plan in place, and go from there. As of now there does not seem to be a plan, but who knows I’m not in that building. I agree on Burrow I’m a big fan of watching him and hope he is the next big thing here.
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    The really sad part about this is hiring Jay Gruden with Hue Jackson as there OC maybe the best thing they do :( If Taylor is trying to run the Rams offense here no wonder it’s not working, because it sucks! The bengals hired Taylor knowing things might go this way, but just wonder how they will give him. For me personally there is no improvement what so ever in any of the coaches here, I have no confidence or hope with who they draft or get will ever be great, because of these coaches. I could be wrong hopefully I am, but for now my hopes are gone. Any talent this team had all now look like dog shit! I will always remember what those guys looked like under “real coaches”
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    Okay then. Why not Dolegala? Dead Cat Bounce now inevitable. Whatever, idiots. I'd be fine with Dalton playing in Week 17 as a proper send-off, but this is pointless.
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    I can't wait until Marvin Lewis is rehired.
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    Darts aren’t darts...darts aren’t brown and certainly don’t splatter when they hit...
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    Well, going back to another thread. This to me says they have no plan and it clear they are throwing darts against the wall.
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    They lost 10 in a row to the Steelers the supposed franchise the Bengals Brass holds as the Gold Standard. The record inside PBS against the Steelers is embarrassing and the stadium bears your father's name. A few times during the year all the owners get together discuss things. You sit in the same room as these people. If losing 10 in a row to the same competitors that you've chased for decades doesn't get your blood boiling or cause some sort embarrassment then the only conclusion is they just don't fucking care. I dropped my tickets this is the 2nd season without. When the team competes on the field I may return. So it's not like a boycott. But this franchise doesn't care about winning. There's no way anybody could withstand that IF they were trying to win. There's other ways to follow them and be a fan. Keep the money in your pocket and match your level of interest as the Brown family's. So I'll post my opinions on message boards and watch on Sundays when the schedule is clear. It won't change anything but you'll feel better.
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    I am all but certain that AJ Green will be franchise tagged......but I agree, he wants (and deserves to) move on from this hellhole
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    we lost a start to injury in warmups w a r m u p s let that sink in so very Bengals 2019 on that note, I wrote elsewhere that I am not a fan of the overall first draft selection being used on a qb: Tua for injuries, Burrow as an Akili-like one year wonder, and Herbert for inconsistency and lack of leadership. I'd prefer to trade down and pick up a couple of day 1-2 picks this year and/or next. Yeah, I'd absolutely prefer to get that surefire 10 year quality starter at QB, but I dont think these 3 have a good chance of being that
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    He was offered Arby’s, which he declined. He ate a salad from Panera, instead.
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    Well, I suppose it all depends on how you define “success.” Look back to the late 1980s. At that point, the Brown family was facing a possible repeat of Paul’s ending in Cleveland: being forced to sell the team in order to pay the inheritance tax due upon Paul’s death. But true to his innovative nature, the elder Brown has one last trick to play, a stock scheme that allowed him to pass along the Bengals to his heirs without their paying a cent to Uncle Sam. And when the IRS sued, they lost. Paul’s death, of course, came just as the money volcano now known as the NFL began to erupt. Over the next three decades, literally tens of thousands of players, coaches, managers and executives would put in countless billions of man hours of work to build one of the most lucrative sports entities to ever exist. Mike Brown’s role in this? He cashed some checks. So, success? Mike’s the very definition of success: he’s become a multi-millionaire by doing nothing but cashing checks earned by everyone else. Isn’t that the American Dream, to attach oneself leech like to a fountain of success and suck until you die? To contribute nothing and be rewarded for it? To be one of the most successful parasites in the history of American business? okay, well, it’s maybe not everyone’s definition of success. But it appears to work for Mike.
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    Uhm, COB is giving lessons now? I guess with all those former players and coaches cleaning his gutters all the time, he has time to spare for that
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    KID STEAKHOUSE! :-) (do you still refuse service to Gary Reasons?)
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    Just realized Crosby had 4 sacks today. I assume all or most against Jerry. Good lord son.
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    From Florio and Pro Football Talk. OMG! Welcome to the club Browns fans. It's amazing how the Steelers are always involved in these blood and guts games and are always the victims. I'll be the first to say the Browns had some dirty hits. Typical pattern will play out the Browns dirty play is what will be focused on and the Steeler transgression glossed over. Same Pattern with Burfict. Burfict was as dirty as they come. But so was Mitchell and a few other Steeler players. Burfict and Bengals were painted as the problem. The whole Burfict thing started with them because he dare tackle Bell and Bell got hurt on a legal play.