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    While there are many players I'm looking forward to watching this season, Billings ranks at the top for me. The potential impact he could have on this defense replacing Peko could be huge.
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    And to think back in the '60's I was down with the Browns. Could it be this led to my later indiscretions in life?
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    True story - last time I used my sister's season tix to go to that stadium was 2000. Saw the Ravens destroy them. Cleveland never got past the 50 yard line the whole game. Their liquored-up fans didn't even give a shit, just like they wouldn't care if that place went up in flames. They welcome any excuse to riot and engage in violent and drunken civil disobedience. Remember the beer bottle thunderstorm those refs had to endure? How about blow up disco records on dime beer night at a tribe game in Cleveland Stadium? They're crazy. That stadium turning into an inferno would be like Christmas to them.
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    "There were some players, and again I won’t get into names, but there were some players that we knew we had issues with and we held on to longer than we should’ve." Say it ain't so.... Glad to see we've learned from our past mistakes and haven't had those problems since then. Oh wait.....
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    I'm in too well you all need to get a win somewhere eh :p