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  2. 2021 NFL Draft

    this'd get a big ole no from me if I were running the Bengals draft 'https://twitter.com/brgridiron/status/1367187592832286720/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1367187592832286720|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.si.com%2Fnfl%2Fbengals%2Fnews%2Fbengals-mentioned-in-wild-trade-idea-involving-fifth-overall-pick' seems like a pro-Eagles scheme to rid themselves of an oft-injured player and a gain a shitload of cap space,albeit wrapping it in a shiny bow of "hey, he's a probowler (when healthy, which aint often)" plus "hey its a local Cincinnati guy, so its a feel good story". Feel good stories and injured players have something in common - they dont help you win games now if you waive/release him, and he clears waivers, we'd be happy to have him in for a visit. Plane fare on us. Basic economy class, of course. The Lumina needs new wiper blades and an oil change, after all
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  4. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    I dislike the leaked uniform designs......looks like pop warner, maybe not even that good
  5. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Don’t really like number font but much improved,IMO if that’s them.
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  7. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Likely fake but since they’re floating around Twitter...
  8. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Board settings I assume. We don’t have any control over that, only B24 does.
  9. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    You Rag-now all the time
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  11. 2021 NFL Draft

    Understood, COB. to be fair, I still like Sewell, just not as much as I did say 2 weeks ago. I dont think he's a plug n play starter right now which is a problem when this OL is needing help right the fuck now Im certain that after a year under Pollack, he will be a starter. I wish we had the luxury of time, but for the OL in particular, we dont Depending on how FA goes, I might change my mind
  12. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    *please delete post since I cant* btw Mods: why can't I delete my own posts?
  13. General Free Agency Thread

    Before you get too excited, remember cap space isn’t all that hard to come by without cuts. So yesterday the Bengals’ 2021 cap was $192 million and the Saints’ was $183 million. Today ours is still 192 and theirs is 196.
  14. 2021 NFL Draft

    Not really the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read, just hyperbole inspired by my fear of missing out on Sewell. I’ve read far more ridiculous things.
  15. General Free Agency Thread

    a piece on allbengals.com suggests OG Andrew Norwell might be coming available https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/andrew-norwell/9126 Norwell went to the same HS my kids went to, Anderson High School....which is on the SE edge of Cincinnati for those of you who arent local. so call it 10-15 miles from PBS not a bad PFF rating, would he take a hometown discount?
  16. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    the first of the Bengals cap cuts has occurred https://www.cincyjungle.com/2021/3/5/22315321/bengals-free-agency-news-release-b-j-finney-seahawks-news "saves the Bengals $3.275 million in cap space with no dead cap" I'm expecting two more: Geno (sadly, love love love that guy) and Hart
  17. 2021 NFL Draft

    Theres also some social media based evidence that Sewell wants to be a Bengal. Specifically a Bengal.
  18. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Let's examine Amphars extraordinarly moronic comment about Ragnow First, Ragnow is performing at a pro bowl level in Detroit. He plays Guard You know, the position that let through two rushers who ended up fucking up The Knee If we have Ragnow, a pro bowl guard who also backs up center, maybe just maybe The Knee doesnt happen If we have Ragnow, maybe just maybe we dont have to pony up 15M a year for Scherff or Thuney because we already have a pro bowler at OG what a fucking douchbag idiot
  19. 2021 NFL Draft

    In that vein, notice how they’re aren’t any “Sewell doesn’t want to be a Bengal” stories this year? Even though he’s a consensus top 5 if not top 3 pick, and arguably the top non-QB pick? That’s because the media can’t monetize tackles the way they can quarterbacks, thus no one gives a shit if he ends up in a backwater market.
  20. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Eh, its up to young LBs to earn their snaps. Bynes played about 70% of snaps and won't be expensive. Him resigning doesn't preclude them from playing a young player IF that player earns it OR drafting a LB IF the draft falls that way. All upside if Bynes resigns, IMO.
  21. 2021 NFL Draft

    The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. But I’m happy to read it. If the over -analyzing, nitpicking, “write something controversial for clicks” media scrum around Sewell devalues him enough to assure we get him, I’m all for it. Thus I’ll join in: Sewell is unpolished, got by on brawn, and doesn’t even care about football as evidenced by his decision to take a year off. Second rounder at best.
  22. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I don't know. Fans pick and choose points to base their world view on. Steelers thought Bengals would take Bush and it turns out Jonah Williams was their No. 1 target. No one talks about the draft in which all WRs are gone before William Jackson and the Bengals really wanted Thomas or Boyd and gambled they'd be there 2nd round. No one gives two shits about Ragnow IF Price was a decent starter OR Lamar Jackson is in stripes.
  23. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Don't disagree but the fact remains that we make it easy for the other teams because we consistently telegraph our punches.
  24. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Ragnow is a fart in the wind compared to how crappy that draft was. They traded back both Glenn and Price bust big. They passed league MVP when all they had was Dalton and that league MVP landed in Baltimore and tortured them since. That was all Marvin.
  25. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Ehh, it’s kind of obvious. It’s hard to disguise a need so glaring as the Bengals’s oline.
  26. 2021 NFL Draft

    McShay’s pre-FA mock (paywalled but if you have any questions just ask): https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2021/insider/story/_/id/30997113/nfl-mock-draft-2021-todd-mcshay-predictions-all-32-first-round-picks-heading-nfl-free-agency It’s another of the QBx4 Sewell varieties, with Lawrence, Wilson, Fields (Carolina trades up to 3) and Lance going 1-4, followed by Sewell to us.
  27. General Free Agency Thread

    Even Hobs has forgone yammering about having no money so far.
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