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  2. I can offer five of you...

    And...lol Hoosier. TJ - this is the landing page...( I spend most time in Cincinnati area where Dehner and Morrison write on the Bengals) The Athletic – All the stories at the heart of the game.
  3. I can offer five of you...

    It also has Dane Brugler, so if you want draft stuff, it is pretty boss...
  4. I can offer five of you...

    Ok now we all understand.
  5. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    Probably especially when you saddle the new coaching with all the old coaching staff’s players. Then stand pat the first year. Marvin inherited an underachieving roster with a couple pro bowlers or soon to be pro bowlers. Then in 2003 and 2004 they signed a bunch of former 1st/2nd round draft picks from other teams. The front office simply has not done a good job for the new staff when compared to Marvin’s first 2 years.
  6. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    The need OL and speed at WR. They aren’t going far until both are fixed. Very hard to run an offense week in and week out for 16 games absolutely needing your QB to throw in 2.5 seconds and needing 10/12 play drives. The last two games Burrow started it was 6/7 in coverage jammed in 20 yard space.
  7. I can offer five of you...

    The Athletic is a web site. Like Pornhub. But sports.
  8. I can offer five of you...

    an athletic guest pass to.....what exactly?
  9. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    that'd be nice, but I have little hope of the FO doing the right thing.......my expectation is they'll take another f'in wide receiver. they love the shiny new toys, not the grimy lunchpail guys that I love
  10. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    It's definitely a deeper/tougher rebuild than Marvin had, and is why I didn't think Taylor was a good fit here
  11. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    He'll be fine, just time. It's certainly good that it's "just" the 2 tears, and not a destroyed knee joint like Palmer had. The possible upside is, that the Bengals' put more of a premium on upgrading the o-line than they otherwise would've, if he finished the season.
  12. I can offer five of you...

    ...a 30-day Athletic guest pass. If you are interested - shoot me a DM with your email and I can set you up. Aaron
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  14. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    Good news! Burrow did not die during surgery. It was deemed as a success
  15. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan

    This past draft was one of the better ones in the last several years, maybe even top 10 all time
  16. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan

    I missed the Mixon extension, sorry, will edit that out Harris is eligible for social security soon, Joisey........if he gets extension money he wont get his SS check
  17. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan

    Mixon signed a 4 year extension in September. Clark Harris is a golden god, I will hear no proposals about His release. :p Other than that works for me.
  18. Last week
  19. PART A : 2020 Season A1 Get more game reps for players who will be around in 2021. All of the following non-starters should be getting starters reps now: --The 4 rookie linebackers (I count Pratt) --Adeniji (at either ORT or OLG) --Fred Johnson --Kareem at DE --Austin Seibert. Figure out if he is at least as good as Fat Randy over the remainder of 2020. If so, he's in, and FR is out Extend WJ3, Jesse Bates, Spain, Brandon Wilson, and Lawson PART B: Offseason before the Draft Fire the coaching staff except Simmons. New head coach might want to bring in his own guy, but Simmons is there for him to pick up as a quality guy at that spot Let frequently injured players whose contracts have ended walk. The best ability is availability You failed to extend WJ3, Jesse Bates, Spain, Brandon Wilson, and Lawson during the season, right? DO IT NOW. NOW DAMNIT. AJ - we will always love you, wherever you go. Please come back at the end of your career and retire as a Bengal Identify and sign a placeholder veteran QB to a 1 or 2 year contract. This QB will start til New Guy is ready to play. Neither of the two guys we have now is that guy Bring in a tier 1 veteran at either the WR, TE, DE, OG, or CB spot. My preference is OG (and if we wanna get specific, gimme Brandon Scherff) but any of the five will help. Be on the lookout for a replacement Punter and Longsnapper. I Love Huber and Harris but they are both FAs and both quite old Part C: The Draft We're not gonna draft any linebackers, going on the directive that the 4 newbie linebackers need time to develop together We're not gonna draft a QB because we're going with the placeholder (mentioned above) and our existing backups (or a surprise UDCFA, ya never know) Top priority is strengthening both the Offensive and Defensive Lines We need (much) more than one top notch player so we will be looking very hard at any offers we get for our top 3 pick Priority of needs: Passblocking ORT, Passrushing DT, Passblocking OG, Passrushing DE, Man/Press CB, Three down TE, K, P, LS Part D: Postdraft This will be an interesting year with a much lower salary cap than expected due to revenue lost due to COVID. Teams will be dropping players they'd prefer not to drop because of this lowered salary cap. We need to be ready to pounce on players dropped in this way that are a serious upgrade to our team What about Mixon, TJ? I am really unsure what to do about Mixon. There's been injuries that have lingered far too long. He's failed to produce at times when healthy even against weak defenses. I love the guy's positivity and energy but at the end of the day he needs to be available and producing. I havent seen enough of either, overall, so I dont know whether to re-sign him (which will cost more than it should given production of late) or let him go. No need to remind me that Gios not getting any younger. Open to ideas here. Uhm, nothing. He signed an extension earlier this year.....sorry, I missed that.
  20. Bengals @ Dolphins Pregame Chatter

  21. Bengals @ Dolphins Pregame Chatter

    And not enough WRs. Auden Tate to IR with a shoulder injury so that’s probably it for him this year. Time to take another first round WR!
  22. Bengals @ Dolphins Pregame Chatter

    we got too many guards now
  23. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    So there's a Sewell article on Cincyjungle today https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/12/2/21755176/bengals-penei-sewell-highlights-oregon-ducks-football-nfl-draft This writer is in favor of leaving Williams on the left and plugging Sewell in on the right
  24. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Cincy Jungle notes Fred being a healthy scratch 2 weeks in a row indicates Adeniji had won the “swing” tackle spot.
  25. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Everyone pays attention to QB scouting more. In 2019 Zac showed up to Oklahoma pro day and everyone thought "Kyler Murray", later that draft it was rumored the Bengals were trying to trade up to select Cody Ford. Last year there was late speculation that Herbert was in play for the Bengals. They were confirmed at the Oregon vs. Arizona game. I can't find anything saying they were at the Rose Bowl last year. Oregon was one of the few schools to hold a pro day and the Bengals were there. Oregon has a bunch of OL working out that day (not sure if Sewell did). However it's easy to talk to position coaches etc. I'm sure they already got a decent report on Sewell already. I would say the same for Leatherwood considering they spent a lot of time scouting Williams.
  26. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I just read a Sewell-related comment I kinda liked from a fellow named WhoDey2019 on the Cincyjungle.com site The suggestion made was addressing the problem of bringing in Sewell, a OLT, into a line where arguably the best player is Williams, who is also a OLT Basically, it went like this: this fellow believes Williams would be better suited as a OG than OT, so he moves Williams to OLG (which removes Jordan, who has been a big part of the problem imo) and installs Sewell at OLT. This possibly makes the left side - the blind side - of the offensive line very strong This would then leave us with the Hart problem at ORT. The suggestion made here is that Spain should be installed as the ORG and Adeniji should be given every chance to take the ORT spot. I'd argue that the Big Johnson (sometimes know as Fred) should also get a shot at this spot. The loser between these two would be the backup/swing tackle I kinda like this if (and only if) we take Sewell and ergo choose not to trade down for a much needed basket of day 2 picks this year and/or next that said, I am on team [Trade Down] for the moment, and I want an ORT with the first pick we get back in the trade (likely still in the top 10) and an OG in the 2nd or early 3rd round At Center.....Hopkins is signed through 2022 and we have two backups: Price and Finney. I dont have much confidence in either, and I think it's probably time to seek an OC to groom as Hopkins eventual replacement. I think a 5th round pick would suffice - emphasis on physical abilities/measurements, intelligence, and character over experience here, the rest can be coached as he rides the bench in 2021 and 2022. On veteran rest days for Hopkins, he will take the reps with the first team and of course with all this, you need a new offensive line coach. I volunteer to drive Turner to the airport myself and watch him board his plane to ensure he is gone
  27. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    From: Mike To: Zaccie RE: great team motivation - part 2 Let's quarter the bananas
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