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  2. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    As recently as a few months ago Alexander was blathering on about how Ced was going to be a great tackle in this league, just wait and see. So when he gets cut, as we all think he will, I'm looking forward to Alexander picking him up and letting him develop in the Cowboys' system. Or that won't happen. We'll see.
  3. Iloka Released

    Two other things - they like Brandon Wilson and the other safety in camp, Henderson, very much.
  4. Iloka Released

    I tweeted with Joe Goodberry a bit ago. His take was along these lines: Shawn Williams is a true SS. He's our guy at that position. We need a true FS to complement him. Iloka was really neither of those things...he was more of a tweener. They were looking for a true FS in free agency, but when that fell through Bates became the guy. I said that was all well and good, but why not keep Iloka for depth in case of injury. He responded that Clayton Fejedelem is better than people know. He grades very highly and could competently fill that role. He didn't say this, but it sounds like the gist is that Clayton can be a competent backup and his price tag is lower. You can buy that or not, but it may be the most reasonable "football" explanation I've heard.
  5. Iloka Released

    He’s played a total of 9 snaps this preseason. Hue Jackson’s the last OC who actually used him on offense. Unless he’s the secret backup long snapper I can’t see him staying around this year.
  6. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    Ced makes me wish Dennis “TackleEligible” Roland was still active
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  8. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    It's amazing to me that Ced's incompetence hasn't gotten Andy or a running back seriously injured. He's got to go. Which might sound cold but he's as terrible of a tackle as I've seen in a very long time. I honestly can't believe he gets on the field at all.
  9. Preseason Game 2 - Bengals vs. Cowboys

    All true but it's preseason. Which reveals and confirms whatever biases we all hold.
  10. Iloka Released

    Yep, never under-estimate Mike Brown's penchant for not paying Safeties, especially ones that would be rotational or on the bench, even if it means losing your quality depth and winning games. It's a big reason I won't pay a dime to watch this team or buy anything with the Bengals' name on it. It's not that George is a great player, but he's the only competent, experienced FS talent they have other than a 2nd round rookie (who "should" be an upgrade). The other interesting note is Illoka's stance on the anthem and his kneeling, I wonder how much that factored into it. My problem with this franchise is that the owner doesn't care about winning enough. Therefore I don't care about their product enough to buy or invest anything in them, or get emotionally attached like I did growing-up. In fact I wouldn't care if they go 4-12 if it means moving on from Dalton and Marvin, and teaching Brown another lesson he'll never learn from.
  11. Iloka Released

    Something tells me this is the year of serious roster shuffling. Cuts: Iloka.. I'm not seeing the financial reason, other than the Brown family is cheap af. M. Johnson.. Doesn't get to the qb the way Willis or Lawson do. He's not a 3 technique, either. Cody core.. There's lots of good wide outs, Malone, Ericsson, Boyd, Tate. Plus Mixon and gio are exemplary guys out of the backfield. Maybe cut: Dennard... Isn't the player they thought he'd be. Guys like Bates, Russell and Shaw are suitable slot guys. Hewitt... With schreck, uzoma, kroft, there's not much need for Hewitt. Unless they feel like Eifert can't produce. Cedric.. What can really be said. He's not very good at all for half the price. The spots I'm concerned about are linebacker depth and backup qb. I would not be surprised if they snagged another linebacker and a veteran qb (Stanton, Manuel, cardale Jones, Grayson might be there to grab)
  12. Iloka Released

    Let's toss Hewitt in there as well. I'll be SHOCKED if he makes the final roster.
  13. Iloka Released

    Yes, Michael Johnson should be next on the list. Too little production and too much younger talent. Honestly, that would have made more sense initially than Iloka, but I get what Austin is saying. It also covers what I mentioned earlier in that should a guy like Michael Johnson get dinged, they have depth to jump right in. There's less certainty at the safety spot with Iloka being shown the door.
  14. Iloka Released

    I'm assuming Michael Johnson is next. I'm surprised it hasn't already happened. Here's the word from Teryl Austin today, according to Katherine Terrell:
  15. Iloka Released

    They let Whit walk and kept Ced. They let Reggie walk and kept Williams. This is a surprise but it shouldn’t be. Mike loves, and I mean absolutely loves, guys on that first 4 year, CBA price controlled, contract. Bates makes 480K this year. His whole 4 year deal was worth a little more, grand total, than 4 million. Once he showed he could play, that was it, goodbye George Iloka.
  16. Iloka Released

    They just better hope none of the safeties gets hurt, because there is no depth. Just another reason to still have that confused tilted head dog face look this morning. Agreed with the "couldn't even trade him" comment as well. Nothing ?? Not even a late round pick for a starter ??
  17. Iloka Released

    Agree. Eventually the proof will be in the pudding sorta thing. We will see. Better have more turnovers etc. I hope it works out but it’s a confusing move. Couldn’t even trade him?
  18. Preseason Game 2 - Bengals vs. Cowboys

    Would have been 10 times better than the Cowboy announcers i had to listen to.
  19. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    The DB Harris is going to miss time I meant to have posted that as well
  20. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    Could be the moves needed to sign Adam Jones back and then bring in OL somehow (trade). I think they already had a way to do extensions without cutting iloka. If iloka is cut then Ced should be too. He’s got a lot more dead money on his deal though.
  21. Iloka Released

    It’s been weird recently. Drafting RBs when your offense is loaded... Signing FAs but Skipping OL even though you’ve got question marks all over the place...
  22. Preseason Game 2 - Bengals vs. Cowboys

    Yep, I mean Bullock is decent and reliable for the most part, but I'm not counting on him to make a 48-55 yard FG to win a game. It'd be nice to have a guy you know you have a decent shot with over 47 yds.
  23. Preseason Game 2 - Bengals vs. Cowboys

    I would hope so. Also screwed that post up as Ross' catch was a 2 pt conversion (watched everything but didn't have audio going at the time - unless you want to hear Munoz say "I'll tell you what" a million times.
  24. Iloka Released

    They keep junk OL players and let go those of value. I'm past trying to make reason why this is happening. It's as of an agenda of losing is what's intended.
  25. Iloka Released

    I'm reading that they've been dissatisfied with his play since Nelson left. They complemented each other well, but Ilokas skill set hasn't worked well since his departure. They need a free range ball hawk while Iloka was more of a hard hitter. They tried to replace him in free agency but opted for the draft when that fell through. Why wait two weeks? I suppose to be sure Bates is up for the job. Still, it seems risky unless they have immediate plans for that money, which I don't buy.
  26. Iloka Released

    I’m totally lost on this one. There’s got to be more to this story. Freeing up money ahead of a trade for OL?
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