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  2. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    Never cheer for Cleveland. Their fan base is so annoying.
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  4. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    I loved seeing the Browns sweep the Bengals last year. Then, right as I was about to really have something positive to say about them, their stupid ass fan base makes their appearance and ruins the whole thing. I hope they lose every damn game this year and yes, I would be annoyed by them winning the North as well. I still have no idea who will win the AFCN when looking at all the changes for the teams.
  5. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    In looking at the depth chart on ESPN, you'll find this at DE: Dunlap, Willis, Hubbard, Lawson You'll find this at LB: Brown, Vigil, Evans, Nickerson, Jefferson, and Worley You'll find this at OT: Glenn, Hart, and Perkins You could argue that OT is the #1 need and should be the priority. (I would argue that) I would also argue that more than half the linebackers are unknowns at this point. While I would not argue that DE is the #1 or #2 need, they could certainly use the help. Honestly, I would put DT right there with DE as far as need and maybe slightly ahead. There's just not much besides Geno there and if he goes down, they are screwed.
  6. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    It was QB headlines when they showed up at Oklahoma pro day but that’s a NFL factory and I thought it was weird that Ford wasn’t a focus of those reports.
  7. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    The Browns do seem like they are on the up swing. I would be annoyed if they won the North. There is a very Cubs feel about the Browns. Loveable losers. I think the Bengals will be in the mix. It’s just overlooked they were one of the youngest teams last year. 1 minute from 5-1. Gave up. Then injured. I think a lot of the team checked out after loss to Pitt and embarrassment to KC. Bengals give the vibe of old team because they had young successful starters for years in Dalton, Green, Dunlap, Atkins. Those guys are in prime years next 4.
  8. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    2005 was all Steelers. Ben went 14-1 as a rookie in 2004 and lost in the AFC champ game to Patriots. Bettis put off retirement for a shot to come home and play in Detroit Super Bowl. I would venture to say in all the Bengals Division champ years 2005, 2009, 2013, and 2015 they were never a clear cut favorite. I was highly confident in 13 and 15. But it seems like the Bengals were always picked as the playoff team that won’t make the playoffs.
  9. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    I thought the D-line was surprisingly weak against the run all season. I believe the underneath coverage and bad tackling undermined the pass rush ability. I thought Geno had a monster year despite the lull in sack numbers in the middle of the season. I understand the franchise grades for D-line and edge guys and that could pay dividends more seasons down the road,BUT how are you getting them snaps this year? Quality rush opportunities? There are immediate snaps available for a guy like White and Bush at an extremely weak area. I dunno know. We’ll see.
  10. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Yep. And he’s the only player they met with at his pro day and had in for an interview at PBS. It would not surprise me at all to see him picked at #11 overall.
  11. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Forgot about Ford, didn't realize the Bengals' rated him that high (no problem with that, just didn't know). Could play RG or RT and start from day one most likely.
  12. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    For fun, I'll take a guess at their big board ranking (based on need): 1. Quinnen Williams, DT/3-4DE, Alabama (COM) 2. Josh Allen, 3-4OLB/OLB, Kentucky (PRI) 3. Devin White, ILB, LSU (PRI) 4. Montez Sweat, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Mississippi State (PRI) 5. Rashan Gary, DE/3-4DE, Michigan (PRI) 6. Cody Ford^, OT/G, Oklahoma (PRO, PRI) 7. Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida (PRI) 8. Devin Bush, ILB, Michigan (PRI)
  13. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Here are the visits specifically for projected first round picks: Josh Allen, 3-4OLB/OLB, Kentucky (PRI) Devin Bush, ILB, Michigan (PRI) Cody Ford^, OT/G, Oklahoma (PRO, PRI) Rashan Gary, DE/3-4DE, Michigan (PRI) Daniel Jones, QB, Duke (COM) Montez Sweat, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Mississippi State (PRI) Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida (PRI) Devin White, ILB, LSU (PRI) Quinnen Williams, DT/3-4DE, Alabama (COM) There you go. One of these guys will be picked on Thursday at #11. I'll leave out Qunnien Williams, Josh Allen and Daniel Jones. Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen because they'll be gone and Daniel Jones because I only think the Bengals would look at him in the 2nd round, not the 1st. Here's another look without Quinnen Williams, Josh Allen, and Daniel Jones: Devin Bush, ILB, Michigan (PRI) Devin White, ILB, LSU (PRI) Cody Ford^, OT/G, Oklahoma (PRO, PRI) Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida (PRI) Rashan Gary, DE/3-4DE, Michigan (PRI) Montez Sweat, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Mississippi State (PRI)
  14. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    There are a ton of names on that list that interest me. I know there has been a lot of back and forth but I honestly think the Bengals are going to be sitting pretty with who will be on the board when they pick. For the record, I’m a huge fan of Jace Sternberger the TE from A&M.
  15. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Here is the comprehensive list of pre-draft visits by the Bengals: SR - Senior Bowl meeting.EW - East-West Shrine meeting.COM - Combine meeting.INT - Interested.VINT - Very Interested.PRO - Pro Day or campus meeting/workout.LOC - Local visit. Prospect making a local visit.PRI - Private visit. Prospect making an official 30 visit.WOR - Private Workout. Members of an organization working out a player in private.STM - Some Type of Meeting. Josh Allen, 3-4OLB/OLB, Kentucky (PRI) Derrick Baity, CB, Kentucky (EW) Casey Bednarksi, K, Minnesota State (WOR) Devin Bush, ILB, Michigan (PRI) Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State (PRI) Te'Von Coney, OLB/ILB, Notre Dame (PRO) Jake Dolegala, QB, Central Connecticut State (PRI) Jaylon Ferguson, DE/3-4OLB, Louisiana Tech (PRI) Ryan Finley, QB, N.C. State (PRI) Cody Ford^, OT/G, Oklahoma (PRO, PRI) Rashan Gary, DE/3-4DE, Michigan (PRI) Will Harris, S, Boston College (PRO) Brandon Hitner, OT, Villanova (PRI) Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama State (PRO) Trenton Irwin, WR, Stanford (PRI) Daniel Jones, QB, Duke (COM) Donnie Lewis, CB, Tulane (PRI) Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State (LOC) Adrian Middleton, DT, Kentucky (WOR) Wyatt Miller, OT, Central Florida (PRI) Jachai Polite, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Florida (PRI) Anree Saint-Amour^, 3-4OLB, Georgia Tech (PRO, PRI) Miles Sanders, RB, Penn State (WOR) Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A&M (WOR) Montez Sweat, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Mississippi State (PRI) Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida (PRI) Brian Wallace, OT, Arkansas (WOR) Devin White, ILB, LSU (PRI) Quinnen Williams, DT/3-4DE, Alabama (COM) Chase Winovich, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Michigan (WOR)
  16. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    I think it's important to consider the defense as a whole. It's easy to pick on the LB's and see that they are extremely deficient there. But what happens to the defense if they get a high end pass rusher? Dunlap is good but he's getting older and could use a compliment across from him. Plus Michael Johnson is gone. The Bengals absolutely need a difference maker, a play maker on defense. If Devin White is there, take him. If he isn't get a disrupter on the front 7. Period. That will improve the entire defense. DE should definitely be on the table and either White, Sweat, or Gary will be there at 11. Note: The Bengals hosted Sweat and Gary for a visit.
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  18. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Let's recall also that despite the talent of the Bengals defensive line on paper, last season the whole unit played like trash for the most part. There was severe underachievement. Maybe they aren't that damn good.
  19. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Bengals are down Two tackles and entertained the tackle from Buffalo in FA. Not sure if he signed but I expect OT combined with the prospects available to get early consideration. Also wouldn’t be shocked with FA singing right before draft. D-line is loaded with “franchise” graded guys so that’s always going to be in play. QB, I don’t see it but who knows?
  20. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    This is a natural conflict for this draft year. The d-line position groups are loaded with franchise talent. Bengals don’t really need that. Sweat is a freak for sure. There’s a couple of them at DT and edge.
  21. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Here's my predictions for Thursday and Friday: The Bengals will go DE, LB, and Ryan Finley in the first 3 rounds. Not sure if they go LB or DE in the first. Just depends. Finley will go in round 2 or 3. Only catch is if the Patriots are onto Finley in the late first round. If they are high on him, then he is a perfect fit for NE. Book it.
  22. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    I haven't heard much on Gary other than that he might fall into the 20's. Due to his lack of statistical production. What people aren't talking about is that he played half of the season injured. And that opposing offenses schemed away from him consistently. However, he is a disruptive force in the middle. You have to understand that with the endless amount of draft info, there is so much lazy and shared projections on almost every player outside the top of the top players. Here's a better look. You don't need to watch more than 5 minutes to see. Gary isn't bad at all.
  23. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Do not want Gary. Peppers 2.0 ok, Gary no way.
  24. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Thing is, there are no guarantees that any player is going to be the next All Pro. All it takes is a look at the roster to see you have a hell of a lot more talent at DE than you do at either LB or the o-line. Why take a chance on a player that would not even present as the BPA when you could take a higher rated player at a position of need ?? If they were going to go the route of something different for the defense, I would recommend teaming Geno with Oliver on the interior of the line. Even THAT makes more sense then DE. i would root on Sweat and think he will be solid, but I would downgrade that pick from minute one.
  25. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Bad teams drafting for need (or at least narrowly within a small set of position groups) are doing it wrong, in my opinion. I wouldn't be opposed at all to a freak DE.
  26. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Because this dude is Julius Peppers basically. He's a freak.
  27. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Depends on how deep they feel the LB class is. If they think they can get a Pro Bowl type player, then they'll go for it. Montez Sweat is a type of player that can disrupt each play even if he doesn't get a sack or make a tackle. Unfortunately the Bengals are so deficient on defense they SHOULD take the most dynamic player available. I do think they will go defense in the first round looking for an absolute stud. OL will come in the 2nd and 3rd round possibly. Or at least it should. I think they have Oliver, White, Sweat, Burns, and Gary on their "big board" and I do think that they'll get one of these guys on Thursday. What's really interesting about Lap's comment is that by targeting Sweat the Bengals are probably considering Rashan Gary and Brian Burns as well. If Oliver or Devin White are there at 11, that's an obvious choice. Both won't be there. But one might be. Then if both are gone they'll go something like: Sweat, Gary, Burns.
  28. The 2019 AFC North Champions...will be...

    The Steelers will look much different without both AB and Bell. I truly think they underestimated the impact that is going to have. The Browns don’t worry me at this point, but they are an improved team for sure. The Ravens seem to be very confused about their identity and what will their QB is going to be expected to do. Those are the reasons I say there are scenarios where the Bengals could contend. Many questions for all teams in the AFCN.
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