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  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing the PFF grades and hearing from the podcasters reviewing the All-22s, especially for Jackson Carman. It looked like he played a strong game minus a couple little gaffes.
  3. Week 3 2021 - Bengals at Steelers Game Thread

    * Pitt missing both of their best pass rushers, and only 18 drop backs, it's not a bad thing of course, but need to see it against good fronts and not look like last week.
  4. Week 3 2021 - Bengals at Steelers Game Thread

    small sample size here of course but....
  5. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Hopefully the injury report is kind.
  6. If you are the Bengals and see Harris on the Steelers you pretty need to make plans to lock up Bates and Wilson or he’ll kill you.
  7. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Keep it going.....
  8. Wilson got a ton of preseason hype from the coaching staff and Lap. Glad to see it coming true. Play maker for sure
  9. Logan Wilson deserves that game ball. We might have a league top 10 LB on our hands.
  10. This. Yeah it sucks but today they had to call a couple TOs to avoid delay.
  11. Boomer on CBS was all over it. Ref expert kinda said it was delay without admitting it was a full blown screw up.
  12. Week 3 2021 - Bengals at Steelers Game Thread

  13. Win at Pittsburgh by two TDs and you get a week off from coaching complaints.
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