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  2. 2018 season

    Best to skip the preseason games and save money. And hopefully will fill if they make the playoffs.
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  4. 2018 season

    I could rattle off a LOOOOONG list of things the Bengals are "due" to have happen to them. An offensive lineman coming in and providing an upgrade is certainly one of them.
  5. 2018 season

    They absolutely need Price to be an out of the box solid contributor day 1. The thing that worries me is we always get burnt it seems. Fans seem to mock the coaching staff when they refer to durability as a key factor for a bottom tier player. But when the shining new car spends more time at the mechanic vs Sunday driving it’s a big headache. Bengals are due to have a offensive lineman come in and provide an upgrade
  6. 2018 season

    Yeah, have to think if there was a time to draft a Center in the first round with plans to have him start week one, the timing with the hiring of a new o-line coach is pretty fortunate. He will be learning just like everyone else and ensure he's right there with the guys that have been here more than a few months. I'm looking forward to seeing Price play.
  7. 2018 season

    I mean, this all seems like really positive news with regard to Price: http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Price-cleared-but-continues-to-grind/e43bb138-1524-43d3-a71c-b04a665a8706
  8. It’s like the fire department is loading a still steaming dumpster onto a flatbed to be hauled away. Mike pops up from the smoldering garbage inside, yells, “Wait! There’s more!”, pours gasoline over himself and lights a match.
  9. I think they handed the job to Shawn Williams so Reggie had to go even though Reggie and Iloka were playing the same position. ML thought Whit was signed meaning to me that Whit had a handshake deal with ML. When the FO told Whit that he could get X money but Ced-O would be the man sooner rather than later, Whit bolted. Unfortunately, I sense Mike Brown there. Zeitler... too expensive but no true attempt to replace him.
  10. Whit easily. Zeitler wasn’t signing with the Bengals unless it was highest paid. I don’t fault them for not signing Z when it took 12 mil a year. But I do fault them for letting Whit go in the same year AND ending up having UDFA Hopkins at RG to start the year. Last year there were several FA guard to be had in the 5-8 mil per year range. Marvin Jones wasn’t signing here either. Pac over Nelson has been a bad deal.
  11. 2018 season

    Happy that Price will be good to go for camp. Seriously happy. What that line could have been had they just found a way to keep Zeitler. Or should I say value the OG position...
  12. 2018 season

    Billy Price has been cleared for all activities. He will be a full participant when camp opens.
  13. I’d have to go with Whit and Zeitler. One was the type of leader they seem to talk about, except Whit was actually good as well. Zeitler was a 1st round pick that should have solidified the online for years to come. They let proven leadership and pro bowl level continuity walk out the door. Just stupid not to make sure you don’t lose both of them. Jones and Sanu bugged me, but when you look at the production of their replacements, most people wouldn’t believe it was basically a wash. Not to say I wouldn’t have rathered they kept at least one of them as well, but it didn’t hurt in the same manner.
  14. What was worse: ‘16 they let Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Reggie Nelson walk out of here, OR ’17 they let Zeitler and Whitworth walk out of here. Honey I Shrunk the Team!
  15. 2018 season

    You are the only one that can use the tickets as well. If you can’t go, there’s no selling them or even giving them away. However, for the price, it’s hard to go wrong. Missing those games won’t hurt in the grand scheme of things. Still not doing it....
  16. 2018 season

    I would do it if I were living there. I had season tickets back when Lebeau was coach and I paid about 55 bucks for the north end zone . Right before the PSLs started so I would have been grandfathered in on that. I sent the Jungle Pass offer around to everyone I know living around Cincy
  17. Nice Cocoon reference ;) Not every man has the talent to just whip out some Cocoon metaphors when talking Bengals
  18. 2018 season

    Jungle pass is a great deal, IMO. They’ll probably drag me back in. My understanding is you get same seat and playoff ticket priority.
  19. 2018 season

    Just got the following offer from the Bengals, who appareantly know that I’m cheap. 1. I pay them 200 bucks. 2. They let me attend all 8 home games and both preseason games under the following circumstances: a. No consistent seat. They assign me whatever seat they want before every game. b. No paper tickets. They only send an e-ticket to my phone. c. Hardly any advance notice of seat. They send the e-ticket to my phone a few hours before every game. d. Although not specified in the offer, I infer from the language, terms, etc., that I would not be considered a traditional season ticket holder, and therefore would not get the attendant benefits that come with that status. I’m thinking about doing it. Thoughts from season ticket holders and folks who attend a lot of games? I’d likely miss 2 or 3 regular season games, and I’d likely skip both preseason games.
  20. 3 back surgeries and can’t get going after the 3rd. Next.
  21. Yep, Pumpkin and Troy have seemingly receded into the woodwork, while Mike apparently swam in that pool full of UFO meteors from that old Cocoon movie and reset the clock to 1989. I’ll be at my nearest bridge, jumping off it.
  22. Back to Katie Blackburn... man it is weird that we never hear from her or Troy anymore... For a while, she or Troy were making videos, doing interviews, and MB was just chillin with his Old man pimpin’ Ain’t easy golf cart
  23. Would anyone put 100 on Eifert playing 16 games this year ? wonder what if there’s a line on that in Vegas
  24. I'm reading that this was a recent "tweaking" of his back, but whatever. I have little confidence our porcelain tight end will be able to stay on the field. Next man up time.
  25. I am put off by Marvin's mysterious presence.
  26. Marvin sounded put off by Eifert’s. Mysterious absence. Gresh was a frustrating player because you could see the athleticism that should have equaled more production. Fumbled a lot. At least that guy could line up and block. Where is Lap throwing Eifert under the bus? Eifert still with the team but he’s a major loss from 2015. Along with Jones, Sanu, Big Tits, Whit, and Z.
  27. He's technically not hurt. He's not back yet from the most recent back surgery. Everyone had to know when they signed him that this was a part of it, not knowing if or when he would be cleared. There really isn't anything new here.
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