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  2. Our O-line

    And just one more, anyone notice how Mason "Shrek" is doing with his blocking? I saw him make a catch but more interested in his role as a blocker.
  3. Our O-line

    Call me paranoid but I feel like Moobs would be starting over Hopkins now if he hadn't been dinged up at the beginning of camp. And.... WHERE is the GREAT TJ Johnson? He's one of the guys we re-upped! ;')
  4. Our O-line

    Harder to see how Fisher is doing as a pass blocker but I've caught him atleast a couple times not forming the the horseshoe we'd all like to see. The pulling he and Ced or trap downs etc have looked good for running. Would like to see Fisher and Ced in more power straight up block your man plays in short yeardage and goal line before I give them too much credit.
  5. Our O-line

    From what I've seen in Ceds play, he is going to get beat more often than average against speed+power rushers this year. But he looks to be in great shape for the type of running game the Team has shown so far. So does Fisher and the rest for that matter.
  6. So, has anyone seen anything good lately?

    Everyone has their car they just love. Mine is a ZO6 Corvette. This isn't a today, next month or next year purchase. However, I'm going to make it happen. No we've moved on from the days of mini vans. In all honesty though, our mini vans were freaking awesome with the kids.
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  8. Camp Thread

  9. Like always, I was hopeful this year's FA LB addition would have a greater positive impact vs. a snaps eater. Doesn't look that way. Definitely need to get their run fits together. While the D-line could have made some more plays made. They've missed sacks and tackles for no gain. When the ball carrier gets past the D-line it's alarming the number of yards gained afterward. Usually halted momentum results in pursuit cleaning up more plays. It's been a glaring negative in both preseason games.
  10. LB has been a perennial weak spot. Doesn't sound like that's going to change this year.
  11. So, has anyone seen anything good lately?

    What are you thinking about getting? I'm assuming this isn't minivan territory.
  12. Camp Thread

    Plus a gazillion. Our quarterback is just one of those guys who needs a clean pocket. He's not Roethlisberger, he's not Steve McNair. Lots of guys need a clean pocket, including Brady. Andy does not create, he doesn't escape and make plays. He executes an offense. He needs time and if this line can't do it, Alexander needs to go.
  13. One thing I noted from last week and was a little annoyed was the over negative emphasis analysis on a decent/solid o-line performance and basically ignoring Bad Tackling/3rd down performance by the D. Same story this week. It's preseason so I'm taking things at face value and trying not to project or give benefits. O-line while not perfect ISN'T the story in the first 2 games in the preseason. Sure, in reality they maybe when the real season starts but Defense is the negative story so far, IMO. As usual, I'm not a coach so I have no idea what I'm talking about. 1 good positive from the D is the opposing offense has to run a shit ton of plays to score. You got about 32 plays in 3 drives. Synopsis: Inconsistent and better LB play needed. I think I've noticed good D-line play with missed tackles by them but with no LBs to clean up to prevent gains. First Drive - 1- Counter Trey action pulling Linemen and TE to the left. Bengals seal end nicely. MJ great penetration, missed tackle. No LB to clean up Minter over ran the play and got blocked as the back cuts up 4 yards. 2 - Shotgun, Read Option, Give, Tackles get free release up on the backers. 4 yards 3 - 3rd down, Shotgun Read Option, Give, Tackles get free release up on the backer - First Down 4 - Fake End Around, inside trap, Burfict and Vigil fill nicely - 3 yard 5 - Shot gun, Bengals walk up safety, force Adjustment, Blitz Safety, Minter on Kelce #87. Great Rush by MJ up the middle, Safety Blitz ineffective. Big Gain to TE #87 with Minter in coverage, Williams coming over from 1/3 coverage. 6 - Shot gun, Bengals blitz, Rush 5, Drop MJ coverage, Blitz Vigil and Williams. Vigil misses sack. Scramble - no gain or little gain. 7 - Shot gun, Bengals bring Safety Blitz, Rush 5, Ball out quick to RB, Burfict late to cover - 6 yards 8 - Shot gun, Rush 5 with A gap Blitz. Burfict tripped or was tripped, not sure. Vigil locked 1 on 1 with back had to fight through the Muck as the back darts for the flat. Bad Angle by Vigil, Blitz and pressure force quick throw to Back and first down. Chris Smith gets a hit on the QB. 9 - Under Center, stretch run, holding of Vigil 10 - Shot gun, Blitz CB and Burfict, Drop Dunlap. Effective Blitz. Dunlap right in throwing lane. Incomplete. 11 - Shot gun, Rush 4, Dump to back, DQuez misses tackle, Burfict clean up. Missed tackle adds 3to 5 yards extra. 12 - Shot gun , Rush 4, good rush forces throw underneath before endzone - settle for FG attempt. Second Drive - after bad punt 1st - Under Center- Stretch Run, Billings penetration, misses tackle. Burfict fills quickly to take on FB. Minter over runs and RB cuts behind OL and Off to the races. 2 - Shot gun, Show A gap blitz, force Adj by QB, Blitz Double A, Drop MJ, Effective blitz, Ball is out quick. MJ can't make play on TE, Gain 7. 3 - Shot Gun, Show Single A gap Blitz with Burfict, Counter action. Vigil sucked up into the muck. RB bounces. MJ/Williams no edge se. Big hit by Williams lands on his arm injured elbow 4 - Under Center, Great Read by Burfict. Sims slashes underneath blocks. Burfict and Sims stuff for no gain. 5 - Under Center, Play Action. Dump to FB out in flat. Burfict in coverage, tackles but not before First Down. This was a great call in response to Burfict's quick read the play before. 6 - Under Center, Good D-line push. no gain. Minter tackles 7 - Shot gun, Rush 4, good coverage, better throw. TD to the TE. Third Drive - Mahomes takes over. 1- Under Center, Weakside run opposite two TEs. Clark doesn't hold edge, Shaw runs into block. Minter can't make play. Off to the races. 2 - Under Center, drop back to pass, good rush by Billings and Willis. Bad throw, missed pick 6 by Vigil. 3 - Shot gun, good rush of 4. QB scrambles 4 yards. 4 - 3RD DOWN! Shot gun, Show double A gap blitz, Rush 5, drop LB, Get caught in a screen. Off to the races. Vigil does nice job of hustle to slow - First Down 5 - Shot Gun, Quick WR pass, 9 yards. Great Hustle by Billings to make play while rushing then tackle on 9 yard gain on sidelines. Very Tim Krumrie like. Impressive play by him. 6 - Under center, Counter Trey action. Great play by Vigil dive over block. Minter cleans up. 7 - Shot gun, 3RD DOWN!, Rush 5, DQuez on Hill respects speed, no Jam. Hill runs him off and curls in front. First down. Chris Smith gets hit on QB. 8 - End around - 1st down 9 - Under Center, Good push by Billings and Glasgow. Gilberry misses tackle. LBs clean up - 2 yards. 10 - Shot gun, Rush 4. Willis Pressure missed sack. QB scrambles to the 2 yard line. 11 - Shot gun, Read Option, Gives, D-Line stuff 12 - Offside Glasgow. Billings great push. 13 - Under Center - Play Action, Blown Coverage on Backside TE - TOUCHDOWN.
  14. Camp Thread

    what BZB said, +1
  15. Agreed. Draiman has a great metal voice.
  16. Camp Thread

    You can have the best pass catchers in the league, wide outs, slot, tight ends, whatever. But if your offensive line cannot control the line of scrimmage, it won't mean a damn thing. I'm not expecting much this year.
  17. So, has anyone seen anything good lately?

    I haven't watched a movie in quite some time. But I am planning a major car purchase in the coming years and have been watching car videos. Kind of a "Good Job To Me" purchase. Shhhh, don't tell the wife.
  18. Camp Thread

    I fully expect them to carry 7 WR's this season. They can get away from LaFell after this year with no dead money. Green, LaFell, Boyd, Erickson, Ross, Core, and Malone. They bail on LaFell in 2018 or bring him back for $4 million if there's no development or an injury occurs. None of the 7 listed above are free agents in 2018. Yeah, that's an above average WR corps in my opinion.
  19. Our O-line

    Thanks Amphar, good stuff!
  20. Last week
  21. Camp Thread

    Erickson is a great candidate to have his potential hampered for a while in Cincinnati before eventually signing with the Patriots and blowing up.
  22. Our O-line

    3rd and 4th drives solid. Hopkins gave up some pressure. As did Ced and Fisher on a couple snaps. But also combined with some decent run blocking at one point they had multiple pan cake blocks again on a counter trey.
  23. Our O-line

    2nd drive not so solid, short gain Bodine beat by NT. Sack on a Play Action Pass. KC looks to bring the house really only brings 4. Hopkins late on MLB coming up the middle. Then no rotation on number #97 as he comes on a stunt right up the middle after #53. Runs right past Fisher. Not sure who is supposed to switch but Bengals end up with 3 guys blocking 1 guy on both ends of the line. Clear miscommunication and failure to recognize stunt. 3rd down. Quick throw to Mixon. Hopkins late on the Block, Mixon breaks tackles and gains about 15 yards.
  24. Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals

    It is the preseason. Just chill people. Just think regular season is coming!
  25. So, has anyone seen anything good lately?

    Binged the Defenders over the weekend. Meh. I think I liked the DuckTales reboot more.
  26. Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Yup. We all know how is will probably play out. Rex will turn into a star in NE. Meanwhile in Cincy Mixon will be stuck behind Hill (who the coaches won't give up on) and Gio, and the run game will further struggle because of the oline. Mixon will finally get more PT near the end of the year, but by then it will be too late and the Bengals will spend the early weeks of 2018 watching Rex get a ring.
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