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  2. 2020 Draft

    ...and that means he missed his appointment for the 10 bucks off lube special on the Lumina. There will be hell to pay COB: does Rivera do vehicle maintenance?
  3. 2020 Draft

    Word out of PBS is that teams are inquiring about such a trade, but all phone calls are being ignored because for the last 17 days Mike has been on the phone trying to cancel his DIRECTV subscription. He’s still working on it.
  4. Pats @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    The investigation around Spygate 1.0 discovered the Patriots had a directive that if the taper was caught, lie to the authorities and say you were filming for a Patriots show or web content. Just shows the level of contempt they have for the league. They didn’t even change their M.O., just started up taping signals again with the same bullshit excuses. Can you blame them? A fine and one draft pick, very small price to pay for a competitive advantage. That penalty had no effect on them, and the wrist slap about to be administered won’t matter either.
  5. 2020 Draft

    If I have the first overall pick AND a crystal ball that tells me Tua will be there for us in the second AND I’m not taking Burrow...then my inclination is to trade the pick. This team has a ton of issues and the FO sure isn’t going to pay to fix them in FA so see if you can get an extra few picks this year and some 2021/22 selections as well.
  6. 2020 Draft

    On top of that he is an Ohio Kid (from Athens) so he could be the local hero taking the deadbeat franchise and rising to glory....the stuff movies are made from.
  7. 2020 Draft

    What if???....So this is completely hypothetical... Say the Bengals have the first pick in the draft... I told you that Tua would be available at our selection in Rd. 2....(he is being mocked in the late first early second by most prognosticators) Does Chase Young and Tua look better than Joe Burrow/Random RT prospect? (Let's stay with Jedrick Willis) Of course there are no guarantees that Tua drops out of the first round and as a result this is purely fantasy because we will be taking Burrow if we get the first pick. Just looking for opinions here.
  8. Preston Brown cut by Raiders.
  9. Time to begin the rebuild

    Mike reads the above, then, “Nancy, quick, bring me my pills. Quickly. Erghhh.,, ughhh.,.” (Clutches chest in Fred Sanford like manner.)
  10. Last week
  11. Time to begin the rebuild

    You need about $55 mil of cap space for injuries
  12. Pats @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    What a crock
  13. Pats @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Rapaport : “The League feels inclined to believe the Patriots’ intentions regarding videotaping the Bengals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a penalty.” What a load.
  14. Time to begin the rebuild

    Per OTC the top 51 for 2020 currently account for about $147 million, giving the Bengals roughly $50-55 million. That doesn’t include the nearly $18 million they could free up by cutting or trading Andy.
  15. Time to begin the rebuild

    Watched the full SEC Championships, first time I have watched Burrow play a full game this season....gotta say he looks pretty incredible.
  16. Pats @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Given that the Patriots just lost a game at home against the Chiefs and now this....I predict the Patriots beat the Bengals by 50+ points. Think they will institute a mercy rule for this game?
  17. Pats @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    A common refrain heard upon the air waves today is: "Why would the Patriots need to cheat to beat the bengals?" Fair question. The correct answer is: Any given Sunday. If you don't bring your A game then ANY team can be beaten by ANY other team. This has been proven. So if your "A" game includes top notch preparation and your preparation includes illegally obtained video assistance. There's your answer. The NFL has a level of parity baked into it's system. Therefore if you have always gained an edge by doing "whatever", you must continue to continue to do "whatever" in order maintain the edge regardless of opponent because the gap is simply not that big.
  18. Pats @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    and dont forget to suspend and fine Burfict :-)
  19. Pats @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Patriots : “We were accidentally cheating the same way we got caught accidentally cheating in the past. Just a lot of accidents.” The League -“Gosh, could happen to anyone! All is forgiven! All is forgotten including your cheating to beat the Rams in the Super Bowl (taping Rams’ walkthrough), your mass murderer tight end, your cheating QB who destroyed his cell phone by accident to hide the coverup evidence, your hand job connoisseur owner, your taping of the Eagle’ sideline signals, all that, we can’t recall any of that. Patriot Way!!”
  20. Pats @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Im better than good with that......that'd be fantastic!
  21. I'm back baby !!!

    i’m switching to Garapalalapalopolousapo.
  22. I'm back baby !!!

    I’ve got the saddle on Dak, and we’re galloping towards our inevitable demise!
  23. I'm back baby !!!

    Hey, you won, what are you complaining about? =p Looks like it’s just you and me standing it the way of Army Jr. and Army OldDecrepitMan from walking away with the whole thing this year. Besides, I want a rematch with those juiced up thugs!
  24. Pats @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Bengal will probably receive a beating of a life time for exposing the scheme this week.
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