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  2. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    All hatred aside, the Browns are a better team and should beat the Bengals again.
  3. Ha ha! No, the immense pride our team supposedly has is not going to rise up and drive them to victory against the Browns. Sorry I just don’t believe there is much there. We’re a broken down team playing out the string.
  4. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Browns acted like asses winning in Cincinnati. My guess is a competitive game.
  5. Today
  6. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Edit: They are #13 now. Not #12. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl
  7. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    Yep they get the win in front of no one. That just really warms my heart !!!
  8. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    LOL. Let me fix that. They are at #12 now. They were at #11. So they dropped a spot. I promise I'm not drinking.
  9. Is this one spot from where we were before the weekend games? Or one spot from where we’d have been if we’d won today?
  10. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    You sure you don’t want to hear about his recent successes against our hated rival, Pittsburgh. In the last 8 meetings, he’s won once. In the last 18 meetings, he’s won 3 times. This is a coach who gets to decide if he wants to come back? Who gets a front office job and gets to hand his old job to his best friend? No wonder PBS was 2/3 empty today.
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  12. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Yeah on the road, not sure they're going to beat a more motivated Browns' team. Pitt's a guaranteed loss. Makes 3 losing seasons in a row for Marvin. Would then have a sub-.500 record in December for his career here, to go along with 15 years and zero playoff wins.
  13. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Naw I don't think that will happen
  14. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Man Oakland is really bad. But go Patriots beat those F**king Steelers....
  15. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Good news. The Bengals have only dropped one spot in the draft order. They are at #12 up from down from #11.
  16. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Oh no! Now they're a good couple of games from Joe Mixon to saving Melvin's job and possibly winning the division. Noooooooo!
  17. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    I knew they'd win. They'll beat Cleveland next week too. A truly abysmal finish is too much to ask for.
  18. Winter meetings Reds,, Billy Hamilton trade talk

    Well it looks like Cincy is doing a little more on trade talks
  19. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Hoping they suffer another embarrassing loss today !!!
  20. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    i don’t really care to ever hear again about what Lewis has or has not done for this team. It just doesn’t matter anymore. Zero playoff wins, that’s what he has gotten this organization and it’s fans. Its like touting how some of Dalton’s stats are comparable to some of the greats. Someone remind me how that has resulted in success. Never...
  21. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    I don’t know. Mike Brown took us through the 90s. We still aren’t over it. I doubt we be singing happy tunes here if we suffered what Cleveland did and just approached 8 wins. NFL is parity driven. Bengals under Lewis have had playoff chances at a greater rate than most franchises since 2010. Browns are at the dead opposite end of the spectrum and are finally cycling upward. Bengals sin is inregards of not taking advantage of their best teams and now as they rebuild there cycle is taking longer because they have some bad decisions and draft choices and they aren’t even close to the inept Browns.
  22. Instructions from me to the Bengals as they get ready to play Oakland today: Try your hardest on every play! Accept your mistakes, move on quickly. Never quit! Keep a positive mental additude at all times!
  23. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    I’ll take it a step further. I’m happy to see the Browns doing well. A coach who is now engaged in actually coaching. A roster with a difference maker at QB and talent around him. Built through the draft AND free agency. Hmmmmm...
  24. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    Cleveland is good, and I just don't care anymore, my how things have changed anymore.
  25. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    We get Denver in our place, they bitch-slap us 24-10. Cleveland goes to mile high and beats them. Cleveland is so much better since they fired Hue Jackson, it is illogical that he’s even on our staff, let alone being considered for our HC job. Hats off to Gregg Williams and the other people at the Mistake. Kills me to admit it but they’ve put together a good team. Hopefully they screw it up with coaching staff changes.
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  27. OT: Favorite Christmas Toy or Bengals gift

    Wish kids these days would grow up to something like that. As really oldies yet goodies!
  28. OT: Favorite Christmas Toy or Bengals gift

    That was cool and pretty sure I had that one
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