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  2. Remember Huber’s Jaw?

    It’s so pussified that we actually witnessed a defender let go of Brady so as to avoid getting a penalty. Brady somehow staggered into the end zone. Pussification metamorphises has resulted in Tom effing Bradybsomehow running for touchdowns because players are literally afraid to touch him.
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  4. Remember Huber’s Jaw?

    Yes that's that's the video I saw thanks Gap. So now if Burfict was not in hot water I'm sure he is now, and they will be watching his every move. So im guessing we can expect a suspension or 15 yard penalties in the next few games.
  5. If the defense could play at an average level he would have gotten it.
  6. Remember Huber’s Jaw?

    Here’s the video. Nothing anywhere near as bad as what Shazier did to Gio Bernard or what Hines Ward did to Rivers https://mobile.twitter.com/RobertKlemko/status/1052305360558612480
  7. Remember Huber’s Jaw?

    I watched the SI video. I saw only a couple of over the line plays and the video goes back many years.
  8. Remember Huber’s Jaw?

    Big time which is what makes it hard to watch anymore.
  9. Remember Huber’s Jaw?

    The NFL has become pussificated.
  10. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Lol. Don't even...
  11. Remember Huber’s Jaw?

    I agree on both. The pussification of the NFL and that Burfict needs to go.
  12. Remember Huber’s Jaw?

    Wow it amazing to see right now everyone, who is wanting Burfict out of the league. There are videos everywhere out there showing the things he has done, many folks seem to be pushing for his exit of the NFL. The NFL has turned into a pussy league and it's pretty tough to even enjoy it anymore. However I do sometimes wonder how much Burfict is out there head hunting. I felt on Sunday he was more out to get Pitt players then win the game. I watch him lower his head all the time trying to tackle, or a guy gives himself up and he throws himself on them instead of just touching them. I used to love the way Burfict played the game, but the NFL has now changed the way you can play, and he is a risk every play now. My question is, is he even worth it anymore? In my eyes his play has dropped big time. I watch him missing tackles, he is out of place all the time, I'm just not sure his play is there right now. Does he make this defense better, so far it dosnt seem so? You always have to worry about the next hit he makes will it be a 15 yard penalty, what about a suspension, or who is he so called threatening now. Shit is just getting old anymore, can't even enjoy a season without something that he did. So do you guys think he is worth the risk on every play anymore? Hell the guy can't even play a full season because he is always suspended, or injured because he can't tackle.
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  14. Fantasy 2018

    The HGH Farm has to play his team this week. Yahoo is giving me like a 34% chance of winning. Todd Gurley is going to trample the 49ers and, by default, my fantasy team. If Gurley falls in a well I’ve got a chance, otherwise forget it.
  15. Week 7 - Chiefs Talk

    But we don't have the ability to stop 3rd down conversions Chiefs 34 -24 Bengals
  16. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Just imagine if they play on consecutive weeks including the Wild Card round. The stupidity will be at its peak.
  17. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    It's the week leading up to the game and all the stupid conversation that takes place in the media, between the teams, and even some of the fans. It's the game where all the talk leads to stupidity on the field, which usually has a negative impact for the Bengals because they always play the bitch. It's the week after when you have to hear all the follow on stupid conversation like no one has ever heard or thought of it before. I'm pretty sure I've been making these same posts for the last few years at a minimum. The stupidity never ends when it comes to the Steelers and Bengals. Ending the season against them in Pittsburgh will be a special kind of hell win or lose.
  18. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    They’ll head shot AJ Green early or the punter. You’ll see a fraction of the up roar that is being seen now because Burfict talked meanly Ju-Ju. Marvin will find a way to curl up in a ball. Watching it isn’t the problem it’s the week afterward that you can’t escape. Eventually the Steelers will add another pelt to their long list of cheap shots. They’ll win and not catch any blow back at all. Just tough old school football there. Meanwhile Burfict participated in gang tackle of AB so the league had to investigate. Im just saying you can’t knock enough of them out ever.
  19. Week 7 - Chiefs Talk

    With the injuries to our defensive players, that doesn't bode well either. If Vigil is out, our linebacking corps looks worse. Who knew that was possible ?? Dennard's absence was noticeable and if McRae and Phillips are all that's left, that's a problem as well.
  20. NFL media over credit QBs for team accomplishments and overblame QBs for team failures. Dalton in the past has looked like ass in some national primetime/playoff appearances and that will be his reputation nationally until he does what he has done several times at 1pm on the national stage since then. Dalton post 2014 is simply a better QB. Now the national rep will need to catch up. A little more awareness this past Sunday and not snapping the ball so early in the play clock and he’s making the media rounds off the back of another 4th quarter game winning drive.
  21. Week 7 - Chiefs Talk

    I have very little faith that Marvin Lewis Bengals will win on Sunday Night football against the current 1st or 2nd best team in the AFC. It just doesn’t happen very often under him. One time we Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Monday Night. Bengals shouldn’t get blown out because they have Mixon and the Chiefs are horrible at run D and in recent meetings the Bengals with Hill ran all over them. I think close 4th quarter should have could have won type game. Get ready to play the Bucs in an important bounce back game.
  22. Bingo. Complaining about Andy Dalton with Marvin still around just seems fundamentally misguided. He’s been a B or B+ quarterback for most of his career and that ought to be enough with the rest of the talent we’ve seen here.
  23. Week 7 - Chiefs Talk

    To hell with logic. 13-13 tie.
  24. Week 7 - Chiefs Talk

    Nothing will really surprise me with this game against the Chiefs. Seeing it go either way really won't shock me. We have the ability to put points on the board and could walk away from KC with a win. We have the ability to give up a ton of points as well and could get blown out. Either way or somewhere in between will more than likely not end in shock... Chiefs 45 Bengals 31
  25. It's easy to point at the QB of any team and say he is this or he is that. While Dalton will never be mistaken for one of the all time greats, he is a very good QB. Anyone needing proof of how it can be for a team to find a QB, you need look no further than the Cleveland Browns. There are plenty of other teams that have spend much time, energy, and draft picks trying to find a solid QB. How many teams are starting rookie QB's this season ?? How many of them will be even solid QB's for at least as many years as Dalton ?? I don't know, I just refuse to get super mad at Dalton when Marvin is still f*cking up stuff on the sidelines with wreck less abandon.
  26. I think it was Daltons 3rd season where I left him for dead. He was terrible. He cost the team quite a few games by himself. He did rebound and he eventually got to 2015 which was his best year to date and now has started off again this year just as good. Hey he isn’t Brees Brady or Rodgers but he’s not the loser he was in season 3. Give him 3 seconds and he usually finds someone open for a gain.
  27. Week 7 - Chiefs Talk

    Ok, I’ll give it a shot this week. Maybe the luck will turn around. I figured the Steelers would win so going against my gut... let’s say the Bengals D controls KCs offense and Dalton and Company drop 35... Cincy 35 Chiefs 24
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  29. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Just wait. Week 17. Flexed to Sunday Night Football. Bengals at Steelers. AFCN title on the line. Chances of Melvin Lewis curling up in a ball and coaching scared? 100%. Bengals getting outcoached? 100%. Stupid plays and penalties? 100% Hell if I'm going to watch that shit show. Mark and I will be offline.
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