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  2. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    I’ve long avoided Steelers week. Hate how BOTH teams act when they play each other. It’s just become too stupid in recent years. That being said, I will be hoping they win while I cut grass and rake leaves.
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  4. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    IMO, it's a troll job of Middle America. It's a political push masked as an innocent cause. Now did I quit watching the NFL solely because of it? No. I haven't watched since Thursday Night Football mostly because of the attempt to suspend Burfict 5 games for a legal/good football play. Then the Bengals suck. The cost to watch live has gotten crazy just in the last 4 seasons. So screw them. I am tempted to watch this week but I also know Marvin Lewis Bengals rarely ever play their best against the Steelers and there also seems to be one sided calls not favoring the Bengals. So, I don't know. If it was at 1, I could do yard work. 4 is an awful tempting time to start wrapping up the weekend. Nice bowl of chili or something with some fall football? I might just bet Belmont and Keeneland all day to distract me.
  5. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    Here’s something I find interesting, while generally not giving this thought... This whole bunch of current nonsense has progressed to such a point that everyone has all but forgotten that Kaepernick started all of this to bring attention to inequality. Now it’s about the flag and the anthem. While I do not care for the way in which the protest was coupled with the flag and anthem, protest is a right of every US citizen. How people claiming to be such advocates of the American way of life have forgotten this surprises me. I find the whole thing very sad.
  6. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    CNBC reports decreased EPS estimates for both CBS and FOX sighting soft NFL ratings decreases TV add revenue this morning. Many people will declare a political victory but this the worse news for the NFL. I'm not sure it's a political victory, I just think the owners for about 10 years has drastically damaged its relationship with its fans. Now the current anthem protest are the final straw. Just my guess but CEO's siting your business as a reason EPS decline is not good. In the next wave of media contract renewals what will probably happen is the NFL will be forced to take on risk with media partners and accept variable rate contracts based on some sort of metric. Maybe shorter term or with ways to get out.
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  8. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    Im done with the NFL, until they take the politics out of it. I watch football for entertainment not to get a lesson from either side of the isle. Go Bucks!
  9. Bye week blues thread.

    hopefully Mitchel gets suspended this week....but God-dell is a steelers fan, so probably just a token fine, as usual
  10. And It Just Gets Better for Browns Fans

    I got them pegged for Oh for 2017.
  11. You don't really want to know the answer to that, do you? JK, I doubt we could lose to them. they could beat Detroit and the Bears. I just think someone will take them very lightly and not show up.
  12. Bye week blues thread.

    Let them think a walk in the park is ahead.
  13. Bye week blues thread.

    Looks like Pittsburgh found their game just in time to play us next week.
  14. The Browns started another quarterback today, didn't matter. They got owned by the Texans anyway. They're looking at probably 2 wins this year.
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  16. Bye week blues thread.

    If he is, he doesn't understand it. Andy couldn't read a defensive shift it was written on a table cloth in crayola. Mediocre college level QB.
  17. Bye week blues thread.

    I hope Daltons not watching this.....
  18. Bye week blues thread.

    Wow the Chiefs are horrible so far
  19. Bye week blues thread.

    Anyone think we can stop leveon bell next week?
  20. Bye week blues thread.

    3-2 KC!
  21. Bye week blues thread.

    Pittsburgh up 2-0 FFS!
  22. Bye week blues thread.

    49ers 0-6 which is always nice to see ;)
  23. Bye week blues thread.

    Wow Bears won nice
  24. Bye week blues thread.

    Hell Yeah!
  25. Bye week blues thread.

    Let's go Chiefs!!!
  26. Bye week blues thread.

    They made it a wee bit too close for me in overtime.
  27. Bye week blues thread.

    Bears win :)
  28. Bye week blues thread.

    Bears at the ravens 25.....
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