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  2. I wouldn' trust either of them to get it right!!! My point was more of letting him walk away and getting nothing in return instead of trading him when they had numerous chances to
  3. i thought it was Cleveland that effed up the paperwork and not meeting the deadline - ??????????????
  4. Front office getting exactly what they deserve with the McCarron saga. I didn't think he was any beyyer than Dalton, but with the right team with proper coaching he may end up a starter. And he's certainly got a better chance of winning a playoff game now........
  5. It continues - every decision they’ve made in the last year or so has blown up in their faces.
  6. Last week
  7. The good news just keeps rolling in for our team https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/2/15/17008044/arbitration-ruling-aj-mccarron-unrestricted-free-agent-2018-bengals so we coulda had a 2 in a trade, and blew it Coulda had a 1 if he was a RFA, and now thats blown as well Best we can get now is a comp 3, which is better than nothing but nowhere near as good as the other two scenarios And he wont be signing here. He wants starter money and starter playing time.
  8. This is the signing which will get Bengals fans back in the seats.
  9. FWIW he said he was injured but... anyway... we need more. A lot more.
  10. we have a signing! we have a signing! https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/2/14/17013486/bengals-sign-former-giants-offensive-lineman-bobby-hart S U P E R B O W L ! whats not to like about an OT who was rated even lower than Ooogie by PFT and also quit on his team - refused to play the final game of 2017? Do you smell that? Thats the scent of a CHAMPIONSHIP!
  11. Quenton Nelson

    Indeed as wonder what he could do over on the team if drafted.
  12. Quenton Nelson

    Guard, Tackle, and Center must be the three top priorities. If we can get a Guard or Center in FA it will free up what we do in the draft. Would love to see them sign Andrew Norwell (Cincy kid) and Weston Richburg in FA, they should be spenders, they have to know it is the last chance with this core group.
  13. Quenton Nelson

    I know Hobson has the team taking a S in his recent mock but that’s like painting the walls anew while the house is on fire. Nelson if he is there is great and the next pick has to be an OT. Cant get out of the top 3 rounds without addressing OT.
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  15. Olympics General Thread

    The Luge is just insane!! 82 mph on a sled?
  16. Olympics General Thread

    Latvia's female athletes are all 10s.
  17. Olympics General Thread

    Parade of Nations. Norway plays for keeps in the Winter Olympics. Be afraid! Germany's uniforms look like they've adopted Mogatu's Derelict' line. Terrible.
  18. Olympics General Thread

    I'm a huge fan of the olympics, I love both the summer and winter games. The opening ceremony is on right now. So far that maniac from the north hasn't nuked it so it's an unqualified success.
  19. NFL Playoffs

    Oh I do hope the xfl finds a following for a few years because the NFL could use motivation through competition to improve its game
  20. NFL Playoffs

    Real drug testing will shrink and slow the players. Real grass will slow the players and create nostalgia TV events Allow more hand checking or physical coverage. Dont allow LBs to drop in Zone coverage. They must rush or engage a receiver. Remove QB protections that reward them for getting outside the pocket and entice them to run. Reduce holding by OL. Make it a spot foul when blatant. Remove calls for head shots out of the Refs control. Video review after the game and severe career threatening punishments. Also if player is concussed with a head shot that player is removed until the return I think these things slow the play. Create competitive balance between offense and defense. Create a more entertaining football. Get games over in 3 hours. i never watch a more boring “great” game than this past Super Bowl.
  21. NFL Playoffs

    Great point about the new NFL. So many people are saying Wow what an awesome Super Bowl! Well, yeah, it was competitive and down to the last second but neither defense had a chance because of the myriad new rules. It is what is now. On the flip side, it’s suppposed to make less injury to QBs and WRs... which means less running and more short and screen passes. I think they should take away the helmets and pads so when kids learn to play the game, they don’t spear or dive tackle. Oh yeah and HGH and whatever else the guys are being “tested for” needs to go away. Most of us played backyard football and we didn’t need helmets or HGH because we tackled the persons body with our body, like you see in rugby. Launching yourself should be illegal just like clotheslining someone is. Just my ideas.
  22. NFL Playoffs

    You didn’t miss much. The new nfl means defense barely exists, old men quarterbacks throw for a million yards, records get broken right and left, and you watch truck, beer, and insurance ads until your brain falls out.
  23. Marvin Praises Bodine, Wants Him Back (not good)

    It’s weird. If Bodine was considered a “good” player his market value would be too much for the Bengals. He sucks so he’s a priority
  24. NFL Playoffs

    Fly Eagles Fly as they say!
  25. NFL Playoffs

    Hey everyone. Hope things are going well for you all. Happy the Eagles won that game, although I didn't watch. Take it easy...
  26. The Bengals only want him back because they think he’ll be cheap, then their new wizard OL coach can get him to outperform his deal. I think this is posturing and they’ll try to move on from this dude. Or they’ll sign him as a depth guy and start a free agent.
  27. NFL Playoffs

    No way we can. That damn the torpedos approach to the way Philly played that game on offense including the decisions to go for it several times on 4th down (especially that awesome decision with 6 minutes left) - there is NO way that Marvin can coach that way. Literally, he can't wrap his mind around it. It's just not him.
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