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  2. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Nice job. Losing my 4th in a row wasn’t going to hold up. Oh well much like the shitty Bengals, there’s always next year. Only they really don’t have a chance....
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  4. That's next year's t-shirt slogan.
  5. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Woooo Hooooo ........I nabbed the 4th place !!! Play Offs here we come
  6. The rest of the NFL can see it, and has for years

    That philosophy and the "hope and pray" method are as far as making effort to winning the Super Bowl goes here in Cincinnati. Here I thought I would give it to the spring to see what happens. Nope. Fuck these guys. Been a fan since I can remember (I suppose 1972), went to the freezer bowl and Super Bowl XVI. Was always thinking "just one before I die" in my blind devotion to this shit heap of an organization. NO LONGER....
  7. It's best said the Bengals aren't against winning the Super Bowl, I mean they aren't going to turn it down or be sad if it happens. One day the stars will line up.
  8. Interviewing and hiring new coaches is a lot of work. Plus 60 years ago a football coach got fired and his feelings were so hurt he had to go play golf in San Diego for a few years. The horror! They threw away a golden opportunity. The admiration and respect I had for Marvin due to the turn-around he performed have been diminished. His ineptitude has grown tiresome.
  9. The rest of the NFL can see it, and has for years

    BWAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAA !!! Oh my God, that's funny. I suppose you can make the argument that they would "like" to win it all, but they have given us zero reasons to believe that. Other teams make moves when they see something is not working. The Bengals ?? "Just keep grinding". Could you imagine what would happen to this team if they did actually win it all ?? They would think they finally have it all figured out as opposed to understanding they actually caught lightning in a bottle. THIS ORGANIZATION WILL NEVER SUCCEED. Now looking at my post, I realize I should just stop talking about the Bengals. I'll come here to check in on you guys. FUCK THE BENGALS !!!
  10. Ross to IR, Hid Injury from Bengals

    It is best to let it play out at this point before deciding what pick should have been what at this point in time. There 0 significance in a particular number . Draft classes aren't created equal.
  11. Those era Bengal team will be lost in NFL history by most common fans. Doomed to go down lost in history as a joke because of this franchise's reputation. Lost in NFL like the Glanville Oilers, Dome Patrol Saints or Buddy Ryan Eagles. Had some real talent but almost every time on the big stage not only lost but looked pathetic. How Lewis stayed so long is the biggest statement about how much the Bengals front office truly wants to win it all. They are content with being in the playoff conversation.
  12. The rest of the NFL can see it, and has for years

    "Which is such a shame because a couple of years ago they had a team the was loaded on both sides of the ball. For me at the time the Cards and Bengals had the most stacked rosters."
  13. "Can an angel of mercy deliver the Bungals from the Marvin Lewis era already?" "I feel bad for the people of cincy to be stuck with lewis for this long" "It's a running gag about Marvin Lewis ever getting fired. I truly think everyone will be surprised when he finally is fired because year after year his name comes up." "Lewis should get fired in the next week or so... But he won't! Thing is... A couple of years ago arguably he had the most talented roster in the AFC and he still couldn't win a play off game. Now that roster has lost a lot of talent and the organisation can use that as an excuse as to why they are struggling!" https://boards.philadelphiaeagles.com/topic/734191-black-monday-whos-on-the-hot-seat-in-2017-who-gets-fired/?page=11
  14. Just not feeling it

    Between the two, I'll take the Pats. I'd like to see Rex get a ring like Dillon did.
  15. Last week
  16. Just not feeling it

    I guess year after year it's the same teams over and over, with a few new teams sprinkled in. When it's all said and done it will be the Steelers vs the Pats with the winner in the super bowl, AGAIN. This league is so predictable.
  17. Just not feeling it

    The league just wants us, the whole country, to become fans of either the Steelers or the Patriots. They do whatever they want, the end justifies the means, and we're Americans so get on board with a winner!
  18. Stealers looking for PK

    Damn, that kicker for Pittsburgh is money. Also, another very predictable game last night. Steelers win, yawn.
  19. Ross to IR, Hid Injury from Bengals

    Ross was a luxury pick, the type of thing you do when you're rolling. We needed help on the o-line and at linebacker. I also never understood why Boyd wasn't seen a a very viable 3rd or even 2nd if Lafell is hurt. I like Boyd. On my part it is pure retrospect, but Ross was not needed, and it looks like they didn't do their homework on him. Boyd will probably play his deal out, go somewhere else and tear it up.
  20. Would they relocate? I believe they would. Just my opinion, but I don't think Mike has any overriding sense of loyalty to the Cincinnati area. If the County breaches the lease and opens the door for Mike to move the Bengals, he'd do it under one condition - the $ figures would have to line up. The days of government opening up the vault to lure pro sports franchises are coming to an end. And I think the NFL's social issues lately will also have a dampening effect on the willingness of a City or County to use public money to subsidize a sports franchise. But I don't think it's over yet. There are still a few looking to get fleeced. In steps crusty old Mike "Mr. Burns" Brown. He can read the landscape. I think he'd entertain every option, do some cipherin' on the old figgerin' machine, and if the option is financially attractive, they're gone. Personally, I'd still follow them. I only go to a game in person once in a great while, so I could follow them as I do now no matter where they go. I actually love watching and following the Bengals, I can't explain why. If someone from the Bengals' organization hasn't talked to some behind the scenes types in St. Louis and San Diego, I'd be shocked.
  21. Always important to remember this time of year...

    I would NOT lose a second of sleep if the Bengals would threaten to leave town. Good riddance you sorry asses. I would come help pack their crap into the moving trucks. Nothing changes with this organization and I have no faith that they ever will. I will hold off to see what happens with Marvin, his hopeful replacement, and the other coaches. However, I fully expect my time as a Bengals fan to end come this spring. I don't even miss watching the NFL games anymore. The college game is where I devote my football time.
  22. Always important to remember this time of year...

    How many guys on this team are hurt right now? It's supposed to be 21-32 degrees this week in Cincy (and windy = cold as hell). They're playing in a dome this weekend. Guess who will be the more-prepared team? I'm sure all of that "toughing it out in the outdoors" will make them "more resilient." (I see constantly injured players and no playoff wins) Just another factor in a losing organization. Just watch this as well - the County is going to break a part of the lease deal next year that requires them to pay a few million to the Bengals' every year (in increasing amounts) until 2026. That breach could leave the Bengals' off the hook to relocate. A city with a sweetheart deal that includes an indoor facility might just get them out of here, and I would not miss them at this point.
  23. Bears @ Bengals Game Thread

    Yeah I'm not seeing where Guenther is all that great of a d-coordinator either, granted he was missing 3 starters and Geno went out with a bad foot, but they were playing literally the only other offense in the entire league that is as bad as the Bengals', and made them look like world beaters. They have the same pass rush every game, every down it seems - I remember Zimmer being much more creative with that. The Bengals' LB's outside of a non-reliable Burfict (comes out at least 3X a game, constantly hurt, fined or suspended) are complete garbage. And I don't think Vigil is a long term solution either, he's too damn small, as you can see, he'll only last so long before his body starts breaking-down constantly, the game isn't like it was in the 80's or the early-mid 90's, those guys just get chewed-up at LB unless they're built like trucks. How do the Bengals' not realize something so obvious? There was a reason Vigil was easily available where they picked him (2 rounds too early). If I have to watch Vinny Rey get blown-up at the LOS or pushed into the ground one more time, I'm gonna puke, why he is still on this roster, why they don't ever draft LB's higher in the draft, and why they can't develop ANY of them, is mind-boggling.
  24. Bears @ Bengals Game Thread

    Vikes and Zim are going to kick Marvin's teeth in next week. What could have been!
  25. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    If they actually fire Marvin, along with the other coaches that need to be gone (yeah i'm looking at you Alexander), and hire from outside the organization, I could see them wanting to have say over the roster and be able to move forward with "their guys". Thing is, while I don't think Dalton will take us to the Super Bowl, he's not the most glaring weak spot on this roster (yeah i'm looking at you o-line). There are simply so many different directions this team could move forward with, but outside of maybe Marvin leaving, I'm not expecting much. An internal hire for the coaching position and then status quo from there. Like I said, my time with this team is limited.
  26. Bears @ Bengals Game Thread

    What a feeble display. They targeted our MLB, and their guys were open by like 7 yards time and time again. Very poorly coached team. Good luck in all your future endeavors, Marvin.
  27. Bears @ Bengals Game Thread

    Bengals have the 8th pick right now, I believe. They could realistically go as low as the #6 overall. Someone can check my numbers, though. I'm not sure.
  28. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    I just don't think that long term this team is sold on Andy. I know that might sound crazy, but I don't. This team will draft around #6-#8 in the draft and if one of their top QB's is there, I think they pull the trigger. Have him sit behind Dalton for a year or 2, and then let him take over. Sam Darnold. Throwing down the gauntlet right now. If they take a QB, this is who I want.
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