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  2. General AFC North thread

    It doesn’t matter what the arbitration result is on Watson, Cleveland’s owner will do something stupid and sabotage their season.
  3. General AFC North thread

    well, if I had the choice, I'd honestly much rather it happened to the Steelers or the Patriots or Ravens, but these are a very very very distant second and third Browns would be 4th
  4. More from that tape breakdown between Thorn and Jonah:
  5. General AFC North thread

    Yeah I think this division will be competitive enough spots 1-4 that the total number of wins needed will be 10-12. Baltimore with Lamar Jackson seems to be the only team besides the Bengals that could put up that win total IF the Browns are without Watson. Wild Card spots are going to be interesting because the AFC West is probably stronger than the AFC North collectively. So they will beat up on each other but they get the AFC South but also mixed in the NFC West (which is another solid division 1-4). AFC North gets AFC East and NFC South which aren't great.
  6. General AFC North thread

    If I’m going to worry about any team in the AFC North (I’m not) it would be the Ravens, not the Browns. They simply won’t be able to overcome not having Watson. There’s always next year Cleveland…
  7. General AFC North thread

    Mayfield is already talking post Browns. I doubt there will be a reconciliation. The Browns have enough running game fire power with Defense not to totally fade away but Brisset for 17 games severely hurts their chances at division championship
  8. General AFC North thread

    So, the division just may get more winnable when/if Watson sits out at least a year. Unless they make amends with Mayfield and they torch the Bengals' again.
  9. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Dude dresses like it’s 1996, I can tell you that much. Pleated khakis.
  10. Last week
  11. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Worse, he never ever tried. Daugherty resolutely refused to try and grow in his job. He remains, to this day, stuck somewhere in 1996.
  12. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    That was well said. Easiest thing in the world is to sit in the sideline and lob grenades at people trying to accomplish difficult tasks. I do it all the time. It’s a different thing to provide insight, knowledgeable analysis. Doc couldn’t make the transition.
  13. This is really interesting...
  14. Speaking about my above last post, have any of you watched the highlights of the playoff games knowing damn well what happens next, and yet when they pick up a big first down you find yourself pumping your fist and getting excited like the shit just happened? I was like, what the hell am I doing? Yeah, that's how great last season was !!
  15. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    IMO, the scribes of the "Mike Brown Sucks" era became dated about when Marvin Lewis beat the undefeated Chiefs. Doc, IMO, did not adjust along with some others and by default their opinion became worthless to me. I could not really point to one thing Doc opined in the past 20 years. I'm sure I read some stuff as that is not really a burdensome activity but his voice/view wasn't one I sought out when the direction of this franchise started to turn.
  16. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Doc was pretty merciless back in the day. It is difficult to say this, but good for him, mending fences a little. I’m glad he noted that while others took his insults personally, Mike stayed above it all. If Doc really wants to do a service on the way out the door, he should reassess all Mike’s business practices and NFL votes. He ridiculed Mike for what he perceived as outdated stances on league issues and finance. Sometimes Mike was the lone dissenter in league votes. Time has proven Mike correct on a lot of those things. All that would be a lot of work though. So Doc’s farewell column about Mike Brown turns out to be all about Doc. I’ll miss Daugherty. Daily papers used to have these sports columnists who were a little like local celebrities. They could sort of speak for the local fan base. With the internet and the fracturing of our traditional media, those guys are a retiring breed.
  17. Burrow is sneaky fast, because his combine and I think pro day were canceled via COViD. Thus the media never-picked up on his 40. Once drafted, I have never heard of a QB being officially timed or people paying attention to it. In the National Championship game I can remember Burrow beating Simmons to a first down. That guy tested fast and was a first round pick.
  18. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Doc, who retires in a few days, has some parting thoughts on Mike.
  19. I've been watching highlights from the season lately and just cannot wait for this season to get started.
  20. General AFC North thread

    Eh, Goodell created another avenue of justice for accuser of NFL players aside from criminal and civil cases. That is why you think you know the details to judge Carman. A clear example of why his policies are dumb. Maybe Carman is a bad person. But as far as I know he's not being pursued criminally and there is not a civil case being placed against him. So? They go the Goodell route to see if they can register enough attention to pressure a settlement? Basically makes your players a target AND still throws dirt in the media. Deshaun Watson sounds like a dirt ball. However, Goodell's policy make this a featured subject every morning on everything but NFL controlled NFL network. If he would have set his policies based on actual criminal findings he would be in a better spot. He can't now because he decided back in 2005 to act above those systems. It burns the league each and every time a player does something wrong. That will continue to happen because there are inherent low percentage of dirt balls that can play football.
  21. General AFC North thread

    Gonna have to wear rubber gloves to handle that “contemporaneous evidence.” The Browns pile mistakes on top of blunders on top of self-destructive idiocy. That owner, man, there is no one like him. He’s just an incompetent poser.
  22. General AFC North thread

    Color me silly, but I see a difference in a fight breaking out where racial slurs were being used and a girl got hit after hitting someone first…. and someone having (reportedly) unwanted sex with a girl who was underage. Yes, Mixon probably should have held back, but I can rationalize how that went down. Admitting to sleeping with an underage girl and she reported it was not consensual is a little different for me. Not expecting anyone to agree, just saying. There are plenty of dirtbags in the NFL.
  23. General AFC North thread

    Mixon's no saint either.
  24. General AFC North thread

    Honestly, I don’t care about anything Goodell does or his stupid policies until they impact the Bengals. He’s an afterthought to me unless something ignorant, like his testimony, happens. I just like laughing at the Browns. Carman ?? Yeah, he’s a fucking dirtbag. No debating that. That girl was underage and he admitted to having sex with her. Maybe, maybe not rape, but fucking dirtbag as hell. If he were no longer be a Bengal, I wouldn’t lose any sleep.
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