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  2. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Fans are losing their shit over this. Why? Did we think that we were a DC away from a championship? Or are they worried about the acumen of Zac Taylor? He already came out and said he would find his guys on his staff and make sure they were a fit. He turned down Del Rio and that guy from LA. That's a good thing! He's not panicking. Comparisons to Dave Shula? Really? Dave Shula would be in a ball in a corner somewhere right now. Sure, you can criticize Zac Taylor for not having a pre-made staff assembled before he was hired. But the guy is 35 years old and he isn't Sean McVay with Wade Phillips in his back pocket heading to Los Angeles. All of this is a non story once a DC is hired and we'll wait and see what happens this season. But what are we going to do? Fire him? Everybody needs to chill. He's making the best of an inconvenient situation. He's not panicking. That's the most important part. This season was going to be so-so at best no matter who was the DC, or OC. And I do have confidence that if the DC he chooses shits the bed, he'll be on a short leash.
  3. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    I’ve never said we didn’t have a talent problem, I said there is still talent on this team (see players mentioned) and that saying the Atkins and Dunlap are aging seems like bullshit. Let them him UFA and see what happens. The difference in 4-3 vs 3-4 is skewed when the defense has run out the nickel the majority of the time. Someone remind me again how many times we have said getting both Hubbard and Lawson on the field more would be a good thing. Sticking with a true base 4-3 will require all new linebackers because what we have left sucks. A 3-4 would allow DE’ish guys with speed to play the OLB spots. I will stand ready to say I was off if I’m reading things incorrectly, but I would be more intrigued with them making a switch at this point. I expect them to suck anyway. Build for the future.
  4. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    You guys aren’t dealing in reality. 1st we don’t have 3-4 personnel today. 2nd it would take cap and draft magic to overhaul by year 2. 3rd Grantham has a ton of 4 and 5 star athletes to pick from to stockpile for his college defense that isn’t limited by salary cap or draft picks. Yes we have a talent problem compared to his situation in Florida.
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  6. Alliance of American Football

    Check out the second half of Salt Lake @ Birmingham if you're around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT0F8EZYEEA
  7. Alliance of American Football

    Should mention too that offensive line prospects now have a real place to go and get development not just moving to Canada ( which can actually be cool for some ) or the AFL
  8. Alliance of American Football

    Yeah guys the game that Marvin announced was actually pretty dang good football. Think talented power 6 college ball guys and even better players. I liked how the rules played out and Stripes is right the time was way way shorter and I didn’t even notice it till he wrote that. Less Ads. Good coaching going on too. They are paying good salaries for guys who want to be pro players so that league has a chance to stick.
  9. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Hahahaha!!! Seriously it is a national emergency. Build a Wall of Real Talent for the bengals linebackers lol
  10. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Buckeye coach just took the job a couple months ago. He couldn’t see breaking his commitment 2 months in before he even played a game. I’m not sure why anyone at PBS thought that would be a good guy to pursue.
  11. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Saw the Bengals wanted to talk to the Ohio State defense coordinator but he turned them down as well. My question is WHY! Why are they going to college ranks for this position. I don't get what they are doing but hey whatever. Whatever happened to the Rams guy did he even interview
  12. It would be funny. Marvin you get to coach some of the worst starting linemen in the NFL, and probably the worst collection of centers ever. Here new guy, go buy some all pro linemen and install your air raid or whatever we’re going to run.
  13. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    I call bullshit. Tell me a team that wouldn’t take Atkins and Dunlap for another 3-4 years. There is young talent with Lawson and Hubbard as well. You can throw Jordan Willis in that mix as well. What the fuck ever...
  14. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Grantham is right about our linebackers though. As in we don’t have any. Unless Vontaze discovers some amazing new masking agent that no one can detect yet. Our linebacker room is the real national emergency, not that that son of a bitch Trump gives a crap, even after my 100 plus emails sent through my infowars account so I knew he’d read them. I’m like, “national emergency = send troops to the draft and sieze the top 5 linebackers for the Bengals, peace and prosperity reigns and enemy of the people media are defeated.” He doesn’t even answer, too busy sending a regiment of artillery to southern Arizona to deal with some 9 year old girl who snuck in with her Dora the Explorer backpack.
  15. Changing Things Up With Free Agents / Draft

    So you are Marvin Lewis and the bengals just suddenly go out and being in top tier free agent talent... Let Taylor decide what coaches stay and who goes.... Here’s your thought “ Shit, I tried to get Mike to do that for 16 years... “
  16. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Seriously, I giggle like a little school girl when I think about that dumpster fire in Shittsburgh. cant wait until the Raper retires then the wheels will fall off so hard the Lumina will finally catch up and pass them
  17. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    I love it. Best NFL news in a decade haha
  18. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Exactly. Spin it this way. Let’s say it’s an guy for OC... Yeah not sure about that AJ Green, he’s 30 and you know, may not fit my offense right... and only 1 other 1st round receiver and just a 2nd rounder coming off a career year on his first contract...yeah the pieces just aren’t fitting... — Sorry, don’t buy any of these guys are turning down jobs with the Bengals because of roster talent
  19. I knew you weren’t expecting it, none of us are. We can hope though!
  20. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    The Bengals have fired coordinators recently. Why would some take a lateral move and risk losing money and rep? Guys making money at big time colleges also get the perks of being a celeb in their sports communities. I call it lateral because the money is similar, the risk of failure is greater, and with the new NFL’s passing rules some college guys just aren’t going to give up what they’ve already got. And Shula’s dead on about Atkins and Dunlap... watch them during game time. Those guys are two of the best in the world.
  21. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Did we have some sort of mystery turnover on our roster between the time he agreed to not just one but two interviews? Because it sure seems like he’d know who we had before he’d even talk to us.
  22. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Finally some "reasons" in the Enquirer: I don't know, those seem like excuses because Grantham wanted to negotiate himself a raise. Again I thought that being able to utilize Hubbard, Lawson and (maybe) Dunlap as outside/edge LB's in a 3-4 would actually make it easier on a DC who needs to replace 3 LB positions otherwise in a 4-3. Maybe I'm missing something. Atkins being 30 is silly, same with Dunlap, in this case. They'll hold you over for 2-3 years while you find new guys, what's the fuss? Did this guy expect to be handed a top 5 NFL defense with young players at every position? So it just seems like an excuse, or maybe something the writer made-up, as I didn't see any source mentioned for those comments.
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  24. Changing Things Up With Free Agents / Draft

    I didn’t say I was expecting it. I’d rather doubt it. I’m just thinking what would really help this team. I think Ju’waan Taylor and they think Bobby Hart.
  25. I think we’re expecting too much. It would be awesome if Taylor were allowed to sign top tier free agents. But that would be a radical departure from the past few years. The ghost of that receiver we signed, pretty much a top tier guy, who then got hurt and I don’t think he ever played, that ghost is haunting us.
  26. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Like I said, I am just happy he's been given the ability to make the selection that fits him best. I'll worry about whomever the selection is, once they start playing and we see what happens on the field. Until that point in time, it's hard to say one person will suck or be great.
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