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  2. General AFC North thread

    They will have tough cap decisions coming. Watson only counts 10-11m against the cap this year. Balloons to $54m next year. Ward same thing. Counts $5m this year then $12m, then $23m
  3. General AFC North thread

    Great job Browns !!! Lol…
  4. General AFC North thread

    How do the Browns keep giving out these top 5 position contracts, when they are already in cap hell?
  5. General AFC North thread

    Fat deal for Njoku. They don’t have anyone to throw him the ball this year.
  6. Last week
  7. General AFC North thread

    Lololol Rappoport: The #Browns and franchise tagged TE David Njoku have reached an agreement in principle on a large new 4-year, $56.75M contract extension, sources tell me and @TomPelissero. He gets $28M guaranteed at signing on the deal that averages $14.1875M per year, the fifth highest paid TE.
  8. General AFC North thread

  9. Offseason Thoughts

    The weird thing about this offseason. Before they drafted Joe there was a lot of talk about Bengals ruining Joe. Joe being too good for the Bengals refuse to be drafted by Bengals. So Bengals draft Joe. Joe proves to everyone that he was what they said. So.... Eh, Bengals were a fluke. Makes sense.
  10. General AFC North thread

    BRING ON THE DRAMA !!! For the other teams that is...
  11. General AFC North thread

    So weird being one team in the division *without* QB drama.
  12. I consider anything we get out of Ossai a bonus at this point. Rooting for him but have zero expectations.
  13. General AFC North thread

    Luke Jones @BaltimoreLuke John Harbaugh said he’ll let Lamar Jackson speak for himself regarding his absence from this week’s OTAs. #Ravens
  14. outstanding I have great hopes for Ossai, even more than I do for our 1st rounder this year (and I LIKE our first rounder a LOT)
  15. On Dan Hoard's latest pod - he interviewed Ossai. Ossai said his knee is 100%, that it is a small wrist thing that has him on rehab field and he will be good to go for camp.
  16. Yes. Thought it since the day he signed. Hope it happens.
  17. Anyone else thinking Hayden Hurst is going to have a career year in this offense ??
  18. follow this link for a good read but also for the five minutes of video of petraglia took of today's OTAs https://www.clnsmedia.com/bengals-second-year-lineman-committed-to-showing-hes-got-what-it-takes-to-compete-for-and-win-left-guard-job/
  19. Skinner: #Bengals guard Alex Cappa will miss a couple of weeks due to core muscle injury according to Zac Taylor
  20. Offseason Thoughts

    Preach brother!
  21. 2022 Schedule

    Agreed, I might try to get to one this year. About the only way to afford a family trip to a game
  22. 2022 Schedule

    Time for the preseason finale vs the Rams moved up an hour to accommodate a national broadcast on NFL network. So the third preseason game which will be played by a bunch of guys who will get cut over the following few days will be a national game. El oh el. https://twitter.com/trags/status/1529101703970279425?s=21&t=6JdEQ5oI1codsx6gkHZ7Ww
  23. Round 2 (60): Cam Taylor-Britt, CB, Nebraska

    Carter inked. Just Volson now.
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  25. 2022 Reds

    Fuckin’ nailed that call !!
  26. Offseason Thoughts

    “Irresponsible with his own mortality” God knows I can relate to that. Lucky to reach my 30th birthday.
  27. Offseason Thoughts

    https://twitter.com/BrettKollmann/status/1527507198435135489?s=20&t=cRyJGPw_SzW1qfpyQw6WqQ worth a click
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