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  2. Packers Game.

    Eric Trampled-check was super durable!
  3. Zampese just got fired

    You know how pitchers and catchers report earlier and get more days of training camp in baseball? That should be the arrangement for OL in football as well. Coaches can simulate positioning as front seven players and at the very least the blocking assignments can be walked through during this initial 'pre-camp' period. There could potentially be conditioning and lifting as well, but no hitting. I'd say live snapping (both normal and shotgun) by the centers could also be practiced since it adds value and there'd still be no hitting and Yes, would have to be signed off on by the players union, but it'd benefit both sides.
  4. Packers Game.

    Yep, I called it on draft day - this guy was gonna compete with Eifert all season for the comfiest spot in the training room I don't get why durability isnt **THE** number one consideration when drafting a player. After all, a player has must be available in order to contribute
  5. Packers Game.

    Ross out due to knee injury.
  6. Run On Your Own Gas

    I was offended when they didn't include renewable sources of energy in their slogan. Run on your own windfarm. But to the point of the slogan. As I said in the draft threads there's no excuse there's either TALENT OR they are not developing TALENT. So if the coaching staff isn't running on their own gas are they going to get the axe in mass or is it just going to be pass the buck and 1 guy takes the fall? Or if these guys drafted aren't as good as advertised is there a front office shake up? This is the ending that has been coming since the 2013 and 2015 playoff meltdowns. They've had their chance to try and sew it back together but unfortunately it's going the way many feared. The fall from grace is never easy. The Bengals make it worse because they never do things quickly and like to drag it on.
  7. Zampese just got fired

    Whether it be Fisher or Ced or another group of failed highly draft OTs the solution is still the same. You are going to have to develop tackles in a league that is making it more difficult to develop tackles (according to National experts from pro and college). You maybe able to go back pre 2011 and kick the tires on an aging Vet to bridge the gap but that's not going to viable very long and still probably won't yield quality results. Let's be honest for second. Winston when inserted in the line up was better than Ced by a fraction. He'd be hear if he was that much better. He wouldn't be a street FA right now. Andre Smith, nobody was beating his door down. It's going to be just as much hit and miss. You need to change staff and go find a Willie Anderson type that played D1 in the 90s and played in the NFL to begin to relate and repair some of these damaged but athletic players that will be coming up in free agency. A LeCharles Bentley type that did run his own linemen training school. Someone that's going to know what recent college playing life is like and what the NFL needs/demands and develop that without a lot of contact reps. OR The league goes to the Union and begins negotiating to fix the practice rules. OR You run a greater risk of injury and start using the preseason for what it's actually for instead of using it for Revenue and fearing it might take out a starter or two. Start playing these young players into the 3rd quarters of the first and second preseason games. AND when you finally mine gold or strike oil use the FUCKING franchise tag or at least the transition tag so you are not putting an asset on the market with 0 protection. That was just an all time dumb move.
  8. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Ok, thanks Army. That helps, Sammy Watkins is on my team and blew up on Thurs night football, something like 22 points. Great! Until you read further and discover that he's now in concussion protocol. They better figure out a solution to the brain injury thing, or the NFL will live up to its nickname - Not For Long.
  9. Zampese just got fired

    Moobs looked better in preseason at LT than anyone else for the brief time he was in. I'm sure he knows that and is not happy on the bench.
  10. Run On Your Own Gas

    The front office's motto is "Run on your own hubris."
  11. Last week
  12. Run On Your Own Gas

    we're down to fumes
  13. Zampese just got fired

    I look at him as a very expensive backup with enough athleticism that something might, even with our shitty OL coach, develop in him. A light he flips on himself, somehow, some way. Yes, it is a distant and (at best) flickering hope, but its better for me than nothing. Bare minimum, they need to move Fisher to LT to get him acclimated there sooner rather than later.
  14. The internet used to be a cool place...

    Totally agree w u!
  15. Run On Your Own Gas

    After the 0-2 start (soon to be 0-3) exactly whose gas are they running on at this point ??
  16. Zampese just got fired

    Thing is Ogbuegi couldn't beat out any of our OG's so that would be pointless. Seeing as how his time at RT resulted in him getting benched, I simply think he's a bust. Move on and do what they wouldn't do last year and pay a FA along with taking a high round OT. Follow that with a Center sometime early and they can right the ship. The ship with Ogbuehi aboard is going down.
  17. Zampese just got fired

    That is indeed the problem, you've nailed it. Failing to draft well, then failing to own up to it and adjust accordingly. Oddly, tho, prior to the last 4-5 years, they drafted incredibly well. The last 4-5 drafts have not been so good. Picking the second best kicker this year when the best one was still available is a very simple\obvious example of such. One admission they need to make is not only is Ogbeuhi not all that great (to put it mildly) but also that he isn't a LT. He might not even be a RT. I think Fisher (who I think will be fine) should move to LT and The Flesh Zeppelin can man the RT spot he is accustomed to while we keep working to see if Oogie can play RT, and if not that, RG. LT is too important a spot to trust to a shitty player like Oogie is right now. UT figured it out, btw - they moved Oogie to LT for a few games then moved him back. They admitted the failed experiment. I think Oogie only refers to it as his "natural position" because he "naturally" would make a lot more money as a LT than he would at any other OL spot.
  18. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Does having a beer help you at all COB ?? I'm making that happen and would be more than happy to have another in support of your plight. Nevermind, I'm going to make it happen anyway. This ones for you COB, F*CK Jay Cutler !!!
  19. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Even though he inexplicably picked him, is Hoosier allowed to actually put Jay Cutler on his active roster? Can he really, really, play crappy old Jay Cutler this week against the force for righteousness and justice that is my team of champions? For the Eagle Scouts that make up the roster of COB's HGH Farm to have to share the field with the likes of Jay Cutler is a corruption, a debasement. The gentlemen on COB's HGH Farm inform humanity, while Jay Cutler looks like he just finished his shift at a Valvoline Instant Oil Change in Muncie, Indiana. This is truly a riot against common decency. Someone do something.
  20. Zampese just got fired

    I'd guess they're there already. They need to: 1. Scout and pick well. 2. When they whiff, admit it and try to fix it. Don't just stick your head in the sand and play the picks based on their salary and draft slot.
  21. Zampese just got fired

    I might support taking at least one lineman on each side of the ball in the first four picks every year. They may already be close to that though.
  22. Zampese just got fired

    GIMME A LINEMAN is really more my simple expression that the lines (both of them) need to remain a core strength of this team. Control the line of scrimmage, control the game. That said, I get how this could come off as looking like I want a lineman taken in r1 every year, tho that isn't the case. Instead - draft with a specific focus on keeping the lines strong, including the backups. This is especially important given what an absolute worthless bag of crap we have for an O-Line coach. They're not going to be coached up, so they have to be high quality "ready-to-start" to begin with.
  23. Zampese just got fired

    "Every" season ?? No, I don't agree with that thought either and certainly not due to coaching. I do believe though that if you have questions on either line, the team should be making every effort to improve that sooner rather than later.
  24. Zampese just got fired

    I still disagree with picking lineman every year early to cover for idiocy on the coaching staff. Also, offensive line play around the league is at what a whole bunch of the paid experts are calling an all-time low in terms of skill and ability. Simply put, the players being drafted come into the league unready and unable to perform as they used to, due in no small part to the offensive changes in college. A quick look at a LOT of the lines on allegedly decent teams reveals this problem isn't simply a Cincinnati problem (Giants, Seahawks are two other allegedly contending teams whose lines are a sieve - and I am hearing Carolina not much better, and the Texans line is abysmal. Etc.) That said, it is insane that the Bengals didn't see that and adjust their artificial internal spending caps per position to retain both Zeitler and Whitworth, since players of those skills are absolutely invaluable in 2017. And even more so since Alexander I don't believe can "coach 'em up" (with regard to draftees) like his reputation somehow says he can.
  25. Zampese just got fired

    Oh I agree with you TJ and in the 2016 draft so did the Bengals when they drafted two OT's in the first two rounds. Problem is the picks turned out to be poor and when push came to shove, they made the decision to move on with two picks they knew weren't the same caliber and allowed two pro bowl level guys walk. Thise two picks along with poor decisions have resulted in the 2017 Bengals. But I know I'm preaching to he choir...
  26. Zampese just got fired

    I hope ya'all are starting to agree with my year-in, year-out mantra
  27. Zampese just got fired

    I think Marvin holds more sway when it comes to his coaches and his job than maybe people realize, and certainly previous coaches. I just don't understand why he would think this particular team had any real shot at saving his career, if he's on a year-to-year type of deal. But if he's desperate to keep his job...talks MB into cutting a coordinator. Yet Alexander and his multiple 1st and 2nd round flops out there, the weakest group on the team, sticks around. They just don't mind losing enough.
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