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  2. Current 2019 Draft Position

    Hope the Raiders win but nit for the draft pick. Just because it would be embarrassing to lose to such a crappy team. Get pumped up !!!
  3. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Well, we had a great time with the kids and they loved the whole day we spent playing around like none of us had ever heard of a team called the Bengals !!! I saw the men in black and orange didn’t let me down again either. Yawn....
  4. Current 2019 Draft Position

    Right now the Bengals sit at #11 in the draft order. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl If they lose out and finish at 5-11 they should have the 7-9th overall pick. First thing is first. This is a huge game this upcoming weekend against the Raiders. Not only will a loss almost guarantee a 5-11 season but would allow the Raiders to add another win dropping them on the draft order. Get pumped!
  5. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Are you ready? The Bengals have moved up to #11 in the draft order. The Raiders beat the Steelers possibly sending the Steelers out of the playoffs (Patriots, at Saints, Bengals) 8-7-1. The Raiders are on a roll and should beat the Bengals next week almost guaranteeing a 5-11 season and a top 10 draft pick. YES
  6. Entertrainment Junction has more sophisticated strategy lining up kids to see Santa than Marvin and Hue have trying to win a game with a 2 point conversion.
  7. Of course they tried to win. It takes Marvin 12 or 13 games to figure his team out, then he’s ready to go grab for that job-saving, draft pick-wrecking, dead cat bounce. Didn’t seem to work today, though.
  8. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Didn't watch today but seemed like they at least tried to win?
  9. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Decent effort. Got screwed on the overturned TD. NFL is just horrible with its rules.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Not ready to run a 2 point conversion to tie the game. Had to rush up and snap it. Typical Marvin team. Not prepared by the coaches for important moments in the game.
  12. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    There isn’t even a thread for today’s game. That’s positivity
  13. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Getting ready to head to Entertrainment Junction for the Christmas fun. That’s right, I said it, Entertrainment Junction. I don’t even know what I’m getting into, but it will be better than the beat down that’s coming at the hands of the Chargers by a long shot !!!
  14. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    I'm pumped! You know what else I'm pumped about? Jay Gruden is possibly looking like he might get fired. Can you imagine the awesomness if the Bengals can hire him as HC? Boom. Championship!
  15. Get pumped! Just because we have a little downturn for 27 years, and just because we are starting to use the geologic time scale to keep track of good Bengal teams (Cenozoic Era will probably be over by the time Marvin leaves and we get a good team again), and just because Mike seems to almost gleefully defy conventional wisdom and the wishes of his own fan base, and just because all our good players are hurt, you guys don’t want to get pumped? Get pumped!
  16. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    No game thread and don’t care enough to start one. Chargers- 38 Bengals- 17
  17. Update on Chargers game - pretty much everyone on our team is injured, Phillip Rivers uses voodoo and other incantations to dominate every game, Marvin’s so locked into his job that he laughs at reporters who ask him about his status, and the eighty dollar color rush Eifert jersey that is on the close out rack for thirty five bucks at the Dick’s in Heath will have to stay there until they drop it to twenty, then I’m buying it.
  18. Last week
  19. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    The lack of speed displayed by the current starters is just another reason I can’t understand why 3rd rounder Malik Jefferson gets no love. He may not be the greatest, but he should at least make up for some of that with his speed. Confusing as hell why he’s not getting more snaps.
  20. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Watched the broncos game coaches film up to the first points scored or so. It was probably the best I’ve seen the defense play at any given point since the Ravens game at the first of the year. Vigil was a failure that game. If he represents the quickest player at LB, it was over before the year started. He’s not quick because he is always hitting the carrier two or three yards deep into the play be it in a running hole or a receiver pattern. I couldn’t figure out why until I caught him hesitating. In that game, he was just following around the TE or a motion guy from end to end. Burfict was keying on the running back. In nearly every play he just couldn’t decide where to go quickly enough so it slowed him down. Then he invariably would get blown up by the G or C and then finished off by a back. His greatest fault is his indecision. Combine that with him not evading interior lineman and you have a terrible LB. I don’t think it was all because of injury and rust.
  21. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    I really would like to see a 50+ yard play to Ross before the year is out.
  22. I'm going to watch it. Pretty much have given up on the season, given up on winning. Just watching to see the players I like play. Also, the broadcast could cut away to the stands as an ambulance crew transports a very elderly gentleman from the owner's guest box. One never knows.
  23. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    I'm picking up a large sense of sarcasm in COB's statement. If it's not sarcasm, it's just a mental breakdown. He will be ok I'm sure...
  24. Getting pumped for this Chargers game!
  25. Fantasy 2018

    While I still might lose the game this weekend, please pass along my thanks to Mrs. Skyline for leaving Derrick Henry on the bench. Dude was at 47 points last time I checked.
  26. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    I hear ya but there are plenty of big, local advertisers they use, are constantly advertising all over town for season ticket buyers, and from what I do understand, he would receive a smaller share of merchandising revenues the lower his are. I have to believe it also lowers the value of his franchise. Being a family owner, I have to imagine his "cushion" is a lot smaller than the corporate tycoons in big markets - it's still hard for me to believe he could survive more than a couple of years with a half empty stadium, or less. I'd think the league would step-in at that point and do "something" if they aren't pulling their weight.
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