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  2. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Oh my. Yes, he did something right.
  3. NFL Playoffs

    The Steelers won' be bring their OC Haley back. Tomlin is probably safe.
  4. I wouldn’t take a guard that high. They’ve proven that they are not willing to resign if the player works out. Also they had Z with Ced at RT. Weakness on the edge overrides good guard play. They also have options for interior and hopefully they also invest FA dollars inside Right or Left tackle is of no concern. We have Seen first hand 2 seasons in a row that weakness in either can disrupt an offense. I would start with trying to upgrade edge protection. I wouldn’t be against taking 2 again. I also wouldn’t pass up Lamar Jackson at this point either
  5. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I was snooping around some Cowboys message boards to see how they felt about it. I felt kinda bad, because the positive commentary was predictable and so innocent: "Well he was an offensive line coach in one place for 23 years. He must have been doing something right."
  6. Hey Y'all, New here...

    Hell yes, go Thunderwolves!!
  7. I remember his dad so well. He died some years back but had a really interesting career. 1. Was the first Fatburger franchisee. 2. Took that penalty flag to the eye that put him out of football for 3 seasons. 3. Sued the NFL and settled for something like 20 million, then came back and played for several more years. 4. Was one of only two players who played for both iterations of the Browns. He played for Modell, moved to Baltimore, then later signed with and played for the expansion Browns. 5. Odd fact, once with the Ravens in '03 their lines were all beat up, so Brown started and played one game as offensive tackle and defensive tackle. Playing both ways in the trenches in the NFL. Unheard of these days. 6. He was undrafted.
  8. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Better get ready to learn Paul's revolutionary blocking technique. It's so effective he managed to produce the worst line in the league last year, and no one else uses it!
  9. Potential Coaching Candidates

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/paul-alexander-dallas-cowboys-hire-new-offensive-line-coach-from-cincinnati-bengals/n9qkxj3oayra1d8v31docah9t The headline says they "stole" him from us If that was robbery, we need to get robbed more often :-)
  10. If he's a RT, fine with me. I do NOT want them reaching for a LT - that's how we got Ogbuehi. As for "too tall" for LT. Really? That's...weird. Someone tell Jonathan Ogden he was too tall for LT.
  11. This guy seems like more of a ORT rather an a OLT We have needs at both OT spots but the need at OLT is imho far higher in priority Orlando Brown*, OT, Oklahoma Height: 6-8. Weight: 360. Projected 40 Time: 5.45. Projected Round (2018): 2-3. 1/6/18: Brown is a strong blocker at the point of attack, which is illustrated by him consistently tossing defenders to the ground. In pass protection, Brown has some athletic issues, like playing too high for the NFL, so speed rushers give him problems. Some team sources feel Brown should move inside to guard as a pro, but others believe that he will be a starting right tackle. Multiple team contacts think that Brown will be a second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and project him as a starting right tackle. Brown has drawn comparisons to D.J. Fluker coming out of Alabama, who was a high first-rounder but was a bust for the Chargers. Sources have said that Brown plays up or down to competition, and that could be seen with an excellent game against Ohio State but an ugly one versus Iowa State. Brown was not consistently dominant in the ground game even though he should have gotten the better of the collegiate linemen he was facing. 9/1/17: Brown has been a starting left tackle for Oklahoma, but for the NFL, he is more of a right tackle competitor. Brown was a tough run blocker for the Sooners in 2016, opening a lot of holes for their talented tandem of running backs. He spent 2015 and 2016 at left tackle, but he's too tall for that spot in the NFL. Brown could be a good right tackle candidate in his draft class.
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  13. If they are going line at 12 I would love the ND guard. I think all the tackles are flawed at that spot. Push came to sizeable shove, I would prefer Brown.
  14. NFL Playoffs

    Hilarious that minority owners are baying for Tomlin to be fired. That's not the Steeler way! i can't wait for Ben to retire. Tomlin, if he has a brain, will bail out right along with Ben. Theres a reckoning coming for that stupid organization and their spoiled, fake-tough, fan base. Their surprising one and done in this year's playoffs may be the beginning of the end.
  15. There’s a 3rd top tackle that entered my radar, Brown? Good news for the Bengals. Having 3 prospects plus a top guard to ponder at 12.
  16. who do you see as the top OLT in the 2018 draft? I dont like Connor Williams at all, based on what I have seen and read of him so far
  17. NFL Playoffs

    Florio reports several Steeler minority owners are calling for Tomlin to be fired. They site a lack of urgency late in the game. IMO Tomlin was waiting for the refs to bail him out again!
  18. Rd. 1 (12): Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame. I am counting on this guy falling out of the top ten because he is a true Guard and traditionally those players are not taken high in Rd. 1. Derwin James or Roquan Smith would also be good picks. Rd. 2 (46): Billy Price, C, Ohio State: We passed on Elflein last year and I believe that miss was the reason for us missing the playoffs in 2018. Price is currently projected late first early second, I hope teams go crazy at QB which will push talent like Price out of the first. Rd. 3 (77): Chukwuma Okorafor, RT, Western Michigan: Can't believe that this guys still has a 4th Rd. Grade....this will change and we will be lucky to nab him in the 3rd. Excellent RT Prospect. Rd. 4 (TBD): Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State. All Around good Tight End from a program that knows how to coach up TEs traditionally. Watched several of Gesicki's games and always came away impressed by his overall game. Rd. 5 (TBD): Trey Flowers, S, Oklahoma State. Big, Rangy Safety with pretty good athleticism. Rd. 6 (TBD): Tegray Scales, ILB, Indiana. Great Instincts, doesn't get the credit he deserves because of where he went to school. Hoping he continues to go unnoticed. Rd. 7a (TBD): Michael Badgley, K, Miami (FLA): Need a young Kicker since we let Elliot walk. Rd. 7b (TBD): Ryan Winslow, P, Pittsburgh: Need a young Punter as well, Huber is getting up there in age and we could use some competition at this position. In general 7th round is a good round to take the Best Available Specialists because those positions are in high demand as UDFAs and if you want the pick of the litter take them in Rd. 7. If they don't pass muster little harm done.
  19. I guess I will drop in to note that I think McGlinchey is over-rated as hell and is already falling on some draft mocks that I have seen.
  20. First round: McGlinchley (or the ND guard, but OT - specifically OLT - strongly preferred) Second Round: Either a center or A 3-down middle linebacker Third Round: whichever position you didnt take from the two R2 choices Trade up using r4 or lower picks if there is an obviously superior player at one of these 3 positions to be had by trading up. Need to focus on quality, not quantity BPA strategy needs to be forgotten in r1-3, as we now need to acquire immediate starters from the first three players drafted
  21. NFL Playoffs

    Rather not see another Belicheats superbowl
  22. NFL Playoffs

    Yep. In that regard I am happy no matter how this all shakes out.
  23. NFL Playoffs

    I’m rooting for New England because I believe IF they win it all that gives them 6. Knocking down Pitt’s ability to boast about the only franchise to have 6.
  24. NFL Playoffs

    Game endings - Andy to Boyd on 4th and 12 to put the Bills in. That freshman for 'Bama being a cold blooded killer in OT with a long game winner. Now the Vikes and their incomprehensible win. It's been a great post season in football this year. Let's hope for more! If the Jags can take out both Pitt and New England, it will make up for our crap season.
  25. NFL Playoffs

    The Titans @ Patriots game was a snoozer.
  26. NFL Playoffs

    All but two games in the playoffs have been exciting. That’s more than usual seems to me
  27. Bengals

    Nice to have you!
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