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  2. 2021 NFL Draft

    a very very silly mock https://www.si.com/nfl/draft/mocks/2021-nfl-mock-draft-monday-the-jacksonville-jaguars-strike-big-with-both-first-round-picks
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  4. The Knee

    As long as we’re talking rehab... https://www.bengals.com/news/uzomah-s-not-so-trivial-pursuit-on-rehab-trail-with-burrow-and-hopkins
  5. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Yup. Florio didn’t say anything we haven’t known for decades. That said, it’s not really their biggest challenge anymore. The last CBA with its rookie wage scale and spending minimum, and the skyrocketing nature of the cap in recent years have combined to make the kind of financial shenanigans other teams used to use to outfox the FO less attractive. And it should be noted that one important legacy of the Lewis era was that he got them out of the habit of allowing themselves to be used to negotiate deals for players with other teams. The cycle of “player comes to town, gets lowball offer, flies to next team and signs with them after they throw on a bs extra year to jack up the value announced in the media” used to be depressingly regular. Now that’s mostly gone. No, the challenge now (and we all know this) is far less about how much they spend, and far more about how they spend it. Which is why I’ll be watching the OL come free agency, to see if they’ve extracted their collective head from their collective ass.
  6. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    I was laughing based on the timing of the "breaking news".....news from roughly 30 years ago That said, I am grateful that the cap doesnt just have a max, but also includes a minimum, to ensure even the most frugal of teams still spend enormous amounts of money on players
  7. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    It's easy to gripe at morons like Florio for that kind of crap, but he probably gets it from the same kinds of people that endlessly moan about the Brown family causing bad weather on forums.
  8. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Mem, plug your ears for a sec *waits* *waits a bit more* ok guys, now that Mem cant hear: the breaking story this week from that most trusted, non-clickbaity source of NFL News, Mike Florio has announced that the Bengals are tightwads. Thanks Florio *laugh*
  9. 2021 NFL Draft

    Fair eno I look at it like this......I might be ok with Pitts at about 15, but if we trade down that far I'd rather have Slater or Darrisaw so I really dont have a scenario where Pitts is still maybe (big maybe) available and also no other player preferred.....I dont see him lasting past 15 all that said, I can see him being as or more effective than a healthy Eifert. we just cant pick'em all up, sadly :-)
  10. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Yeah as it is seemingly he wants to get back and fast.
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  12. 2021 NFL Draft

    I posted a few weeks ago I was thawing. But only if chase and Sewell are gone. The mocks that have him picked ahead of those two piss me off.
  13. 2021 NFL Draft

    Good measurements for a tackle, need to go back and watch tape of him....not terribly familiar with Eastern Carolina football....
  14. 2021 NFL Draft

    wait....I coulda swore you are (or were) both anti-Pitts and anti-TE-in-this-draft.....so what gives, dude? (Waddle and Smith are less surprising additions)
  15. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Looks like Hopkins will be ready for Game 1 WOOT WOOT!!!!!!! http://forums.bengalszone.com/topic/26141-the-knee/?do=findComment&comment=469582
  16. The Knee

    I know......this is not about THE knee but its about A knee and its really good news and answers a MAJOR question for the 2021 Bengals.......so suck it up, buttercup https://www.cincyjungle.com/2021/2/26/22303895/trey-hopkins-injury-bengals-training-camp-2021 if he's projected as ready for training camp, barring setbacks (as always) he sure as hell will be ready for Game 1 OUT FREAKIN STANDING
  17. 2021 NFL Draft

  18. 2021 NFL Draft

    Sadly no.
  19. 2021 NFL Draft

    I want one of Sewell, Chase, Pitts, Waddle, or Smith. So, for me, no further than 10. Matt Miller has updated his top 50 after a chance to spend more time with film. Here's his top 10: 1. QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson Previous Rank: 1 Details: QB1 — 6'5 5/8"— 213 lbs NFL Comparison: Andrew Luck 2. WR Ja'Marr Chase, LSU Previous Rank: 5 Details: WR1—6'0 1/4"—208 NFL Comparison: Michael Thomas (but faster) 3. TE Kyle Pitts, Florida Previous Rank: 6 Details: TE1—6'5 1/4"—246 NFL Comparison: Mike Evans + Darren Waller 4. OT Penei Sewell, Oregon Previous Rank: 2 Details: OT1—6'5 1/8"—330 NFL Comparison: Jason Peters 5. QB Justin Fields, Ohio State Previous Rank: 9 Details: QB2—6'2 5/8"—228 NFL Comparison: Dak Prescott 6. LB Micah Parsons, Penn State Previous Rank: 8 Details: LB1—6'2 1/8"—245 NFL Comparison: Jaylon Smith 7. OT Rashawn Slater, Northwestern Previous Rank: 3 Details: OT2—6'2 5/8"—314 NFL Comparison: Joe Staley 8. QB Zach Wilson, BYU Previous Rank: 11 Details: QB3—6'2 3/8"—210 NFL Comparison: Kyler Murray 9. WR DeVonta Smith, Alabama Previous Rank: 4 Details: WR2—6'0 5/8"—175 NFL Comparison: Reggie Wayne 10. WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama Previous Rank: 7 Details: WR3—5'9 3/4"—182 NFL Comparison: Tyreek Hill
  20. 2021 NFL Draft

    Mem: I think I'd trade down as far as about 12-14, because If Im not getting Sewell I am getting either Darrisaw or Slater, and I am confident one of them will be there at 12 I'm expecting that such a trade will include (among other things) the trade partner's 2nd round pick; and I will absolutely devote one of the two high 2nd round picks we have in such a scenario to a passrushing DL, greatly preferring a DE all else being equal. The other r2 pick might be a passblocking OG, speed WR, or man/press CB depending on how things fall
  21. 2021 NFL Draft

    is there a round 2?
  22. 2021 NFL Draft

    Why won’t Bengalszone let me “like” a post like to the tenth power. One like is insufficient.
  23. General Free Agency Thread

    He’ll play like 7 games. He has to wear some kind of bionic man thing on his arm. Dude’s been through a high-impact career in the NFL. He’s wrecked.
  24. 2021 NFL Draft

    My new approach when I run a mock - won't entertain a trade offer that moves the Bengals back further than 10th in first round (should be one of Chase, Sewell, Waddle, Pitts, or Smith available at 10 - after that less certain I can get one of them). My latest pff mock yielded the usual trade-back with Denver at 9, trading 5 for 9, 40, and 71 and brought this result: First round Pick 9 overall, Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU Second round Pick 38 overall, Gregory Rousseau, Edge, UMiami Second round Pick 40 overall, Sam Cosmi, T, Texas Third round pick 69 overall, Aaron Robinson, CB, UCF Third round pick 71 overall, Marvin Wilson, IDL, Florida State Fourth round pick 111 overall, Quinn Meinerz, IOL, Wisc Whitewater Fifth round pick 150 overall, Jaylan Twyman, Edge/IDL, Pitt Sixth round pick 192 overall, Tommy Kraemer, IOL, Notre Dame Seventh round pick 231 overall, Marquez Stevenson, WR, Houston Seventh round pick 233 overall, JaCoby Stevens, S, LSU Done and done. Prob my favorite mock effort yet.
  25. 2021 NFL Draft

    Kiper’s latest: 1 Lawrence 2 Falcons trade up for Wilson 3 DaVonta Smith 4 Kyle Pitts 5 Sewell https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2021/insider/story/_/id/30957145/nfl-mock-draft-2021-mel-kiper-new-predictions-all-32-first-round-picks-including-mac-jones-trey-lance-three-trades (Note: paywalled)
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