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  2. If I were a Raiders fan I'd be pissed. The two I know hate this move.
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  4. Not until 2019 or so but the deal is done.
  5. I don't know why but I always like when MILF would show up at the stadium in Rey M. #58 jerseys. It was very Victory Secrets to me. Weird, I know. Rey never a superstar but I always thought a little bit of an underrated player. His struggles in space/coverage overshadowed his high value in run defense. His time as a Bengal has passed and hopefully the PBS MILF still shows up in #58 jerseys.
  6. Just reading some tea leaves in the morning. Last season in LB crew. They had 8 guys record snaps on defense or special teams. 5 remain (Rey, Roach, Dansby gone). Add in Minter. However: Dawson played 0 defensive snaps all his work (very little) came late season special teams Flowers played 2 defensive snaps, Flower played nearly 70% special teams snaps. Vigil expanded role late 110 defensive snaps and nearly 70% special teams snaps. Burfict by virtue of suspension and injury allowed an opening for snap by another LB early on it was Dansby and later it was Vigil. With a normal year Burfict will probably get back to 75% snaps. Vincent Rey is going to play his 55%-65%. Minter would not have signed a one year deal if he wasn't confident he'd see snaps. I'm assuming he get all of the Rey M. Snaps and some Dansby work. Vigil they like and I think his role will expand. Reading the tea leaves there isn't a spot for a rookie LB to come in and make an impact of defense in 2017 without really going against the grain of typical Bengal wisdom. That player would be sitting be vets which as we know is unlikely under Marvin Lewis. Numbers wise you probably got room for 1 drafted guy to make the active roster. I can't remember what late season hoops they jumped through to get Dawson on the active roster off the practice squad. If they draft 2 they you a looking at bumping teams help like Flowers to make active roster. A high pick LB would be the typical looking down the road at contracts type pick and I would guess without injuries wouldn't make a large impact this season. Mid round picks will be battling first Dawson for a roster spot and then Flowers for special teams role. The X factor will be Vigil. A lot of good things said about him so It will be interesting to see how his role develops.
  7. Caught Lego Batman the weekend before last. Not quite as much fun as the Lego Movie but if you are a Batman fan it's a blast. Will Arnett is pitch-perfect and the Lego Batman is probably the best Batman since Bale. The opening sequence is absolutely bonkers fun, but after that it never quite hits that high again. Definitely worth a watch once it hits netflix.
  8. Yes Hacksaw Ridge was an amazing movie. I just saw it and wanted to mention it hear, but I see others have watched it themselves. This movie really made you think, how did these guys go on with there lives, and not have nightmares every night. Really makes you appreciate these guys even more. I actually had to do some research on him, and it was a very interesting read. If anyone who watched this movie, should read about his life after the war it is very good.
  9. Sucked watching Kentucky get taken out by the Tar Heels. Would love to see South Carolina take it all.
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  11. Well hell. My Wildcats lost. Great game though! I'm a South Carolina fan from here out. GO GAMECOCKS!!
  12. Congrats to South Carolina. Defeating Florida and making their first trip to the Final Four.
  13. I have a unique situation with my youngest and I spend many nights sleeping in his bed with him. Needless to say "sleeping" usually equates to not sleeping, and being able to watch movies on the phone is a plus. I went with the iPhone 7 plus this time around and couldn't be happier. That website has first run movies as well as TV series all for free. The pop ups are a pain, but I can limit those as well. While I would prefer a movie theater and dolby surround sound, I have to take what i'm given.
  14. Plus I would rather not watch ANY movie on anything less than a big screen TV with a sound system. I get so angry trying to PornHub it on my phone. It makes their boobs too small, the all important dialogue difficult to hear and money shots seem like loose change.
  15. Oh yeah, I have unlimited data, so I forget about that.
  16. When considering this comment specifically about the LB corps, totally different = faster. Both FNR and Dansby looked slower than anyone on the field.
  17. See, you hit the nail on the head. We had been calling for this move since before free agency and gave all the reasons why it should have been done. However, now you see them make the move without any apparent benefit. As much as I still agree with the move, I'm left to wonder if they shouldn't have kept him for depth. What's the outcome to this move at this point in time ?? For all the talk of loyalty and keeping people that know the system, I have to say the front office has only left me more confused. Remember, they paid Hall 10 million his last season ??
  18. This d is going to look totally different this year with Rey M gone and Dansby. It's going to be foster in the 1st and another young lber later on. I look to see more Dawson and Flowers subbing in.
  19. MJ sets the edge better. Gilberry was horrible in that role in 2014. No way Gilberry is better for 2017
  20. Now #1 Kansas falls to Oregon 74-60. Tell me the mountain of broken brackets isn't approaching epic levels.
  21. Teaching the whole defense to a new player sounds like a lot of work. Gilberry it is!
  22. Is there some kind of new rule that gives you comp picks for cutting your old-timers? Good luck at your next stop Rey. He'll make a roster somewhere, just hope he can stay healthy.
  23. Won't that eat my data?
  24. Yeah, Xavier goes down to Gonzaga. Still they had an excellent season. Well done for a small school, they have my respect.
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  26. Good. Now do something useful with his cap space. oh wait that's right free agency started three weeks ago. Eff u Mike.
  27. Hey Billy, I use my iPhone to watch these movies and this is a site that works for me. There are an assload of popups, so I tried to just grab the link directly to the movie. Hope it works for you. I don't mess with this site on my home computer.
  28. Boy, they just met their match tonight. Down by 17 and not looking good. Gonzaga is killing the 3's.
  29. I really want to see this one.
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