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  2. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Yea I wouldn't sleep on the Browns, they may have no wins, but the bengals just suck! This could go either way, maybe the team will tank to give there friend Hue his first win.
  3. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Yea really crazy how long we have been here! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  4. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Yea Marvin is good. When AJ had Marvin Jones and Sanu as his running mates, things were different around here. Receiving corps is down, And the O-line is down. It would not shock me to see the Browns give us a competitive game this Sunday. If Andy's on his game, they won't be in it long. If Bad Andy shows up, anything could happen. What a year it's turning out to be.
  5. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!
  6. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Thirteen long years if you think about it.
  7. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Meanwhile the Bengals' have spent a 1st and 2nd round pick trying too find his replacement, have gotten virtually nothing from those picks, all because they didn't want to pay the guy. Typical.
  8. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Happy turkey day BZ'ers! Hard to believe it's been 13 years since joining.
  9. Happy thanksgiving :)

    The hissing rage that Chiefs fan exhibits when her boyfriend wears a Raiders sweater to dinner is so out of proportion to the little social faux pas he commits that he should seriously get a restraining order. She's crazy.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Happy thanksgiving :)

    My God, that Ford ad where the guy's car parks itself, and his girl's family realizes what a righteous, high-toned, son of a bitch they're little gal is tangled up with. I'm going to go buy one of those cars.
  12. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Bengalszoners.
  13. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Oh, and also....case Keenum is essentially doing a very nice "Good Andy" display today.
  14. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Ahoy all ye turkey neck pirates! Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families! May your meat be moist, stuffing savory and company be spicy.
  15. Happy thanksgiving :)

    And the same to you Jon!
  16. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

  17. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Great catch from Marvin Jones for the Lions TD......
  18. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    You could put a cardboard cut-out of Lewis on the sideline through the game and no-one would notice any difference ;)
  19. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Zimmer is fired up and is active on the sidelines. We have Lewis who acts like he sipping green tea out of a cup with his pinky finger out.
  20. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    The vikings have been getting better every year since Zim has been there while we'e been getting worse..... he' the one I'd like to have taken over from lewis (about 5 years ago mind!)
  21. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Happy thanksgiving to my Bengal brothers and sister from the UK to wherever you may be. Enjoy the day, the food, the football, and whatever else you'e doing :)
  22. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Maybe he did try, I doubt Zimmer is classless at all to accept the job and cause Marvin Lewis get fired. I bet you if Mike did that to Lewis then Zimmer wont want to work for that scumbag.
  23. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Mike's an idiot for letting Zimmer get away. All to let Marvin try for just an extra year or two to win a playoff game and fix that hole in his record.
  24. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Cincy won't lose to Cleveland at home, giving Marvin more footing to keep his job. Dammit. Now a quick comment on the Thanksgiving Day game. Mike Zimmer has the Vikings looking VERY strong! I think they'll roll to 9-2!
  25. Last week
  26. Reality for the Bengals is they aren't going out a being top bidder for any Free Agent lineman. Had two homegrown top players and didn't even tag one. It's unrealistic to think they can/will find multiple quality starters via draft. Most of the league has struggled with this. Ced will be in play for some starting role next year. They desperately need at least 1 of their already invested picks to show something.
  27. I see your point and raise you the case of Gatorade that was denied to JJoe......if these better performances become the norm, and he can improve his run blocking a notch or three, he becomes a keeper. A late blooming keeper, one who we paid for years like a starter while he played a taxi squader, but a keeper nonetheless. But yeah, I would also hate for Alexander to gain any validation to his claim to remain employed in his current capacity. I think he could sell drinks or hot dogs on game day tho. Maybe both at the same time.
  28. Don't rejoice. Paul can use this as proof of development. I can see Ced being our (very ineffective) starting left tackle for years to come if he manages to sprinkle in some decent performances here and there. I really would prefer to see him replaced. Nothing personal, seems like a great guy, but his performance so far has been more typical of a depth type player than a starter.
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