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  2. Time to begin the rebuild

    Justin Herbert is the next Carson Palmer.
  3. Time to begin the rebuild

    Now they will draft Young and your 2020 starting QB will be Andy Dalton.
  4. Time to begin the rebuild

    Uh oh. I'm not sold on Burrow as NFL elite though. My guess is Bengals' draft an injured Tua and he sits out his rookie year, and eventually never ends-up playing again for the Bengals. Because that's how things work here it seems.
  5. Time to begin the rebuild

    Dislocated hip. Out for remainder season
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  7. Time to begin the rebuild

    Holy crap, now it looks like Tua is wrecked. Rumors are that his hip injury is quite serious and will require surgery. Better love Joe Burrow.
  8. Time to begin the rebuild

    No on Tua, dude just can’t stay healthy.
  9. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    Yep, every team can’t win! 50% of the teams lose every week!
  10. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    I doubt Geno and Carlos go anywhere. Cutting or trading them would free up cap space, but also lead to more that $12 million in dead money, and that’s not the Bengals’ M.O. Really, though, the team doesn’t need to make cuts for space. Right now they are projected to have $62 million in cap room, and around $90 million once you subtract Andy and Glenn. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cincinnati-bengals/cap/2020/ But yeah, I’m sure that they won’t take advantage of the big number. They will just pile as much of the rookie deals as they can into 2020, amortize any future hits early, and use the uncertainty of the CBA beyond 2020, its final year, as an excuse.
  11. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    Nope. He’s not a FA until 2022.
  12. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    Guys are bailing right and left.
  13. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    Am guessing they don't plan on seeing AJ any time soon, but had hoped they would. Ross is coming back this week, I believe, so the move is sort of odd (not sure if someone else got hurt or what, I don't pay much attention to anything but tweeted/reported news on them).
  14. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    I'm guessing that's the last we'll see of Kirk as a Bengal. Isn't his contract up after this season? 4th highest paid player on the team, the highest paid player got Benched (Dalton), the other hasn't played all season (AJ), and the other has been non-existent (Atkins). Then there's Dunlap after that, doesn't look like he has much left in the tank, a mediocre DE at this point in his career, at best. If this were New England, Atkins would've been traded 2 years ago, Dunlap 2-3 years ago as well. The Bengals' could potentially free-up around $80 million in cap space this off-season, which will then be gobbled-up by Baghdad Hob's Hobsonian math, so they might have enough left-over to sign another declining vet no one else really wants to pay, that the Bengals' will happily over-pay $1-$3 million for, instead of spending real money or making real effort to acquire any premium Free Agents. Then again, no one is going to come here right now, unless they're handing out gold bars and private jets as bonuses.
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  16. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    Eh, like the old cliche goes, it is what it is. This is what happens when the second half of this year becomes the first half of next year’s preseason. Taxi squad guys get thrown on the field to “see what they got.” Veteran players shut it down for the year. And aside from a handful of cranks like us, fans generally drift away into other things. The holiday season is revving up and this year’s Bengals will, mercifully, be nothing but a bad memory not long after the calendar ticks over to 2020.
  17. From Florio and Pro Football Talk. OMG! Welcome to the club Browns fans. It's amazing how the Steelers are always involved in these blood and guts games and are always the victims. I'll be the first to say the Browns had some dirty hits. Typical pattern will play out the Browns dirty play is what will be focused on and the Steeler transgression glossed over. Same Pattern with Burfict. Burfict was as dirty as they come. But so was Mitchell and a few other Steeler players. Burfict and Bengals were painted as the problem. The whole Burfict thing started with them because he dare tackle Bell and Bell got hurt on a legal play.
  18. Time to begin the rebuild

    this....all of this that said, i think it is far more likely they will select a Ryan Leaf with that first pick than a Peyton Manning because Bengals *sigh*
  19. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    so why bring up a WR to replace a Corner? such a ridiculous operation, this team
  20. Looks like Myles Garrett out indefinitely. Pouncy out 3 games. Each organization fined $250K. I can't remember what the fine were after the 2015 Bengals/Steelers show down. If you play rough with the Steelers they are going to cry bully while kicking you underneath the table.
  21. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    Someone decided to take the rest of the year off with an "ouchie."
  22. Bengals @ Raiders Pregame Chatter

    Insert eye roll emoji here.
  23. Keith Rivers gets his jaw shattered by the crown of Hines Ward’s helmet on a blindside hit. The response? “You’ve got to keep your head on a swivel around the Steelers, they play hard football!” Steeler QB gets bonked on the head with his helmet, no injury. The response? “Myles Garett must be stopped before he kills again!! 16 game suspension is not just warranted, but required! Maaahh Gaaahhd!!
  24. Bengals @ Raiders Pregame Chatter

    I don't think so. Could end up that way, but there's video of him working out during pregame last week. I just don't think you are doing that rehab work on Sunday morning pregame IF it's already determined you aren't playing this season. Doing the elastic resistance jumping pre game hints at they are trying to determine how it will respond through out a game.
  25. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a ton of fan boys in the sports media. Their fans are great at playing the victim. So yeah you are going to get a lot of fake outrage involving them. We lived it for a couple years with their Burfict fear. Myles Garret should be suspended (some are saying rest of the season, not sure about that) There was also a dirty shot by a Cleveland Brown safety that him rejected that was dirty as well. Under Greg Williams (old Browns D Coord) I thought the Browns D was playing dirty. But I never feel sorry for Steelers players suffering dirty play. this "I've never seen anything like this before response" is so snowflake. Lyle Alzado rip a dudes helmet off and hit him with it and he became an instant celebrity.
  26. Myles Garrett, Serial Killer

    I just want to know how many fantasy points you get for hitting the qb in the head with his own helmet. I mean, that ought to be worth something.
  27. Time to begin the rebuild

    If things play out the way they look now. They still got to poke and prod these players a 100 times. If your drafting 1st you’ve got to leave with Chase Young, Tua, or Burrow. Based on the way things look right now. I’m sure there will be risers and fallers that will change the perception.
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