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  2. General Free Agency Thread

    T H I S a thousand times this yes we need linebackers. but those gonna have to wait til later rounds of the draft
  3. Official Joe Burrow Thread

  4. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    You know who agrees with you? ;)
  5. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    While understanding that everyone needs support and to have talented people around them regardless of the line of business, there’s one thing that always intrigued me and I think applies to Burrow. Coming into a situation that has proven to work and maintaining that makes you capable. However, coming into a situation that has not had success and turning it around makes you god-like. Burrow winning even a single playoff game, let alone a Super Bowl, would vault him into the top 3 of most beloved people in the history of Cincinnati.
  6. Official Joe Burrow Thread

  7. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Then it gets spun into something else. There's no motive to be fair in this situation. It's proven all the want to see is Palmer was mad at the Bengals. Bengals haven't won a playoff game in so long. So everything gets painted the same. People running with the Burrow narrative aren't objective. To lazy to put thought into it.
  8. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    A lot of it is being driven by bitter ex-Bengals, too. Just today you had Solomon Wilcots boo-hooing about poor Carson Palmer and how he got ruined by the franchise and fans threw trash on his lawn (which iirc is an urban legend that never happened) wah wah wah. Its why I don’t want Jordan Palmer and Housh around the kid. But I guess that’s water over the dam now.
  9. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    It's lazy. They lump together Palmer being unhappy with having not won a playoff game as if it's been the same all these years. They aren't about to attempt a break down of what actually happened. Lewis/Palmer/Dalton had enough talent put a singular playoff victory on the board. They choked. They had bad luck with injuries. Rosters turn over. It's now a question of can Tobin bring about a supporting cast along with Taylor that can surpass the results under Lewis/Palmer/Dalton with Burrow. That's it. IMO, there is not validation of the thought that Burrow is doomed here. It could go either way.
  10. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    I understand. They make themselves extremely difficult to ignore by design. It is completely unreasonable that any of this manner of blatant tampering is allowed to take place, either by league rules or by journalistic "integrity".
  11. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    See the media is getting to me now I need to stop reading into this shit lol lol. I’m just getting annoyed every thing on Twitter is about this and tired of seeing it lol. Stupid Lazy media can’t stand it!
  12. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    There's only so much the guy can say about a franchise that hasn't actually picked him yet. He has no guarantee that he'll be the #1 pick, and the "leverage" comment has been given zero real context by any sources talking about it. If you look back at the quote, he was talking about the combine and his need [or non-need] to prove himself given the tape he has already produced. Besides, he hasn't said nothing: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28726662/joe-burrow-says-bengals-no-1-draft-pick-leverage
  13. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    The National Media is so lazy and they are a major part of the reason why my love for football really fell off. This is the same media that a few years ago were praising the bengals and even there front office for turning around there org, and making the playoffs each year. So now that they have had a few bad years, and a change of coaches they are now the worst team ever. They make no sense! Joe Burrow could make them shut up about things if he would say, if the bengals draft me I would love to go there and can’t wait to get started. Instead he says things like if they draft me they draft me, or telling media he has the leverage. His parents are the only ones that have said he wants to go number 1 and would not mind if it’s the bengals. I still think Burrow is number 1 but nothing suprises me anymore, I just hope he does not listen to the media and let them sway him in his decision, but I do wish he would shut them up, it’s getting very annoying now!
  14. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Remember that time Carson Palmer got a home playoff game against a terrible rookie Mark Sanchez with the support of a top ten defense and a running back who ran for nearly 170 yards? Remember when Carson Palmer played like trash in that playoff game? Mike Brown's fault.
  15. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Maybe the whole 2020 draft class should be awarded to the Patriots so these oh so very special young people will all have a chance to play for a “winner.” Will that make Carson Palmer happy? Because, above all else, let’s make sure that victim/saint/transcendent talent Carson Palmer is kept satisfied.
  16. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    Point taken. Another good example is when Cleveland traded out of Julio Jones. They got a bunch of nothing. The Bengals passed on the offer and stuck to their plan of getting AJ Green. Trading down is often rewarded on draft day and in draft grades but can be flops in real life. I think infamous Saints/Ricky Williams traded netted the Skins Champ Baily who they could have gotten anyway (memory) and a bunch of nothing. Cleveland has had several trade scenarios that netted nothing and passing on franchise talent.
  17. General Free Agency Thread

    Schobert is a LB from Cleveland that is interesting.
  18. General Free Agency Thread

    I'm all good with them dumping money into the o-line at this point. They've spent so many years letting people walk away, that it's just time. If they are going to take Burrow (which appears to be the case) you have to protect him. Get a RT worth a shit and go from there. What I still am unsure of is if they intend on going after LB in free agency, who are they targeting ?? There doesn't appear to be much out there that would fall into the impact category. A bunch of filler types, older guys, or guys that don't fit a 4-3 scheme. It's the reason LB is my choice for the top pick in the 2nd round depending on who's still there. I remember last year being on board with bringing Darron Lee over from the Jets, but he went to KC. That being said, he played mostly special teams for them. Not sure there is much more than that out there.
  19. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    It's what media has become today. You have to say outrageous things to get noticed. The Bengals currently suck. They historically suck. So there is some natural concern about whether or not they will be able to successfully rebuild under Zac and a secondary question of If they have some success what amount and level it will be. Fair enough. However, 30 super bowls have been won by 5 franchises. The league is a parity league TO A POINT! Teams can and do go up and down in regards to playoff contention and participation but the Championships is much more exclusive. So having post season success is not guaranteed for any college all-star and for the majority of franchises. All that's relevant today is what the Bengals did for Palmer/Dalton and however they achieved that success can they recreate and move the bar even higher than what Marvin was able to do.
  20. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Go another 5 years back from the 10 year marker and you find about 13 more 1st round QB's. Only 4 of them were on a roster last seasons with only two of them having won a Super Bowl. Rodgers and Flacco Look, Burrow may not bring a Super Bowl to Cincinnati, but if he doesn't, he will be no different than the shit ton that have come before him. It also won't be because the Bengals just suck so bad, it will be because how fucking hard it is for a team to achieve that level of success. Let that soak in. Only 3 QB's drafted in the first round over the last 15 years have won a Super Bowl. Ouch...
  21. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Again, there are plenty of QB's that were thought to be the "next coming" only to not have Super Bowl championships in their resume. The list of 1st round QB's over the last ten years includes 30 players. Exactly ONE of them has won a Super Bowl. Mahomes this year. What about teams like the Vikings, Jags, Titans, Redskins, Bills, Browns, and Cardinals that have each taken multiple 1st round QB's in the last 10 years ?? The fucking Browns have taken 3 for God's sake and all have failed. Yet, the Bengals should not take a QB first overall because they have a history of suck.
  22. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Crazy talk indeed. Y’know, I’m not normally one to go in for media conspiracy theories. I’ve worked in the media for decades, I get how it works and I expected a certain level of ginning up controversy for clicks, and making mountains out of molehills because news is slow and the Content Monster demands to be fed 24/7. And yes, I also realize that some of this is just trolling because some people get off on poking other people with sticks. But this...this has a really ugly undercurrent I didn’t expect. To paraphrase Sally Field’s famous awards speech, “They hate us. They really, really hate us.” To suggest Burrow should hold out because he’d have a better chance with a more historically successful franchise is one thing. But to suggest, as one actual newspaper columnist did yesterday, that he should hold out because “the Bengals don’t deserve him” is just angry, spiteful stuff. And to me at least it suggests that their real concern isn’t for Burrow. They aren’t really worried that the Bengals will ruin Burrow. They’re worried that Burrow will win a championship for Mike Brown. And it’s that thought that’s driving them over the edge.
  23. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Using the Browns as an example is low hanging fruit. They've destroyed more QBs than anyone can remember. However, the Colts as recently as 2012 drafted a QB that everyone suspected would be a Franchise QB. Failed to build a line in decent amount of time. Lost a number of starts due to that AND then this guy retires because of his injuries. But it's OK if they would trade up for 1 of the future franchise QBs, because they had Peyton Manning, I guess. Despite the horrible luck they had prior to Peyton Manning. Just crazy talk.
  24. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Well, the answer of course is now that it’s the Bengals we’re talking about, everything is fukked up ‘n’ stuff. For example, yesterday Mike Freeman got into a brief twitter skirmish with Joe Goodberry on the Burrow thing, with Joe gently shooting down his points and Freeman growing increasingly unhinged until we got here: And there it is. The draft, which has worked this way since it began, is now RIGGED AND FIXED!11!1! because Bengals. We’ve gone beyond the “does Burrow have any leverage” question (spoiler: no) and straight onto “the draft needs to be blown up so the Bengals don’t get a good player.” It’s utterly bonkers. And again, kudos to Prisco for giving the idea the rolling eyes response it deserved.
  25. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Megatron also retired out of Detriot. Luck also just retired out of Indy. Yet, the Bengals are the franchise to avoid. Seems to me that talented players aren't guaranteed post season success in many franchises.
  26. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    It was predictable. QB talk drives NFL offseason talk. This is a loaded year in the draft and Free Agency. Hot takes will be plentiful. X-Bengals are in a position to take advantage because of their status of being "X-Bengals". Last year it was Kyler Murray and baseball then two months of leadership questions because of an awkward Dan Patrick interview that Dan Patrick made awkward. Surprise. Joe Burrow goes on Dan Patrick this year and guess what? Every few media personalities are going to defend the Bengals especially coming off 2-14. They are not going to point out that Dalton has never been respected nationally and yet he went to the playoffs 5 straight years. He did that on the backs of a great o-line, skill positions, and defense. With a number of assistant coaches getting promoted upward including multiple head coaches. Very few want to acknowledge the run of success this franchise. Really all that's relevant is that and the speculation of can they repeat a similar run.
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