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  2. I respect that.
  3. Which is what they do worst.
  4. Clearing phone shit. Ignore post.
  5. Well we need to make Cincinnati great again because this shit ain't working.
  6. Hockey blows, the NBA is only watchable in the finals, and March Madness is yet to come. I feel the need for SPEED!
  7. ok then, cutting him is my number one expectation for a successful offseason (if the later sign him for vet min if we get a bunch of injuries at LB, np) Number two expectation is not re-signing Peko. Great guy, but a shell of a player. Third expectation is to spend the dollars to retain KirkP and Zeitler. Fourth and final expectation (outside of filling certain needs in the draft) is signing 1 competent veteran OL. any spot will do, but prefer either a T or a C. Would I like to sign Rex? yes, but not for starter dollars, and I think thats what he will get after that late stretch show he put on. Someone will overpay. Unfortunately. I dont think we are allowed under the CBA to extend our new KR, but as soon as that becomes legal it needs to be done. I'd like Whit back but he will likely sign with a team who thinks they are one OLT away from a Superbowl appearance, and will pay through the nose to get that order filled.
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  9. And that's fine. If they want to change direction on defense, go for it. Fast backers, big corners, ballhawking safeties, I love it. But aside from maybe 2 corners we ain't got it right now.
  10. No dead money. Frees up a bit less that $3.7 million.
  11. Joisey: what is the cost to keep FNR and the dead money if we cut him?
  12. Doesn't have Sims as a UFA but I think he is. That makes a total of 7 UFAs on the O and D Lines. If all the same guys are signed on again, I'd be surprised. The team has the money to do it though.
  13. Ok, but i can make the argument thar Seattle has changed defensive thinking. More emphasis on fast smallish lbers or large hybrid safeties that can play run, rush the passer, and cover are now a premium in the NFL. Being too hide bound to a system is a mistake
  14. I said it last offseason and I was wrong, but Toothlessburger is old and he will start to show it soon.
  15. Wide 10, Ginger Home....on two, break
  16. Inevitable. The media just can't get enough of good old fashioned Steeler football! Better keep your head on a swivel when playing them! What's this? The Bengals knocked someone out? Thugs! What a disgrace! Collinsworth can go eat shit for all I care. His homoerotic fascination with the Steelers is a grotesque slap in the face of the city and organization that helped make him. Most media members remember where they came from. Not Collinsworth. He's a blatant homer for our biggest rival. Yep, it's prognostication season, so we have to listen to the media suck steeler cock for a couple months. And our team will stick with the same ineffective personnel and formula to make sure the Roethlisberger Dynasty goes unchallenged. Maybe our OC can figure out how to split 10 guys out to the hash marks, leave Andy all alone in the middle. Solve that riddle, Steelers!!
  17. Probably the biggest thing that disgust me with this team under Lewis. In 2012 they registered (at least I thought at the time) a BIG victory removing the Steelers from the playoffs and earning themselves a birth. Then quickly returning on Monday Night the following season to deliver another beat down of them. The Bengals themselves have had the team to stop the Steeler slobbering by the media directly. Instead they often don't perform against them and have relied upon the Ravens to deliver blows to the Steelers quest for championships.
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  19. Ooogly-boogly ~#2 ???......take a crocked player and keep yer fingers crossed Best thing they can do is rejuvenate the coaching corps !!!
  20. CBS getting the jump on this year, with their Pitt 2017 knob slobberer out a month earlier...
  21. And while I'm dropping links, this is pretty spot on imo except for the part about keeping Peko:
  22. And while we're on the subject of OTs, Whitworth "pretty positive" he'll be back, but wants to test the proverbial waters in FA, and the Giants are apparently planning to make a run for him.
  23. Speaking of Smith,could a re-moobing be in the offing? Dehner (purely speculating) believes so...
  24. Shane Graham signs a one-day contract to retire a Bengal. I'll say this much: I can remember a time when the idea that a player would want to "retire a Bengal" would have been laughed out of the room. So...progress, I suppose. Anyhow, enjoy your retirement, Shayne.
  25. I see no reason to make a move to get Gresham. I rather have a mid-round TE than overpay for gresh. moobs could help. Dre, Z and Whit are gotta have back players. Hope they focus on that, plus LaFell. If if they shop in FA, best to aim at a linebacker, who can help now. The O-line will be ok, if they keep Whit and Watson progresses at RT.
  26. An oddity for the league is they have multiple revenue generating products that aren't popular with fans and players
  27. I can be convinced re Foster but his shoulder injury gives me concern. That's also why they could take him, let him sit and hope he heals. This continues the trend of the team taking players they don't put huge pressure on to start right away, which is dumb imho.
  28. The Bengals won't take a LB with the first pick. They're more likely to go with DE/DT as they don't use LBs as sack-machines, they expect the D-line to obtain the sacks/pressure and leave the LBs to just block the hole, hence the unconditional love given to FNR as a run stuffing mo-fo. 2016 sacks by the Bengals was 33: D-Line: MJ (3.5), Dunlap (8), Atkins (9), Sims (1.5), Clarke (4), Gilberry (2.5), Williams (0.5), LBs: Burfict (2), Dansby (1), DBs: Williams (1), The NFL's top 4 in number of sacks last year? Beasley 15.5, Miller 13.5, Alexander and Golden both 12.5 ......all of 'em LBs !!!
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