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  2. 2021 NFL Draft

    while I was hoping for a more serious reply, this response at least means you are really reading my posts, Joisey -- so there's that :-) also, I switched the two letters just for you :-)
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  4. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    If you can stomach this as its quite a graphic close up of the actual ACL tear it's a really good view about the injury and how not as bad as people are making out it is https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FcAVWR5aYpf4%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1Z_ozoakR1ZcfQEZ_BniSHm0lz0CLhoZEEswtxUJ-r5qw_T2whVsNmwX4&h=AT1N3CPvLYgHq4Ka3egL6mGR2CLqISSFAp29eq9ZqsOqDSy3TmXTpqA5ZotHy9jGsZe9VgevWDzI6yLIOUEdS0mf_bKxZUMWk8XdFTHhdpvfxvb3aOxn9AyIdJc6W4zjUHWJ7olLPU2aETZMCgw
  5. 2021 NFL Draft

    Definitely ribs here. Chops are ok tho. Probably won’t make the final plate anyhow.
  6. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    If you can get Willie Anderson AND Ray Lewis you pass on Ogden. But of course staying put and grabbing Ogden isn’t a wrong move either You could unite Williams and Leatherwood AND Burrow with Chase. Last draft it was predictable that Herbert would be awesome. He is and in theory could have had extra picks. They need a bunch of players.
  7. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Leatherwood m (or another tackle) comes into play if they somehow win games down the stretch or trade out. Sewell could be all that, BUT like last year they are in need of a bunch of players.
  8. Farewell Andy Dalton

    Dalton being Dalton. Rough pick 6 to finish the game off for Washington.
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  10. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I guess I am of the mind that the draft is such a crapshoot that if you gamble on getting a hit on 5 players vs getting a hit on 1 player, you are more likely to get a hit on 5 but I am glad we took Burrow rather than the 5 or so other players we could have had in his place, so............ that said, this time, because we have the franchise qb in hand, I'd prefer the basket of high-drafted players over the one possible HOFer in order to better build a full team around said QB
  11. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Ordinarily I would not only consider it, I would be all for it, but if Sewell is what apparently might be, I don’t in this case. You don’t pass on a Munoz, or an Ogden, etc etc if they are there. No guarantees, but if that’s his potential, then...you take him. Plenty of time to sort it out. happy thanksgiving.
  12. 2021 NFL Draft

    so....just the draft as I said before, the 1 year placeholder QB has to be a veteran. So we wont seek that QB in the draft I am confident New Guy will be back for 2022 fully healthy, so I also dont want to seek the new franchise QB with this draft either Instead what I want to do is build a team to surround New Guy I also want the 4 newbie linebackers (I count Pratt) to get time to prove their ability or lack thereof. No linebackers this draft. so with that in mind R1. Pass Blocking ORT. I'd prefer to trade down a bit and pick up extra day 2 picks this year and/or next. we need more than 1 guy. There will be teams eager to trade up for one of the three top QBs. The first pick regardless should be a ORT, and we should trade down carefully with that in mind, ie we want to be in position before the ORT we want is taken. bye bye Big Bobby. thank god. R2a. Pass rushing DL. This is our original r2 pick. Take whoever is the BPA between passrushing DT or passrushing DL. R2b. Pass Blocking OG This is a pick we pick up in the r1 trade. We have a lot of OGs but aside from (maybe) Spain (and we have yet to see Finney) they are all well below average R3. Man/Press Cornerback. I dont think the two FAs from this year are gonna stick around and Philips is declining. Huge plus if this guy returns kicks or punts R4a. Pass rushing DL This is our original r4 pick. If you took a DT in r2, take a DE here, or vice versa R4b. 3 Down TE This is a pick we pick up in the r1 trade. I like Uzomah and Sample but I dont see either as more than average (except sample as above avg blocker) R5 Pass Blocking OC. I think there is a tendency to overrate Hopkins simply because before Williams (and now maybe Spain) he was the only even average guy we had. Price isnt it and is expensive for what we get -- nice guy but he needs to go to make room for less expensive backups. time to try to find a new Center R6 Speed Receiver Hoping for a diamond in the rough here, another Housh. Green and Ross are gonna be gone, and Higgins needs some help on deep routes. Huge plus if this guy returns kicks or punts R7a K or P This is our original r7 pick. I love Huber dearly, but he's getting very very old. Our K is missing easy kicks. So for different reasons both need replacement. Take one here and get the best in the college ranks at said position R7b BPA This pick comes from the Dunlap trade. Some top notch player drops here due to injury. Someone always does. Snag that player here then stash on IR to evaluate over the course of the next 12 months. UDCFA Priorities: K, P, LS, Coverage LB, RB, TE, QB, S
  13. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I get your point, and I appreciate not only that you are chatting with me on Thanksgiving afternoon but we're talking two of my favorite subjects: OL, and the draft so you have my thanks on Thanksgiving, my brutha from another mother Its interesting that you brought up our conversation about Burrow before this past draft......yes, I had similar "experience" concerns as well as a slight arm strength concern. You were absolutely right about Burrow and I am damned glad we drafted him. I honestly see Burrow as the next (or one of the next) superstars at the QB position....another Manning (P not E), Rodgers, or dare I say Brady)and I hope and pray that if we draft Sewell, he is of similar quality and production at his OT regardless of whether it is ORT or OLT. I dont think there is any harm in doing due diligence on this aspect of Sewell, and I'd say the same thing in any year and with any candidate. You dont know what you got til you put them on the field. AFAIK Washington and the Chargers need help at OLT, and they draft pretty high so I'd guess we couldn't slide down below either of those two. If Jacksonville won 2 games (Jets are going winless, I am sure of it) and we select second that'd be perfect, as there is a QB who many teams want even with Trevor Lawrence off the board, and teams definitely trade up for THE qb they feel will become the franchise. You've made it clear how you feel about Sewell, but if we could turn the pick into the second best OT (whoever you think that is atm) plus 4-5 day 2 picks this year and/or next.....would you at least consider it? I ask because I take it as assumed that while it'd be better to trade down 1-2 spots and still get Sewell, this other scenario will be facing the Bengals FO on and before draft day, especially if we rise to selection number 2. Plus we need a lot more than just one guy. Even if that guy will be a future HOFer.
  14. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Um, he's ready now. From day 1. You have latched onto the one thing that could be described as a question and are using it to advocate passing on him. That's...weird. It would be like not having wanted Burrow because he only played two seasons with one transcendant. If THAT is the only thing that can be pointed to, well, then it isn't a thing. That article quoting former offensive lineman gushing over his footwork, his balance, and his speed are all anyone should need. If they can trade down to 5 and get him, fine. But make no mistake, if Burrow's injury put them into position to get him and they pass on him, that will be as dumb as I have ever seen from this franchise. He's that good.
  15. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Ive now read the article you linked, and I will keep reading about Sewell over the months prior to the draft. Let me be very clear, since I tend to piss you off at times with perceived disagreements: I like this guy. I REALLY like this guy. He is one hell of a lineman, and If you know one thing about me, it has to be that I love me some linemen. All that said, for right now the "experience" checkbox is unchecked...I am not sure why you said "Raw and inexperienced is the absolute opposite of the book on Sewell." and I hope you explain that at some point. My understanding right now is ~1.5 years of college ball. I also dont know if moving Williams to ORT so Sewell can play OLT is the best move. I want the best combo for the longest period of time. If Williams gets pissed over a perceived "demotion" to ORT, will he stay or leave? I know Williams played his freshman and sophomore years at ORT, so he CAN do it, so there's that. Is it possible having Sewell at ORT and keeping Williams at OLT would be the best combo? Lots of questions I want to explore I think the only thing I disagree with you about (and only partly disagree, btw) is "We should NOT pass on a potential HoF talent on the off-chance he won't somehow be ready day 1. Period." I want hall of fame players as well. I do, really, I dont know why any Bengals fan wouldnt, so credit me that at least. However, and this is the specific spot I break from you, the above statement tosses aside the now entirely and solely embraces the future. Me, I want my (and your) future HOF QB protected N O W. If Sewell can do that and do it well from day 1 better than all the others, and the allocation of OLT and ORT is amicably worked out between Williams and Sewell, I am with you 100%. No, a thousand percent. Here's a question: could we trade down a spot or two and still nab him? Same question as above, but then let's assume Jacksonville somehow manages to win 2 games and we pick second
  16. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    We should NOT pass on a potential HoF talent on the off-chance he won't somehow be ready day 1. Period. As for not playing this year, I promise you he's spent the entire year getting ready for his NFL career. Pull up ANY footgage or film of his 2019 at Oregon and you will be chill. It was widely noted that he would have been OT #1 if he had been allowed to be in last year's draft - a draft that was deep in OTs. He's unreal in skill set. Quick feet, massive, never off-balance. He's a lock All-pro at either T position, but I would put him at LT and move Jonah to RT and call it a day for a decade. Read this: How good is Penei Sewell, really? 3 former Oregon Ducks offensive linemen and an NFL scout examine his potential greatness (msn.com)
  17. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Mem: I get what you're saying here and have read many superlatives from many sources about Sewell......but can you address the specific point of his experience or lack thereof? Let me also explain why I focus on this: the guy we pick in r1 has to be an immediate starter, day 1, and those that lack experience often need time to get ready. Trust me, I am 100% aware that he checks all of the "physical attributes" boxes and then some....you will get no argument from me on any of that I also like the photo of him as a kid with a Bengals helmet :-)
  18. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    if they pass on Sewell for LEatherwood they should close the team down in shame.
  19. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Leatherwood is generally considered a “safe” player to take. He rarely gets beat the knock on him is that he doesn’t have the crushing blocks on film you expect given his natural talent level. Leatherwood is in the same mode as Jonah Williams, obviously the Alabama link but like Williams he has been the No. 1 tackle of his class since high school which includes some already 1st NFL picks. So there’s something to say about a kid that’s delivered on high expectations. But there is also Alabama to worry about because a lot of their players need an “off” year it seems to recover from the grind that is Alabama.
  20. 2021 NFL Draft

    The guy we need need at QB as the 2021 season starts will of course need to start right away. I dont think we get that qb in the draft even if we draft at the 2nd slot (GO JACKSONVILLE!). And I dont think Burrow will be 100% healed. I want to wait til he is 100% healed. ....so.... that QB will need to come from the FA market. I anticipate the Bengals going with someone's castoff backup or extremely old caretaker, like Flacco. Imagine for a second....Flacco in Stripes. Yeah. I threw up in my mouth a little too. ...so.... from my POV, the Bengals should view this as an extension of last year, which was a rebuilding year. Add at least 1 above average OL in FA and another drafted day 1 or day 2. Extend WJ3, Lawson and Bates. Sign a caretaker/proveit veteran QB to a one year deal to start, with plenty of incentives. Need DT, DE and CBs in the draft. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF ALL - get rid of Zak
  21. 2021 NFL Draft

    who is Andre, Joisey? also.....i need to redo this in light of the situation with New Guy
  22. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    well, he's only played 2 years of college, the junior year sadly lost to COVID whereas many players lost their SENIOR year only or only part of a year. He also missed 7 games of his freshman year due to injury so really, he's played 1.5-ish years of college ball thats what I mean by inexperienced given his many accolades, he may well still be the best player we can select with pick 1.3 through 1.5 -- but I think the Bengals should do a lot of homework on this guy before selecting him Yes, I want linemen......but I want the right ones. His size, speed, and other physical attributes are all awesome, but those arent the everything of what it takes to be a starter, much less a HoF player. Bodine could lift a car,,,,,,,but he couldnt play football. well, not well. Etc Etc. I wonder when we can bring him in for a looksee? He's not playing NCAA football right now and has a lot of free time If I am on the FO -- and yeah, I know their rep isnt very good --- I want to know with as near certainty as possible that this guy will (at minimum) start and play well IMMEDIATELY at one of the two tackle spots, hopefully at ORT so that Williams isnt moved inside or ORT himself
  23. Giants @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    It’s a self fulfilling prophecy for some Bengal fans.... see I told you he would get injured. I told you they’d ruin his career. Reality is there wasn’t a whole lot of pressure in that game and the injury wasn’t the result of bad o-line play. The rest is just noise.
  24. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    They can fire the entire coaching staff and I would would be fine with it. But this staff faced a deeper rebuild than Marvin/Palmer and Marvin/Dalton eras.
  25. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    If Sewell is a good as they rank him then you probably should take the franchise tackle. But we’ll see how guys fly up the draft board once scouting heats up.
  26. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Sewell is 6'6" 325 pounds with the speed of a TE and quick feet and long arms. He's a potential HoF T. If they can draft him, they draft him.
  27. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I’m still in the camp of sign best FA linemen you can find, frees us up to do BPA in first few rounds. BPA is a strategy that has worked for the Bengals. Backing ourselves into a corner and being forced to pick for position is what got us Ougbuehi and Fisher.
  28. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Raw and inexperienced is the absolute opposite of the book on Sewell.
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