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  2. First injury report of the season from dehner: #Bengals place HB Jarveon Williams on the Active/PUP list and DB Brandon Wilson on Active/NFI. Basically, neither will be practicing Friday. Good news, as he pointed out in a subsequent tweet, is that John Ross hasn't appeared on either list.
  3. I don't buy jerseys anymore and the last two I did buy were China specials. I had an old Palmer jersey and took the name off and replaced it with my last name. Favorite jersey I own. Anything else ?? Nope I buy nothing Bengals related outside of occasional tickets when I can find them less than face value.
  4. I should clarify... Not accustomed to him losing, but rather him sticking around.
  5. If he doesn't win 8 games minimum, he's gone. If he does win 8 games, I'll be shocked.
  6. It's the NFL, just hope a spirited nut-kicking is all you (and your wallet) receive.
  7. I would like to say I will lose my mind if Marvin sticks after another poor season, but I've become so accustomed to it that "lose my mind" equates to very little these days. What would fans do and would anyone in the front office give a shit ?? The answers are "nothing" and "no". Where's the 2018 draft again ???
  8. FWIW, Doc thinks that Mike Brown is actually (semi-) serious about a coaching change if the season goes poorly. I say only "semi" because he's probably right about the definition of a poor season. If they win 6-7 games and there's no change, fans will riot.
  9. I'm going to go with our "key" defensive free agent and say Minter. That would be painful...
  10. My wife has used to buy things for my son but I cannot account for it myself.
  11. Well, we're almost there, people. Vets report tomorrow, and the first practice is Friday. So that means we are just 48 hours away from starting the annual "which key player suffers a season ending camp injury" watch. The smart money is probably on Moobs...
  12. Sorry, I haven't bought any gear in years...
  13. Last week
  14. Just wondering wanted to get few things but :p don't wanna feel like I'm getting kicked in the balls.
  15. So Paul Alexander can take over?
  16. Should have been gone years ago. After last season none of this should be surprising to anyone.
  17. Well it is SB or bust this year for Marvin. Heard after he wins and just a big if, he would retire.
  18. I've thought about him as well TJ. If he's on the mend, that would be fine because Boogie is going to start anyway. If by week 3 Boogie still sucks balls, you could at least trot someone out there with some experience.
  19. no, just Mikey Boy, specifically
  20. The Blind Side is available.......
  21. Nothing makes me happier than watching Jimmie Johnson over drive his car and eat a little wall.
  22. Absolutely. I think it's safe to blame the Browns for everything.
  23. No rebuild will ever work when you get good players and just keep trading them away. The Reds are no more than a farm team for organizations committed to winning.
  24. While there are many players I'm looking forward to watching this season, Billings ranks at the top for me. The potential impact he could have on this defense replacing Peko could be huge.
  25. billings playing iron man anyone? lol
  26. Cozart will be gone by the trading deadline as well. So far I would say they have absolutely fucked this rebuild.
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